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Lisa Diamond

SciFi & Fantasy Artwork by Lisa Diamond

Lisa is a 16 year old student who grew up loving art and currently anime/manga.

'Evil is...'cute'?'
A Faerie Guy
A Girl w/ a Problem
Anime Girl 2
Ashley Fleeing
Bad Day
Chibi Me in Angelic & Evil Forms
City Watcher
Don't Let the Big Scary Bat Get You...
Elven Angel
Eternal Sorrow
Fairy Ring
Feel the Energy...
I Said... 'Back Off'
I wish I could fly...
Just Your Average Mountain Climber...
Lance (colored)
Lance vs the Champion
Lenai (colored)
Love @ 1st Site
Love is Forever
Me as an Angel
Me vs Me
My 1st Good Anime Girl
Post-Apocalypse Chibi
Remake of my 1st Anime Girl
Rock is Contagious
Skull Fae
Sneaky Lil Angel
Someone's Gonna Pay
Starr & Kaylee
Starr & Kaylee (colored)
The Cat's Pajamas
The New Toy
Tio (colored)
Tio After 3 Years
Tio's Spawn Creature
Tio, thinking
Undersea Love
Valentine of the Future
Warrior of the Air
Who called for a Mechanic?

9 Jan 200445 Leaf_defender
.hack//sign rules. I'm making my own anime series if anyone feels like helping me.

:-) Lisa Diamond replies: "oh? what's it about? (heh, to save space try & go my message board, if u do reply to this...)"
9 Jan 200445 Leaf_defender
I hate good charelotte but aside from that you've got great taste in music. ARG! HATE COUNTRY! HATE GARTH BROOKS! Good art collection too. I've got some stuff I wanna post. But I don't know how.
15 Jan 200445 Leaf_defender
how do i get to your message board? By the way, my anime is about alter-egos, bounty hunters, vampires and witches. thats all im gonna reveal for now.

:-) Lisa Diamond replies: "i oughtta have the link up on the page under My Site or whatver Elfwood calls it. also a few messages up is a link.ur series sounds awesome. is it gonna be online?"
18 Feb 200445 Iomy :)
Hey i finally foud out where you were i was looking through all the l's and i saw the search for part, i felt stupid. I need to start one of these at school, yours are pretty good, i have to go buh-bye.
28 Apr 2004:-) Tiffany A. Cruz
Wow, you got a lot of things in here!! As you have seen, my place isn't nearly as nifty and full as yours^^ I like your stuff, and like you I love to read megatoyko...did I spell that right? Hope so, I'd be pitiful if I messed it up huh? Thanks so very much for the comment on my page^^ I seriously don't know how people just find my page...I rarely update.
19 May 200445 Lorraine J. Lauwerends
Lisa Diamond...such a beautiful name! You have a nice and full gallery(meaning you're not lazy like I am and really enjoy drawing), keep it up!
17 Jan 200545 Jessica Gustin
By the way I'm going to be commenting under the name of yuyu_fan 01.I can't comment for a LITTLE while, but I promise to comment soon. I'll try another computer.

:-) Lisa Diamond replies: "commenting where? here?"
17 Jan 200545 Jessica Gustin
I'm so sorry!No that wasn't enough, add 2 years to that.. then I think you'll be in my ball park. Well anyways it's me Jessica (so that's why it says it right over there)<. but before you stop talking to me (too late) I just thought you might want to hear my part of the story. Okay.
my computers internet wouldn't let us in. I t kept saying error, blah blah. So my Aunt got really mad and decided that us kids aren't aloud to go on the enternet anymore. After a while they foregot about it and I took advantage of that. So I tried to go on to this sight right here. It didn't work. So then I went onto the memory, you know how when you type in one letter it says all the web sites that you have already typed in that start with the letter you typed in, I found the members. md4.com..., but it kept on saying "this page cannot be found". I was so mad. By this time it had already been at least six months. I tried the school computers, my real dads computer, all my friends computers, and so far this is the first to work. not to mention I was trying to do the Tokyo Pop thing. Yep that's it. by the way I'm at a friends and I don't know if I'll be able to get back to you any time soon.
P.s. I love all your new pics. I love Manga. I'll make sure to leave a note for each of them.

:-) Lisa Diamond replies: "wow. hello. yeah, that message board shuts down and errors at times. have you checked out my new site? http://kurios.deviantart.com there's a lot more there...how's the tokyopop thing going?"
5 Jul 200545 #1inuyasha fan
konichiwa. It's been so long i've gotten so much better at drawing. our last team was so stinky 14 i dont type very long messages sorry:/but im so happy to talk to you again. fireworks are going off but i dont care.ow they're loud. so hows it going. im fine myself.hey i like that site i dont know how jess got lost oh how offten do you check these because it makes sence if you dont cheak often from may to jan to july well i geuss thats all bye
5 Jul 200545 Jessica Gustin
HI LISA DIAMOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It's been soooooooo long!!!!!!!I've had a hard time getting to a computer again...sorry. It's great to talk...type to you. The site is pretty cool!Then again I was totally confused. I'm going to go back, but I don't wanna to get totally confused again. So...I like your new pictures.I'm gonna comment on them in just a second.Oh yeah, Ariana (my sister)wants to talk to you too.She is "#1 InuYasha fan".I'm just so happy to talk to you!OH, the Tokyo Pop thing...me and Ariana entered and lost.We're gonna try again,but this time we're going to get a better group...our last one kinda stinked(it clearly states I can't say suc...k...#ed), but we've got a much better one.We're also a lot better.We are constantly drawing.What's your favorite type of manga/anime?I like comedy/action...and the occasional drama/sci fi. I love Chobits!Do you?Did you actually make that website?If so It's really advanced,even though people make them all the time, I could never do it.
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