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Deborah Cullins Smith

Deborah Cullins Smith

Deborah is a grandmother, a pet-lover, and an avid reader of a variety of genres (except erotica).

Classified as old but not ancient, I am 'seasoned' enough to finally know what I want to be 'when I grow up'. (Or maybe that's 'if') From the time I was 10 years old and occupied myself by writing a series of adventure stories, to my mid-30's when I began writing inspirational poetry, I have loved creating pictures with words. My first love will always be historical fiction. Hand me a text book, and I will wade through it with a groan. But hand me a novel based on historical people, places, and events and I am mesmerized. When James Bowers and I found ourselves discussing creative writing at a high school class reunion, we found common ground in the written word. (Yes, we graduated in the same class, but I'm not revealing exactly WHEN that was... let's just say it was well after the extinction of the dinosaurs.) Jim encouraged me to branch out into the sci-fi arena, and I became hooked! I've had the honor of being included in Jim's 'Projects', and am privileged to call him my friend. (His wife is an absolute angel to put up with the two of us, neck deep in plots, characters, and worlds far removed from Mid-America!) When I'm not writing or researching, I enjoy spoiling my 3 grandsons and my 2 Pomeranian puppies. I also love to crochet, embroider, work on counted cross-stitch projects... anything to keep my hands from being idle.

Here is a list of my stories & poems written for The Herscher Project
(Those in silver are not available here in Elfwood.):

Project 03 “Death Knocks”: Defeated
Project 06 “Oz Never Gave Nothin' to the Tinman...”: Rise of the New South
Project 07 “Aftermath”: Aftermath
Project 08 “The When that Wasn't”: A Man of Honor

Project 09 “Love Potion Number 9 / Soulmates”: Falkirk
Project 10 “The Wuthering”: Life Storm

Project 11 “Careful What You Wish For...”: Worlds Away (Parts I & II)
Project 12 “By the Numbers”: The Rider <img height="10" alt="*" width="9" border="0" src="http://ew2.lysator.liu.se/gfx/ministar.gif" />  [MC Award winner, Removed for publication]
Project 13 “Triskaidekaphobia”: Fumbleblot's Task
[Removed for publication]
Project 14 “Dark Futures”: Fields of Blood
Project 15 “Aging, Ascents & Entropies”: No More Tomorrows

Project 16 “The Hunters and the Hunted”: Death Stalks the Night
Project 17 “Dragon's Breath”: The Dragon Egg
Project 18 “Urban Legends”: Bessie

Project 19 “The Gift of Vision”: (pending)
Project 20 “Through the Looking Glass”: (pending)
Project 21 “Pretty Paper, Ribbons and Bows”: (pending)

I'm finally getting around to updating my page, an endeavor that is long overdue!

A Tribute to Larry N. Morris

Larry came into my world by way of this Elfwood page. Then he swept into my house with flowers, a glass hummingbird, a basket of fruit, and chew toys for my dogs! In the all-too-short time that we dated, Larry courted me like an old-fashioned nobleman, wooing his maiden. I felt loved, cherished, and oh! so safe in his great, teddy-bear arms. The accident that took his life in April left a huge hole in my heart. It has been the loving support of our many writer friends, Larry's precious family, and my own children and grandchildren that has helped see me through some very dark days. Larry's memory is preserved on the Elfwood site that bears his name, as well as his new anthology, Tales of the Thrifty Barbarian, which was just released this week, and hopefully one last novel, yet to be edited. For more details on Tales of the Thrifty Barbarian, you can visit http://fwi.thewriterscafe.com.

Please visit Larry's Elfwood page and read his postings, then watch for his name. You'll see it everywhere you turn. He loved to encourage other writers.

                                                      Good-by, my love. I miss you.


And in alphabetical order:

James K. Bowers - A genius with the English language, the Master of Inspiration, and one of my very best friends!

Trish D'Angelo - A romantic heart and a prolific pen

Steve Doyle - There's never enough time to read all this guy's genius -- but what a way to spend a day!!

Xenia Eliassen - Amazing gryphons, dragons, and the best wings you'll ever see!

Lisa Eshkenazi - Mystical colors of magical worlds!

Inger Marie Hognestad - Norway's female Shakespeare!

Jamie Hughes - the Queen of memorable characters and intricate plots.

Chris A. Jackson - Cheese King and Master Storyteller!

Marijke Mahieu - Delightfully delicious tales of intrigue.

Scott Morris - a man of honor with stories of virtue and truth. (Truly his father's son!)

Timothy Pontious - powerful prose and poetry from his heart.

H. Lynn Rummel - Co-writing partner in crime, and part centaurese heroine! (or is that hellion??? Hard to tell the difference sometimes.... Love you, Lynn!)

Emma-Jane Smith - a zany Aussie cumquat with a wildly macabre imagination! (and one of my dearest friends!)

Deb Turpin - a tower of talent and a true friend.

And now --- (wow! am I behind on this!)  -- released last summer by The Writers Cafe:

THE LIGHT AT THE EDGE OF DARKNESS - An Anthology of Christian Speculative Fiction

I just deleted two of my stories tonight!  Fumbleblot's Task and The Rider have been accepted for the anthology, in addition to a third story called Allison.   (**sniffle, sniffle** which means I had to take down my one and only Mod Choice story....  **sniffle**)  But taking them down means they are going into print in a REAL BOOK!!!!  So I'm really not crying TOO hard!  **smile**  Updates will be forthcoming as they occur. I'm very excited about this book, and all the writers are exceptionally brilliant. Scott Morris (AKA Frank Creed) will also be featured in it, so it's going to be a wonderful read! Plan to pick up a copy as soon as it goes to print!  We are tentatively looking at a publication date of February 2007.  I'll post a list of the authors as soon as I know the entire cast, but I know you CAN look for our very own Steve Doyle and Angela Perry in this book, too!  It's gonna be exciting stuff!  Watch for the latest news, or check out the link above for The Writer's Cafe.

