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David R. Goecke

David R. Goecke

David is Pure Evil: model D. It likes to draw.
I'm David. I am eagerly awaiting June 2004 when my wonderful fiancee, Rebecca, and I will finally be married. I am in the Visual Communications program at Milwaukee Area Technical College. So, I guess that means I'm from the Milwaukee area. I want to work in video games as a animator and conceptual artist. This is some of my art for various things; class projects, stories, RPG's, game concepts, and for the fun of it. I'm into RPG's such as D&D, Vampire, Changeling, and especially Deadlands (see my Zone gallery for some art from that soon). I should have stories in the Library and some Fan Art soon. Enjoy!

Here are some links to my friends and fellow Elfwood Artists...

KI Skogen-Johnson
James Grisaffi
Sam Lemieux

Guestbook for Dargoe

13 Nov 200245 Sk8anic
Very good, I'm backing up the other point, shade, be confident, I could garentee it would improve your already great work! 2 Jenni

:-) David R. Goecke replies: "OKAY! OKAY! must shade...must shade...must shade...must shade..."
29 Nov 200245 Anonymous
You are old and your drawings are like a drawings of 5 years old child

:-) David R. Goecke replies: "  Wow. Ladies and gentlemen, maturity at it's finest. Please, only leave comments if you have something to say. Don't leave a broad negative insulting comment, please be constructive and tell me specifically what you like or don't like. Even more so, no matter what you say have the guts to leave a name, better yet an e-mail. If you say "Anonymous" I'm going to assume that mean; immature, rude, jealous, or any comination of the three."
2 Dec 200245 KI 'Shoe' Skogen Johnson
wow....what an astute, intelligent, thoughtful comment. Most impressive show of critique *golf claps* I am totally amazed. I am sure the artist will thoughtfully concider your input, "Anonymous", and adjust himself accordingly. I'm sure the world agrees with you that technical acumen is the whole and the absolute of artistic endevour, and that creativity and wit have no place in a gallery....and that the world of art should be filled with nothing but expertly rendered still lifes of fruit in bowls and the like, with no allowance made for style of, gods forbid, artistic license. *shakes head*
Tho if it were going my way, I'd wish him to let me get out my toys and play a bit...(guts make good jump ropes, you know....)

(Sorry D, I couldn't resist. These dumb poops really get me down sometimes....can I play? Can I can I?

:-) David R. Goecke replies: "Sure, just don't make a mess in the gallery."
5 Jan 2003:-) Carolyn Joy Whitten
Anonymous is a child with no artistic talent, but I will stop there since the person above has already yelled at the insecure p---k for me.
I think you're doing fine, and time combined with practice will hone the skill you have. Personally, I really like your 'glyphs' and 'tatoo' pieces best, especially 'tatoo.' Few people have the patience for that kind of detail, and it really turned out well. Because I believe in constructive criticism (the "I love you!" comments can get old), here's my advice: don't be afraid to go dark, even black, when shading, but don't start with your darks. Start light, then darken up. Hope this is useful to you!
Oh, and congrats to you and your fiancee! It's early, but I hope things go well for you two!

4 David R. Goecke replies: "thank you for your support!"
17 Apr 2003:-) Shaun william hughes
Great stuff! I love the ogre piece it has great personality!

4 David R. Goecke replies: "Thanxs for visiting"
8 Oct 200345 The Dragon of the Nine Kings MattBetts01@wmc...co
Shut-up Anonymous. I love this mans work and even I cant draw that good but I still draw for fun. Its not like everybodys good at it but they like doing it and it makes them happy so whatever you want to say, if it isnt good keep it to yourself!

4 David R. Goecke replies: "I like it when people stick up for me. Thanks for visiting, Matt"
11 Nov 200345 Eve Payghton Lindsey
Hey! cool art. I like your style keep up the nice work!

4 David R. Goecke replies: "Thnaks a lot! come back agian some time! perhaps I'll have something new to show!"
22 Mar 200445 Brian Farvour
Hey! WONDERFUL artwork, my friend! You really do have a great style-keep it up! Send me an e-mail! Later! (I guess I really like exclamation points, or something)

4 David R. Goecke replies: "Glad you stopped by Bri-Guy. We've got to get together some time soon. it's been too long."
27 Sep 200445 Eva ryan
Great god you really cant draw do something else with your free time pplleeaassee

4 David R. Goecke replies: "My free time is MY free time. Your free time is YOUR free time. I happene to choose to scribble a bit and show it to people. you choose to surf the internet searching for people to insult and degrade. I don't think it takes much thought to figure out whose free time is used more positivly. Enjoy your hollow empty life."
11 Nov 2005:-) Ashley R. Wynn
Heh. I was searching for Fallout and Deadlands art, so I found you twice. 1 I really really like your glyphs.

4 David R. Goecke replies: "those are some great games. thanks for visiting my gallery!"
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David R. Goecke

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