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Holly Retta Morin

Holly Retta Morin

Holly might as well be the next horse whisper!

I am on DA now, I have art there I am called " spiritstallion4eva" on Deviant art.com



Naruto horses, and drawing, and going out on camping trips in the desert with my horses!
Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Movies and TV Shows
my favorite all time t.v show is Naruto, and if ur a fan like me and u have questions ask me ive seen every show!!!!
Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Books
Naruto comics, twilight, black beautie, Spirit stallion of the Cimarron (yes they made a book too! ), unicorns of blanor, and the spirit Stallion series.
Favorite Music
heavy metal hard rock,rock and roll, favorite bands: My Chemical romance, three days grace, fall out boy, Finger 11, the Eagles, Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron sound track (buy it!)

Guestbook for Darkmustang

16 Jul 2008:-) Arianna Larka Louise
Hey! I’m going to Illinois tomorrow. So I’ll be gone for about four days. Before I go I’ll send a pending ticket. I got my watercolor Fenris done, I decided to mix black and green for his color 1 Talk to ya soon!

:-) Holly Retta Morin replies: "yea Illinois sounds fun! hope you have a good time! (a little late with this comment sorry!)"
21 Jul 2008:-) Arianna Larka Louise
Well, I’m back now, but I forgot to send a pending ticket soooo, yeah I’ll do that today. 1 I hope to hear from you soon.
21 Aug 2008:-) Anna Bjork
Thank you for all the nice comments back at my gallery! 1

:-) Holly Retta Morin replies: "your welcome!"
13 Sep 2008:-) George Dreamer
Hi you seem to like horses ALLOT! 1
What do you mean hear? "Naruto horses"? Maybe Naruto, horses?

:-) Holly Retta Morin replies: "yes! I love them thanks for the comment! XD what do you mean I mean hear? "
28 Sep 2008:-) Danica Beverley Wells
Horses rock! *high five*
Hey, thanks for the comments... and right now I’m in a whole new horse mode!! So when I upload all my new horsie pictures, I’ll drop by! 14

Yeah, I love Appaloosas and Quarter Horses. 1 Actually, I like many different horse breeds... hm. Well, cya!!

:-) Holly Retta Morin replies: "yea!!! horses! * high fives back* and I would love to see some new horse pictures of yours!"
20 Oct 2008:-) Natalie Adams
I think i like Arabians best, for looks - they always remind me of porceline dolls!!!!
But for allround excellence, i think i like good old sturdy Dales or New Forest ponies - they are just so safe to ride...not that i ride that much. i wish i could ride more often than i do, but we don’t have a stables near us - the closest is in Cornwall (i live in England) - my uncle has a horse in livery there, and i think my favourite horse there is called Ben - he’s a Dartmoor pony, and a right sweeite - but i’m too tall for him now and i have moved onto another horse called Quilter - he’s really young, and he’s an Arab - and drop-dead gorgeous, but a little flighty and nervous - but then, he’s young so i’m used to it!!!!

Good luck with your horses, i really admire you for the work you do with the rescued horses - you’re really lucky, but then you already know that!!!! 1

Oh yeah, thanx SO MUCH for the lovely comment on my gallery!

:-) Holly Retta Morin replies: "oh thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate it! um so yea, I do love Arabians, for there looks and personalities! so I heard you live in England? I wish I could go there someday, my mom is crazy for it. I love that we can talk to people from all over! I am usually always on (I have no life besides my horses lol) but it was nice talking, and I hope I can see new pictures of yours up soon! keep up all the outstanding work!"
28 Apr 2009:-) Ella of Frell
Hello ^^ You have a great tase in music! 1
hahah xD so you’re a horsegirl are you? ;P
Aww^^ You like Twilight too 18

:-) Holly Retta Morin replies: "well I dont come here anymore.....sadly....but I had this when I was 12. and I am 13 now hahaha! but come visit me here please! http://spiritstallion4eva.deviantart.com/"
5 May 2009:-) Ella of Frell
Aww :/ okay ^^ I will (;
20 Feb 2010:-) Jai Todeo He
Hey! You still checking every day? LOL

Watching you on dA...*Todeo*
6 Sep 2012:-) Faith Gerhardt
Hello! Do you like dragons, anime/manga or werewolves? If you do and have time can you please look at my gallery! I also see that you like Naruto and twilight! I also watched all of the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden episodes I also have every book to do with Naruto! I even started learning Japanese and Ninjustu and Taijutsu that the real ninja learned!
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Holly Retta Morin

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