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Scott dean mattocks

"The Beginning Chapter 2" by Scott dean mattocks

SciFi/Fantasy text 3 out of 7 by Scott dean mattocks.      ←Previous - Next→
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 Chapter 2. School

When I stretched after finishing all of the homework, the clock read 7:30 pm. That had taken me the whole day to just finish the homework. I was taking the advance classes for the simple fact that school was one of the few things that made my life feel normal. I headed into the store to see if my parents were still running the shop, and if not, then I was going to close it for the night.


No one was in the store front so I went and locked the door and flipped the sign. We never had to deal with the windows because anyone stupid enough to wake them were in for the pain that received. After a very loud reminder that I had not eaten all day, I headed for the kitchen to grab a sandwich. My parents happen to be in the living room, which was about five feet from the kitchen, with open doors. They were talking but I could not tell about what. I made my sandwich and headed back into my room.


I finished the food quickly and laid down and tried to sleep. For some reason it was a long time in coming. I spent the time trying to understand what they wanted with me. They said that i as not to have the gift, that was impossible I was their child and every child has the gift if they do. The last thought that drifted was that they must be mistaken.



Sunday was like every other, taking orders for books, selling books, that was the whole day in a nutshell.


Monday started like any other, getting to school an hour before the first bell rings, and reading near the first period class. The day progressed with math, history, chemistry, English 11, and as lunch rolled around I headed to my sixth period class, and spent the time getting farther in the Anita books. After that it was french and PE, which was my hell class. Playing football was not so bad, but it was still a huge pain to go through every day. After that I walk the two mile to the store and then work at the counter doing homework until father comes in from the zoo. After that I am free to do almost as I wish. It was the same week to week and year to year.


It was on Thursday that I got the feeling that bad things were going to happen. The day started the same, and by the time lunch came about I thought that it was just me being worrisome. PE was horrible again but right as I left the locker room three people stood around me. One was black with dreadlocks in his hair. He was known for the fact that the one time a bully harassed him, the bully ended up bloodied right after. I believe his ability is with the dark. The girl was as white as he was black, and if you watch the plants as she walks, they always follow her, making me thing she was that of earth. The last was as white, and he was one of the smartest kids, but then he never studied and never did any work. I believe that his was the mind, and he was stealing from a much smarter student.


They stood around me and the girl grabbed me and dragged me around the gym. After were were about thirty feet from any of the other students they started talking.


“So you are not gifted yet, you have no power. Maybe if we prove that we can get the artifacts that your family claims.” She sounded like a bitch to me, and was way to hopefully. Artifacts were things that helped the old ones to do more with their power. My mother and father did a lot of collecting so we did have quite a few, but how did they know that.


“I said as long as I got Night, I don’t care what else you take. That swords belongs in the family of the Dark clan, and not some Hussies house.” The black one sounded like the leader and was confident, But then he had a prize to win. Night was the sword that Mother posses, it is supposed to be one of the legendary swords, and has more power then all of the others combined, the draw back was that only someone with the gift of darkness could wield it.


“I agreed to this, let just start with it already. There is no need to make this harder on him then it needs to be.” and that was the last one. He was the shortest and apparently had a shred of decency.


“Fine, then start, see if you can get him to do as you want then. That is the only reason that I agreed for her to tell you anything.”


“You are a fool, you think your parents are the only ones that speak. I knew. By the way, I would be more respectful as I am more powerful then you, and if I wanted I could hurt you badly.” So he was strong and kind, weird.


It was then that they refocused on me, and they did not look happy. There was perhaps one teacher on campus that would feel the power being used, and they would do nothing to help me. I was powerless and the only thing I could do was try and hold up, and with that they started.


The shadows expanded and wrapped around me, a tangible force keeping me in place. The second that it hit my neck, I felt something in my mind, a tickle or something, I kept my mind blank and did not listen to think to my self at all. This would hopefully counter the mind. The one that was holding me walked up and showed me his hand, and watched my face as he formed a blade out of the darkness. It was not complicated, just a condensing of the power from him, it was when he slashed through my shoulder that I lost it. As I screamed through the pain he smiled and made another mark across the chest. I thrust and wiggled as hard as I could but there was no moving, the binds were to strong. As I drew breath again I was gagged. I was forced to crying and screaming as much as I was able.


I only saw the others as they filled my vision, and all three drew the means that they meant to make me suffer, and as their weapons descended, they all swiveled to the left of us. A voice called out, “You attack my son and think that it will be unanswered? I think that it is time that I show the few that don't agree with me that there is a reason that I lead the group.” That had to be my mother, but I could not turn because of the gag held my head.


