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Courtney Reger

"Possession 02.htm" by Courtney Reger

SciFi/Fantasy text 2 out of 4 by Courtney Reger.      ←Previous - Next→
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The second part to Possession, since I couldn't fit it on one page without it being extremely long. I was happy with much of the ending, or at least the idea behind it, though I'm not sure about the actual writing.

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←- Possession 01.htm | Atrillen Starwhistle ch. 01 -→

Haley didn’t have a chance to make any of her dreams happen. Cory avoided her expertly. Tina wasn’t in school; some kind of appointment. So, Haley was left to dread the eventual meeting even more. Class didn’t distract her enough; it simply added noise that caused her to forget what she was thinking when she wanted to remember. Neither did their practice march for graduation. She couldn’t seem to catch the excitement that ran like a disease through the seniors.

Haley got home expecting to find some quiet time to think. Instead, she found her screen window slit and her room trashed. Her stuff was scattered everywhere. Her clothes had been pulled from drawers and covered in makeup and garbage; some were ripped and torn. Her floor was covered in dirt and mud. Haley’s walls were smeared with makeup and poster-paint. Books were ripped in half. Posters had been sliced to pieces.

Haley stared around her room in amazement. She couldn’t believe that someone had done this. Startled, she walked slowly through her room, touching a destroyed book here and a damaged shirt there. A thump issued from her closet; she jumped and gazed intensely at it, as though the doors would suddenly become clear.

Haley made her way through the wreckage of her room to her closet door. She lay a hand on the handle and stopped. Did she want to open it? Her hand trembled, rattling the doorknob. Something was in her closet, and only something extremely dumb wouldn’t know that she was standing outside the door.

Little by little, she began to pull the door open. Suddenly, it was thrown open the entire way. Cory walked out, grinning evilly, one hand holding a kitchen knife. Haley nearly screamed, but stopped at the last moment. The knife had been raised the moment she opened her mouth. Haley had a horrible thought that Cory wouldn’t hesitate to stab her if she screamed. Her mouth clamped shut, and she clenched her teeth.

“I know you saw me yesterday, Haley. This is a warning. Tell anybody what you saw, and I’ll do worse. Not even Tina hears what happened. I was never hear; I’m not acting weird. Got that?” Cory waved the knife in front of Haley’s face, threatening. Haley’s eyes widened, but she kept her mouth shut and nodded.

Cory nodded once, as if satisfied, turned and left through the ruined window. Silently, Haley went through her room and picked up her stuff. She immediately threw everything to damaged to be easily fixed and attempted to clean off her walls and floor. She was still working at it when her mother came home.

* * * * *

Cory shook her head. It was dark out; the familiar moon shone down through her window. She turned her head and groaned. Her room was in shambles. All her stuff was trashed. Quietly, she got out of bed and began to clean up. Tears ran down her cheeks as she thought back over what she had said and done.

Her mirror was smeared full of red lipstick. Cory cleaned up and saved what she could of her damaged things. She made a silent trip to the outside dumpster to get rid of what was too ruined to try and salvage before she glanced at the mirror.

She cleaned it slowly, carefully, starting at the very bottom. Leaving a big patch red in the middle, she moved to the top. Once that was sparkling clean, she gradually cleaned the middle, leaving a shrinking circle of red smudges. Eventually, she cleared off the last bit and was staring at her reflection.

Cory tried to turn away, but couldn’t. Her face was changed, and not for the better. It looked crueler, meaner. Less like the Cory she had always known. She rested her head against the cool glass, eye staring straight into eye. The green of her eyes sparkled in the lamplight. Cory sighed. She thought over the last years. A voice in her head piped up; she tried to ignore it, but couldn’t. The whisper was too loud, too insistent.

“Eighteen years too long.”

* * * * *

Haley woke up suddenly, a scream on her lips. She panted in the dark, eyes roaming over her room. The objects in it seemed menacing in their silhouette forms. Haley pulled the cover back over her face and tried to get to sleep. But the dream stayed with her, hauntingly real behind her closed eyes.

Haley slowly fell back into the depths of sleep. The dream surfaced again. In her dream, Haley had the sense that she was dreaming, but she couldn’t escape from the nightmare. She was walking along in a church, watching the light play through the stained glass windows.

The change in the light was sudden and startling. Every window turned dark and shattered. In her dream, Haley cringed. She turned, searching for the person she knew would be there.

Cory knelt at the alter, surrounded by pieces of colored glass. Haley walked over to her, unable to stop herself although she knew this was where the dream became a nightmare. Haley knelt down next to Cory, glancing over at her face, not surprised to see that her friend’s face was twisted and evil.

“Cory, what’s wrong?” Haley begged for an answer.

Cory turned her face to Haley, the menacing look causing her to flinch back. “Nothing is wrong with me. I’m just the way I should be.”

Haley trembled with the need to run, but she couldn’t make herself move. A bright light began to gather before the two girls kneeling at the alter. Gradually, it resolved into a shape. The light took on Cory’s face and body and knelt opposite her double. The only difference between the two was that one looked demonic and the other looked like the Cory Haley knew.

