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Divine ´Dibei-Chan´ Munguia

Divine 'Dibei-Chan' Munguia

Divine welcomes you to her gallery by saying a warm KONONICHIWA!
KONONICHIWA! Yosh, a bio! .....uh, give me a sec..er, here. 6_6 >>>MnYoB: June 1984 >>>Gender: Female (whether that makes me kawaii or kowaii is up to you. n_n) >>>AKA: Jaguara, :Maegtaliel:, Krazy Kunoichi (and I do mean Krazy! Mwahaa!) >>>My fave books in my poor excuse of a book shelf: The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (I love both the movies and Tolkien's stuff... GO TOLKIENITES! Frodo Lives!), Martini's Fundamentals of Anatomy and Phisiology (I highly recomend it for those who like to draw figures..though it's quite pricey, but worth it!), Laura Esquivel's works n_n, Hagakure (The Book of the Samurai), and The Mark of Zorro by Johnston McCulley..... ^~^ If that info makes you think that I'm a freak (which I am, and darn proud of it!), then I should tell you that I also collect Comic Books (I'm mainly a Marvel Girl). >>>Such as: Ulimate X-men, New X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate Daredevil and Electra, How to Draw Manga (Atlantic Press), and The Path (CrossGen). >>>Fave color: *grins evily* RED! Mwahaahaaahaaa! (please don't mind my evil laughing spams. At very least I don't laugh like some villianesses like in some Anime shows... ie: 'Ohohoho!' *shudders*..yah, TG!) >>>Fave food: mmm..extra cheese pizza, ice cream, anything potatoes (except raw), Salsa, BBQ Sauce, chocolate, strawberries, white nectarines, my mom's cookin, Coffee Bean's Ice Blended Drinks, Chai and Green Teas. Though food's best when it's free! ^~^ (It is! Heh, don't mind my college student humor.) >>>Enjoys: Dreaming! (*crosses fingers* of course not durring class *laughs nervously* ^_^'), drawing, working on my LotR FanFic (*droools* Legolas-Sempai!..okay I can't help it if I'm a PEF), listening to music (I listen to everything except most country, Acid and Heavy Metal, and Hardcore Rap), driving alone or with my friends, being with my friends, practicing Karate (note that I've still only got my white belt..and I don't practice as often as I want), singing, and not having to work in the dish room of PUC's Cafe (*shudder* especially not alone! O_O *gulps*). >>>Major: Graphic Design (sophomore year at Pacific Union College) >>>Fave Anime (edumacation materials.. *grins evily* but it ain't all I've seen..mwahahaa!): Akira, Mahoromatic, Trigun, Ah My Goddess, Cardcaptor Sakura, Kenshin, Rayearth, Digimon Tamers (season 03), Cowboy Bebop, Sugar, Shamanic Princess, Magic Users Club, Chobits, Ninja Scroll, Evangelion, Jubei-Chan and the Lovely Eyepatch, Ranma 1/2, Love Hina, Princess Mononoke, Escaflone, and Slayers (can you tell I'm and Otaku yet?)! >>>>>Note to Flamers: Yes flame bad, but I'm used to criticism, considering the many portfolio critiques that I threw myself into and came out with amazingly only a few self-esteem bruises ^-^. I was able to get a 3 out of 5 score on my Test for Advanced Placement Studio Art in high school (TG!). Besides I'm my own worst critic, being the perfectionist that I am, I have always pushed for detail and accuacy in my art (ESPECIALLY in my realistic works). So go ahead and flame me if you want..I dare ya. *smirks* We'll see what bounces first, your insults OR your jaw on the keyboard. Mwaaahaahaaa! ahem.....um..yah, going on. >>>>>To those who wander here in my gallery, I thank you for honoring me by gracing your eyes upon my works and your time to reading this bio. *Bows respectfully and joyfully to meager crowd* Domo-Aregato!

Guestbook for Dibeichan

2 Nov 2003:-) Sarie Tardif
A very interesting Gallery.You have a beautiful flowing style - a sign of agile hands. Keep creating!

