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B. D. Measor

"-={ FB: The Shadow Chronicles }=- --=C1=--" by B. D. Measor

SciFi/Fantasy text 1 out of 3 by B. D. Measor.      ←Previous - Next→
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A Local legend talks of a man who morphs into the shadows like a natural reflex, hence the name the locals gave him, “Shadow”. They say he has no heart, which is what makes him a master killer. He has no allegiance to the locals or anyone else even if they have the money, it doesn’t sway his intentions. This is all the locals know of the man they call Shadow!
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←- The beast within. | -={ FB: Tavern Tales }=- --=The Jewel=-- -→


By: Bret D. Measor


The sky started to fade to black and slowly the lights of the stars turned on, and the spotlight of the moon hung over the bustling tavern with people from all over the world.  People who left the tavern made their way to the inn where they would sleep off their drunkenness and wake up with no money in their pockets.  Inside the tavern the dwarfs from the western mountains where sitting at their table with tons of half drunken or spilt cups and Dwarven ale around them, one dwarf was past out on the table, his face rested nicely in his food.  The rest of them where spouting off their Dwarven war songs but no one could really translate drunken dwarven talk, and no one dared to stop them. 


Near the fireplace was an old man dressed in black robes and a little hat, he wore a goatee and his hair was short white, the hat covered his ears but I could tell he was a half-elf.  He had a big crowd around him listening to the tale of a warrior and bard who slain a giant wyvern for the Dwarven jewel.  Janis the bartender was busy making drinks and ordering his barmaids around, and in the back the cook was lagging behind with the orders.  You could see the stress on his face since his little tavern has never had so many guests before. 


I sat in the corner where the shadows could hide me from anyone who was looking for me.  I was dressed in my black shadow gear that I killed for; even an elder elf could not see me in the dark.  The firelight glistened off of my face and my piercing eyes saw everyone and everything they did.  I like to watch people, its what I do; you can learn a lot from just watching people.  Then the door busted open and entered one mino (minotaurs) and a human the size of the mino, I haven’t seen any human that big before.  He is even bigger then most barbarians maybe he is half-giant, or just lucky.  The minotaur comes from the western desert but they travel together and I could smell them from here, and they smelt like a fight.


There was a group of elves sitting at the bar on the far left; there was only three of them and well geared also.  The mino and human sat down at the bar taking up some space with there enormous battle axes and bodies.  They ordered their drink and started to talk in common tongue, the elves at the end of the table got up and made there way towards the two.  I sat there and watched closely as the elves stood right behind the two, this wasn’t going to be good, my own hand instinctively made its way to his home on the handle of my blade.


“What is that smell?” said the leader of the elves, the rest held there noise.  The two giant’s turned around slowly and looked at each other.

“Ox, I think he is talking to you?” The human pointed at him.

“Nah, I think he is talking to you Marv!” Ox pointed back.

“I am talking to both of you.” The elf spouted again.

“Would you care to take this out side guys, I just bought new chairs and tables.” Said Janis with a worried look on his face.

“Marv, can you open the door for me while I toss out the trash.” Ox nudges his head to the door.

“Sounds good.” Marv gets up and starts to walk towards the door but the three elves went flying past him before he could get there.

“Here is five gold pieces for a new door Janis.” Marv tosses him the coins and runs outside. Where Ox is starting to fight them.


Ox draws his giant axe and swings it over top of his head and brings the blade crashing down to the earth splitting it open.

“Are you three sure I still smell.”

“I don’t like your kind anyways.” Said the leader.

“Bring it.”

The leader ran in with his sword in front of him, Ox pulled his axe from the ground and waited for the rush, a small crowd started to form around them.  Marv was taking bets on who would be the winner.  Ox dug his hooves in the ground and spins off of the rush; the leader fell to the ground headfirst.  The crowd cheered, while others booed.  The leaders right hand man jumped on Ox’s back, Ox dropped his axe and grabbed the elf by the arms squeezing them really hard he flipped the elf into the sky and guided him down on to his knee, breaking his back upon contact.  The elf slid off of Ox’s knee and started to convulse, the other elf stood there and started to cast a spell.  The elves body started to glow and his hand turned into fire, with the final chant the elf shot out a fireball towards Ox.  Ox moved out of the way and burnt a little of his hair, as the leader was just getting up he was greeted with a fireball to the body.  He started to run around in flames, the wizard started to cast again but Ox ran at him with his horns impaling the elf on them, with a flick of the head he tossed the wizard into the flaming elf so they could burn together.


The crowd disperses and Marv collects his money, as Ox is picking up his weapon Marv comes over and pats him on the shoulder.

“Good show Ox, you smoked those guys.”