“Haley, you must help me! Please!” The normal Cory pleaded desperately with Haley, asking for help.

Haley looked at the evil Cory, who had had no reaction to the plea. “What’s wrong?”

“She’s trying to gain control. She must not gain control. If she does…”

That was the moment when the other Cory struck. She jumped at her double, attacking her. Stopping her from saying what she would. The two Corys fought violently. Haley blinked, and they both stood desperate and pleading before her, opposite the alter. She could not tell which Cory was the real one; the one she needed to help.

“Please, help me stop her!” Both pleaded in Cory’s voice. Haley knelt helplessly before the pair. She stared between the two, trying to figure out which one was the evil one. There was no way to tell.

“Haley, stop her! You must help me; save me. Don’t let her gain control!”

Haley scooted back as both reached out for her. She stood and she ran; the two followed her, both still crying for her help. As hard as she ran, she could not reach the end of the church, escape through its doors into the normal world.

Again, she woke up with a scream ready to be let loose. This time, she turned on her lamp and huddled in the corner of her room. She didn’t go back to sleep.

* * * * *

Haley avoided Cory the next day, while Cory did her best to try and talk to her. Haley didn’t trust her friend anymore; didn’t understand what was going on. She wanted someone to talk to, someone who might be able to explain her friend’s strange behavior.

After school, she made a decision. She waited in the school until she saw Cory’s car leave the parking lot. Then, she counted to one hundred slowly before got up to leave the school. She walked quickly along quiet streets, with the occasional car buzzing past.

Nobody stopped her. Nobody noticed as she opened the huge doors of the church. The stained glass windows cast beautiful shadows along the red carpet. Haley walked soundlessly up the center aisle, her feet making soft padding sounds on the thick carpet.

She knelt at the alter and waited. It wasn’t long until the priest came out. Father Matthew was tall and thin. He always reminded Haley of a scarecrow. She stood up and went over to him.

“Can I talk to you father?”

Matthew walked her over to a side pew and they sat down. “What’s the trouble, Haley? I haven’t seen you in here for a long time.”

Haley hesitated, unsure of how to bring up the subject. “Well, one of my friends has been acting really strange lately. And I’ve been having these dreams. About her.”

Father Matthew sat silently, sensing that it was difficult for her to say these things. Haley took a breath and continued. “Do you believe in possession, Father?”

He thought about the question before he answered. “I do. Not everybody does, but I believe in ghosts and spirits. In demons and angels. I think that it is completely possible for a person to lose control of their bodies to one of these things. Why?”

Haley looked him directly in the face. “I believe that my friend Cory has been possessed by something. And it wants to control her. My dreams; I am trying to help her, but suddenly, I’m not sure who I’m helping. And I run and try to get away, but I can’t.”

“Cory’s been acting weird lately. She was completely dead to the world the other day; Tina and I brought her home. She refused to talk about it. Then, she got mean. She wrecked someone’s car. She trashed my room; she threatened me! I’m scared. This behavior isn’t like her at all.”

Father Matthew listened as she described her problems and her theory. He was silent after she finished, wondering. “How do we get rid of whatever is possessing Cory?”

Father Matthew didn’t answer right away, contemplating the only solution he could think of. “We could do an exorcism. It would be dangerous, but not any more dangerous than letting Cory continue on this way.”

Haley nodded. “But, how do we do that?”

Again, he thought his answer through before saying it out-loud. “There’s a priest who knows these things. I can call him; he would be here in a day or so. Do you want me to talk to him?”

Haley nodded her head. She sat on the bench a while longer while the Father went to talk to the other priest. He returned shortly and stood next to her. “Father Thomas will get here as quick as he can. He may arrive late tonight or early tomorrow. Get Cory here tomorrow sometime, and we’ll be ready.”

Father Matthew lay a hand on her shoulder. “Don’t lose faith, Haley. The Good Lord will help us.”

* * * * *

Tina pounded on Haley’s door. “Haley, open up! I need to talk to you. NOW!”

Haley pulled the door open right when Tina had leaned forward to pound on it again. Tina fell forward.

“Tina, what’s wrong?”

“Cory. Something is wrong with her! And it’s not PMS.”

“Why? What did she do?”

“She nearly ran me over and drove away laughing. She tried to stab Rachel because of some comment. Cory’s been acting crazy.”

“Or possessed.”

Tina nodded, and stopped. “Did you say, ‘Possessed?’”

Haley nodded. “I talked to Father Matthew about that earlier today. I believe that Cory has been possessed; and it’s making her act not like her at all. She came in my room the other day, and threatened me. She trashed my room.”

“Who trashed your room?” The voice startled both girls and they jumped. Cory stood in the door. Both girls relaxed slightly when they realized she looked like she should.

“Cory. I just wanted to talk to you. I believe that something is wrong with you. Why are you shaking your head?” Cory was shaking her head at the last sentence.

“I’m fine. Why would you think something is wrong with me?”