Enjoy your stay in the Woods! The dragons don't bite, the fireplace is warm, and the armchairs are comfy. Inch a little closer and enter our magical, mystical worlds!

Friends at Elfwood
Friends at Elfwood: Patricia M. D´Angelo(Friend) , Chris A Jackson(Friend) , Matthew T. Summers(Old friend) and James K Bowers(Old friend) .

Guestbook for Debjsmith

10 Apr 2007:-) Emma-Jane C. Smith
Hi Deb! *waves* How are you at the moment? I'm busy working most of the time and so much so I rarely have time for anything else but sleep. Hope everything is going well. Love you to pieces! ^_^

44 Deborah Cullins Smith replies: "Love you right back, MRS. Thomson!!! Finally got the right size box and the overseas shipping tag this week, so you might actually RECEIVE your wedding gift this year still yet! 12 Just seems to take me forever to get anything accomplished these days. So are you holding the wedding pictures hostage until you get your gift??? **snicker** Can't wait to see them....Hugs, deb"
26 Apr 200745 Goddess of Flame
I haven't even read your stories yet, but already my heart is full of your words. Yes, I know I'm corny, but I mean it. I read your comment on Anna Mortensen's stillborn baby poem about your miscarriage, and then your boyfriend, and I am so, so sorry. But you're so happy! And so optimistic and lighthearted I can't even believe it! Then again, I'm the same way. Or I try to be, anyway. Usually though it's hard to find people - especially teenagers (i'm 19 - who have an optimistic outlook on the day. And yet you, who have been through so much, it's like I can feel your positive light through the screen! It is warming my heart. Thank you - it's been a while since I've felt this inspired. I think I'm gonna go write something. Thank you so much!!

:-) Deborah Cullins Smith replies: "Why, thank you for that lovely comment! Hope you enjoy the stories posted here."
16 May 2007:-) David Michael
Hello again! Thought you might like to know I have a new poem up. Kind of darkly comic, a bit philosophical. Maybe you'll enjoy it?

:-) Deborah Cullins Smith replies: "Sorry, David. I'm woefully behind on my comments AND my return visits. Just a few too many irons in the fire these days. Will come over soon -- promise!"
23 Jun 200745 Ariana, Spirit Wolf of Tul' Rahnash
I am enjoying your works greatly, I am a wrighter myself, in the process of wrighting a book with my beloved fiance. I have been away for a long while now, and only just read of Larry's death. He was a wonderful person, so kind hearted. I always enjoyed reading his work, and his comments to others. I shall miss him, such a spirited man he was. I love his published novels, and am sorry that no more will come. May he find peace in the afterlife. -sighs- Anyway, I shall continue to check up on your page, and look forward to more. Take care!

:-) Deborah Cullins Smith replies: "Thank you for those kind words. We are still hoping for Larry's novel... Still in the editing process, but some day perhaps it will be available. Watch this site -- I'll post something about it as soon as I have word of the completion. "
7 Oct 2007:-) David Michael
Hello friend! Might thou enjoy my latest material? {ahem} More is coming, but I have a Fay poem I'd like your opinions on, if you're interested. {hopeful smile}

:-) Deborah Cullins Smith replies: "I know.... I'm terrible, terrible! I've gotten so far behind on my Elfwood correspondence. I will come over soon, David. Bear with me!**hugs**"
20 Nov 2007:-) Frances Monro
Congratulations on your latest update! What do you recommend that I look at first?

:-) Deborah Cullins Smith replies: "Ouch! This comment is over a year old. Sorry, Che! It’s been a rough year around here... If you’re still interested, check out Bessie, and maybe Room 660. Those are 2 of my favorites."
25 Dec 2007:-) David Michael
Merry Christmas! Hope you’re having a lovely time with your family, while still allowing the Muse to get a word or a magical song in from time to time.

:-) Deborah Cullins Smith replies: "Oh my.... This comment is over a year old, too. Where has my time gone?? It’s been a lean year for writing. Didn’t get much accomplished. But HOPEFULLY in 2009..... Good to see you over here, David!"
26 Oct 2008:-) Brad A Schooley
Your stories are wonderful. This is merely a comment in passing, but I wanted you to know I’ve really enjoyed reading Aftermath and Worlds Away p1-2. You have extroardinary talent.

:-) Deborah Cullins Smith replies: "Ah, a relatively new comment! Yay! Thanks for dropping in Brad. I’ll make a point of returning the visit. But obviously I’m SLOW! (since the last 2 comments were over a year old and I’m just now getting them answered...) So bear with me! 2 Come on back any time -- now that I’m caught up on comments again, maybe it won’t take me so long to respond. Worlds Away is headed into "book" territory. (hopefully sometime this year, if I can straighten out my time.) I’m so glad you liked it! "
30 Dec 2008:-) David Michael
Haha, no worries! I’ve been veeeeery poor with keeping up with emails, stories, Elfwood, and the like. This semester has been rough, but beautiful at the same time. Hopefully the New Year will bring more good work of imagination from me as well. Cheers!
20 Apr 2009:-) Timothy Pontious
Do you SEE what happens when they update the site? All sorts of odd critters come crawling out of the deepest woods, shaken from hibernation. I hope your year is going better than last!
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Deborah Cullins Smith

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