“I know, but you could have gotten that wizard.”
”haha! Right, and not make any money off of you.  The odds where three to one, we made a killing.” Flashes the money in his face.

“Well we better get out of here before anyone else comes, besides the boat is leaving soon.” Ox puts on his cloak and hides his axe under it; Marv follows and stashes the coins away in his purse.


I stood on the roof while all this was going on, it was a great fight but I know I could take him.  I watched around and everything was calm, the boat raised its sails and was ready to leave, I myself was ready to leave this town and make my way to Huntington, but the road is long, I will just have to dance through the shadows tonight till I get there. 

←- The beast within. | -={ FB: Tavern Tales }=- --=The Jewel=-- -→

24 Nov 2001:-) Rebecca L. Meriel
considers that enough oooooos for the moment

:-) B. D. Measor replies: "Well I hope all those O's mean you liked it =)"
26 Nov 2001:-) Lisac3
Ah, so you did turn the other story into a bigger one! It's pretty good so far. Post the next chapter soon.

:-) B. D. Measor replies: "Well I am working on it in my head, I just ain't that motovated right now though. Its a long story... but I don't think people like my writing."
26 Nov 2001:-) Andrea 'Silver1' Bodel
ooooh! I didn't know you WRITE to!! SO do I but you can't see...

OOOOOooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhh............me wants more description on the character...

:-) B. D. Measor replies: "Ya I write, and I can juggle too. Well I can only juggle two balls =) hehehe, but its a start. One other thing, who do you want me to do more detail on?"
15 Aug 2004:-) Cesar F. A. Premont
Note to self: Leave big, strong Minotaur alone to avoid severe pain. I like it. Hope you continue to write! I look forward to the next chapter. Best wishes! 2

:-) B. D. Measor replies: "the next chapter this story won't be for a long time now. I actually forget where I was going with the Shadow Chronicles, its been eons since I thought of this character really. But you never know I might decide to re-write this after I post my newest story. =)"
20 Nov 200445 Alex
After reading the description about a man without a heart who moves like a shadow, I was really interested. However, I was slightly disappointed when it turned into a story about a man watching a fight in a bar, no matter how cool the combatants. If you were to write a story that focused much more on the ‘shadow’ I’d be hooked, he seems tres cool.
You really need to read over your work. This is much better descriptively than the one about the dwarven bard, but you keep switching from past to present tense. “Ox dug his hooves in the ground and spins off of the rush” … There, you’ve just done it in the same sentence, let alone same paragraph. You show a lot of promise but I think the accuracy of your work is bringing you down.

:-) B. D. Measor replies: "I want to thank you also for the brutal comment I’ve been waiting for these types of comments for years now, and now I must loosely defend myself. First, as I’ve stated above I wrote this about three years ago, this was around the infancy of my writing era. I never read over my work and back then I personally didn’t care, my own fault with a touch of arrogance. I haven’t stopped writing since then; personally think my writing has gotten better. This piece was never really finished and I really will re-write this piece because you are right the character Shadow is really cool. He is my favorite character I have ever made; again you are right this story doesn’t really make Shadow cool at all. Thanks for reading this story even if it was mixed with past and present tense, and in my newest piece I promise it will be 100% better!"
20 Nov 2004:-) Phoebe L. Taylor
Good story - I liked it quite a bit. The one thing you could benefit from is some good editing, however. Several placed you substitute one word for another, like "past out" for "passed out".

I'd like to read more about Ox and Marv.

3 B. D. Measor replies: "Thank you for the comment this is really appreciated since it’s the first one to really say something bad about this story. I would first like to say I wrote this back in 2001 and just recently I re-read this story; oh I’d say a few months ago maybe August 2004. After reading this story over I was like “OMG I posted this!” I honestly haven’t looked at these stories in eons since I was constantly busy working on other projects. As I read the story and the other ones I noticed tons of my own errors and I agree I really used wrong words, case in point your example. My mind sometimes acts like that especially when my mind thinks faster then my typing speed. I laugh because there are times I write complete paragraphs and there are words missing here and there and I just don’t understand how that happened. I will be taking a few English and writing classes in University because I really do need the refresher, I’ll admit it. I’m currently working on a brand new piece and I am more motivated than ever to post it so you and others can see how far I have come in the last three years. Oh, after I post the new story I was planning on coming back to this story and re-write it, and possibly after the re-write, I will start work on The Ox and Marv Conquests. Hey! That’s a good title I will remember that one."
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'-={ FB: The Shadow Chronicles }=- --=C1=--':
 • Created by: :-) B. D. Measor
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-={ FB: Tavern Tales }=- --=The Jewel=--
The beast within.

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