“YOu’ve been acting odd lately. Me and Tina think that maybe something is trying to possess you. We need to get rid of it.”

Cory backed away. “I’m not possessed. What were you thinking of doing, anyway?”

“Father Matthew knows a guy who can perform an exorcism. We need to get that spirit out of you.”

Cory backed away farther. “I’m not letting someone like that come near me.”

Haley’s face looked sad. “Cory, we need to help you. Please!”

Cory’s face became angry. “I don’t need help. Not from you! Forget about an exorcism. Leave me alone.”

Cory turned around and ran. Haley and Tina stared after her. Tina turned to Haley, “Will an exorcism help her? What if she’s not possessed?”

“It can’t hurt her, so I say we try it. But how do we get her to the church?”

Both girls thought about it. Then Tina smiled. “I say, we don’t give her choice.”

* * * * *

Cory didn’t sleep that night. Dreams haunted her. Instead she paced. Up and down before her mirror. Every now and then, she stopped and gazed into the glass. Her reflection gazed back. Cory stopped dead before her mirror and looked carefully into it. Her face was changed. Twisted.

She resumed her pacing. The sun came up and Cory sat down for awhile. Then she began to pace again. Her mother left for work; so did her father. She was alone. Her pacing did not cease. Cory heard her stomach rumble.

She went into the kitchen and found some food. Then she returned to her room and sat on her bed. Instead of sleeping, she began to work on her nails. Filing, painting; first her toes- red- and then her fingers, which she painted blue.

She waved her fingers around to dry them, and then stood up again. She returned to pacing. A noise in the kitchen stopped her. She walked out of her room, going slowly down the hall to the kitchen.

Cory took a few steps into the kitchen and stopped, searching for the source of the sound. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. She turned to go back to her room. And Haley blocked the way. Cory took a step back. And she felt someone behind her.

Cory turned her head and caught sight of Tina. “What are you guys doing?”

“You are coming with us, Cory.”

She turned angrily and said, “No, I’m not! I’m not going to get exorcised, no matter what you guys believe…”

She quit talking because Tina had pulled her hand out from behind her back and it clutched a kitchen knife. She held the knife’s handle so tight that her knuckles were white. Haley produced a rope. Cory put her back into a corner and prepared to fight them. They could see defiance in her face.

Haley whispered to Tina, “We have to be careful. She’s not Cory right now; we don’t know what she might do.” Tina nodded.

They moved in carefully. Cory was waiting, standing in a defensive posture, determined not to go with them. Tina held the knife out in front of her. They had decided that Tina should have the knife because she was more likely to actually use it to get Cory to go with them.

It turned out that they didn’t have to fight much. Cory seemed to give up fighting nearly right away. They tied up, making the knots tight, but not painful. Haley wondered what Father Matthew would think when they brought her in like this.

The ride to the church was quiet. They dragged Cory into the church. She began to struggle again. Tina held the knife over her to get her to cooperate. The two men in the church were surprised to find them enter this way, and they hurried over to help.

“Girls, this is Father Thomas. He can help. She resisted, I take it.” Father Matthew was eying the knife.

Haley and Tina nodded. They brought Cory, struggling, up to the front of the church. The two girls held her down on either side and Father Matthew held her head. Tina lay down the knife so she could hold Cory’s arm instead. Father Thomas stood next to her, holding a container of Holy water. He sprinkled her head with the water and began to chant. Haley and Tina looked at each other. Neither could understand what it was that the priest chanted, except that it was not English.

While he chanted, he kept sprinkling Cory with the Holy water. Cory struggled violently, trying to throw off her captors. She opened her mouth and screamed without sound. The priest continued to chant. Finally, he leaned down and drew a cross on her head with the Holy Water.

“Be gone, Demons, from this girl!” He shouted, and moved away. The others followed suit.

Cory began to moan, low in her throat. Suddenly, her head arched back and something shot from her open mouth. Whatever it was, flew behind the alter. The waiting group hurried over to Cory, ignoring it for now to see how she was.

She lay still, eyes closed, breathing normally. Her eyes cracked open and she stared up at them. Quickly, Haley and Tina knelt down to untie her. “Cory, are you okay now? Are you back to having your body to yourself?” Tina asked.

Cory smiled. Haley glanced up from her and saw something by the alter. It was a semblance of an angel, with Cory’s face. Its face was sad and begging. Haley gasped and turned back to Cory.

Cory’s face was twisted and menacing; the same look Haley had learned to fear. “I’m just fine now.” She grinned maliciously and plucked up the kitchen knife. Before Haley could warn her, Cory plunged the knife into Tina’s stomach.

Then, she was up and running. “Eighteen years of having someone else inhabit your body gets hard to bear. I’m glad the real me can finally be shown to the world.”

Cory whirled and dashed out of the church. Both priests were at Tina’s side. Haley turned to the angel again, in time to see the Cory she had known fade away.

←- Possession 01.htm | Atrillen Starwhistle ch. 01 -→

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'Possession 02.htm':
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