They tried to run, but each froze before they made it two feet, with the same darkness that held me. It was only at that point that it was removed and I was bale to move again. I turned toward her as fast as I could and she looked scary. She was clad in darkness in the middle of the day, and that was adding a few inches to her high. She held Night, a three foot log sword that was made of the blackest metal. It was thin and could be called a rapier if you did not know better. Just the sword and her head could be seen. She completely ignored me, and they were everything.


“So you want the sword, and you think that it is the source of my power, well it does help, but alone I can beat you. Now, do any harm again and I will make sure that you will never be able to think of it again.” With that they sank into the ground, and disappeared. When she saw the puzzlement, she remarked, “i sent all of them home, it is a warning of a sorts. Come on, she turned and walked into the shadows. I followed as quickly as I could, and as I hit the shadow, I was on the inside of the the stores inventory. She was flowing out of the room before I had a chance to say anything.


When I followed her, I saw that she still had on the sword, and she usually got rid of it as soon as she was home. That fact that she was still wearing said that something was really wrong. She continued top the store front where she locked up the door and shut down the shop. She then headed into towards the back year. I followed her and tried to fathom what she was doing. The backyard had no great secretes or anything else.


“Go over there, we need to talk before your father gets home.” She stood with the sword in her hand pointing toward the spot that I stood. “Before I left the school, I was the heir to the dark kingdom. I am the daughter of Anubis. When I left the school, the council gathered me up, wanting to make sure that I had the correct idea about the world. I believed then, and still do, that the gifted are not gods, merely stronger humans. You will find that this is the minority of people, and not just in the dark powers, all have high leaders that have this ideology. When they found out that I did not agree, they forced me to be a junior member, one that did all the things that the council wanted. This happened to fall into the part of torturing and killing humans. They assumed like many that with my power in the dark, that I would be twisted by it. What happened was that on the year anniversary, the presented me with Night. It had killed the other five that they had “given” it to. It was supposed to kill me, but it allowed me to wield it. After that, they made sure that the base was covered in lights, making a bridge almost impossible, because they forgot all that Night bestowed on the wearer. I needed a distraction, so when they brought in a young storm man, I was happy. He had the power to not only form clouds and control them, but also lightening, and water. That would be enough to get me out. I talked to him, after he had burned his first victim, and that had shaken him to the core.” She took a deep breath and continued, “I also met a man with the strongest second sight, and he said that I was to bare children that would change the face of the world, and that there would be an even brighter flame for the people to back. That was all he said, but I never saw him again, so I don’t know what happened to him. I met your father in the escape plan, where the power would be blown, and I would use Night to lead us away, Leo died that night, but your father was able to be released. You are gifted, it is time that I force you to show it.” and with that she got the sword ready and started counting.


Before she was able to get to two, I had grabbed the staff that was mine by right. I just got my hands in the right position when she came at me. While the staff was spelled against being chopped to bits, I think the magic in Night kinda nulled it, because the first hit with enough force to enter the wood a good two inched. I jerked backward, trying to take the sword from her, but it came out easily and flowed toward me as though she never had attacked. She kept pressing me until I was backed up into the fence, and then she backed off, giving me the room to move that I needed. She took a deep breath and then the sky started to darken, just above where we were practicing. It was so thick that seeing was an issue. I heard her move and that was the only warning that I got before her sword came down again.


I cleared my head as she kept coming and tried to sense her before she was trying to cut the head from my body. In the very back of my mind there was something, the little voice that always said she was someone to be scarred of. The second that I allowed that to grow, a rage filled me, she was trying to kill her own son. No matter the strength, that was not allowed. I blinked my eyes and when I opened them, I could see through the darkness. I saw her standing waiting for me to move. She did not want me to be hurt, just get scared enough to grab on to anything. The rage was still there and it took the chance, I struck with something. Fire roared toward her, fire that came from me. The heat backwash toward me and knocked me on my ass, and she easily snuffed it out.  

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'The Beginning Chapter 2':
 • Created by: :-) Scott dean mattocks
 • Copyright: ©Scott dean mattocks. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Teen, Magic, School
 • Categories: Magic and Sorcery, Spells, etc., European Traditions, Mythology
 • Inspirations: JRR Tolkien, Robert Jordan, JK Rowling (Harry Potter)
 • Submitted: 2012-05-26 17:28:37
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