22 Divine 'Dibei-Chan' Munguia replies: "*blush* Thank you kindly.. your art is real spiffy..to say the least! ^-^"
4 Nov 200345 Daniele L. Smith
kuunichiwa to you too.... Awesome anatomy, and you have hair down pat! That's really great-maybe work on the expressin or action in some pictures? Maybe I'm just rambling? Anyway... Go you!

:-) Divine 'Dibei-Chan' Munguia replies: "About those action shots, uh, I hope to do some more soon, but I'm a decently busy college student, BUT I SHALL GET TO IT (eventually)..yah, I have a thing about hair..but I don't know how I'm going to do it when I start on my my LotR fanfic/web comic....will worry about that later, and will thank you for your wonderful comment, I like the eye style you use n_n really nifty "
6 Nov 200345 Miraphish
Dibei! You have a great style! I absolutely love the hair on the Krazy Kunoichi one. And I love An-Chan's wings. -SWOON- for Mirabella's Starling Blade. And a general big "Wow" on everything! Good job! 1

12 Divine 'Dibei-Chan' Munguia replies: "Kononichiwa Mira-Chan n_n And domo-aregato! I hope you'll enjoy my future work (since you can practically watch me as I work)..*blush* yes Krazy Kunoichi is a definate favorite of mine..and to think, its only a character design right now..bwahaahaaaa! O.O n_n did that come outta me? *acts innocent*"
22 Nov 200345 Didei's Little Sister! (Flower Power)

22 Divine 'Dibei-Chan' Munguia replies: "BWA! i wasn't expecting that.......*warm fuzzy feelings replace the adrenaline and smiles* aw..i love you too! *glomps little sister* chi! "
11 Dec 200345 S. R. Dickson
Your shading is really good! Are you considering costume designing?

:-) Divine 'Dibei-Chan' Munguia replies: "why thank you! ..no, but i wouldn't mind being a costume designer.....you sort of have to be one in order to have that "real" quality in certain characters..if you're going for character realism in art, i've found that a small interest in fashion and fashion history to be a good path to take on the way of character creating..if you don't you may as well go the cartoon route..not that i don't like cartoons (me, being an Otaku / Anime fan) "
28 Feb 2004:-) Jdem
hi! My gallery is next door so i thought i would pop in! Your gallery is really good and very beautiful...i love the ninja hobbits hehe. Is your picture of you in the corner a painting or a picture?

2 Divine 'Dibei-Chan' Munguia replies: "  my piccy is from a really bad pic of mine from over a year ago. i had a huge dark shadow covering my face and i liked the expression (classic serious elf expression XD), so i edited it in photoshop..using the smudge and airbrush tool most often. and i had to create a neck from scratch with the swatches of my finished face, i was wearing a t-shirt."
31 Mar 200445 Delance A. Tyler
U r a good artist!

22 Divine 'Dibei-Chan' Munguia replies: "why thank you very much!! *bows humbly*"
11 May 2004:-) Randy taffy Linbourn
an unsaual and uniqe gallery Dibei-Chan,..
some really nice and creative pics :0)
2 Sep 200545 Karen
Divine, Divine!

Your cell-group sis dropping in, finally, three years later...what can I say? Divine as an elf--you should do that for your senior pictures... I have to say, I love hair (and you know I do!), so I got a kick out of that, besides seeing you as a martial arts elf... 2 Yay for accurate anatomy!

Pam emailed me and wanted me to drop you a note: PePPeRMiNTPaMMy@aol.com.

I don't know your email but drop me a line. You know my email: first initial, middle intial (is an "M"), last name @puc.edu.


14 Jan 200645 Enyahs

Just a note to say you’re art blows mind way.

I can’t draw to save my life.
But I do Photoshop; cheek out my site if you’ve got the time.

“In the darkest hour the soul is replenished and given strength to continue and endure.”
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Divine 'Dibei-Chan' Munguia

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