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Danielle J. Sanderson

"Apocalypse: Epilogue" by Danielle J. Sanderson

SciFi/Fantasy text 5 out of 29 by Danielle J. Sanderson.      ←Previous - Next→
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Boohoo! It's the end! This one has a bit of touchy-feely loveliness at the end, but not too much. All's well that ends well, right? But as I said for chapter one, this story IS in the process of being rewritten, and will be ten thousand times better than this one is! So be prepared for new characters, better descriptions, and more angst! And yes, more details about the whos and wherefores of the Apocalypse. And be prepared to see the Devil at work! That's all for now! <3

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←- Apocalypse: chapter 4 | Ashes and Dust -→

The Kingdom of Heaven

“You’re a girl?” Rhan exclaimed.

“Yes, I am,” God answered with a girlish laugh. She wore the form of a girl of thirteen years of age, with long, wavy golden hair and sky-blue eyes. Her voice was just as young as Her appearance, but gave an impression of great maturity.

“Is that why You sent me away?” Rhan asked. “So that I could prove my worth?”

“Yes. I’m sorry that it has been hard for you, but you must understand—I had no way of knowing if you would be more like you mother or your father.”

“I thought You were omniscient.”

“I may be all-knowing, but I like to give my children a choice. I gave the same choice to Adam and Eve, and they chose sin. I must admit, you are no saint,” Rhan didn’t even blush, “but you have a good soul and a pure heart. You have earned your place in the Kingdom of Heaven.”

She waved Her hand, and light flared as the Pearly Gates appeared in front of Rhan. The boy was swept with such a fierce longing that he was sure his heart would burst into ten thousand pieces.

“What about Earth?” he asked. “The Apocalypse has ruined many innocent lives.”

“I know, and it grieves Me to have to destroy My work, but I will start again. I will make it better. All those who are still alive on Earth will be brought to judgment soon enough. The Apocalypse is coming to an end. But as for you, Ylithrhanon, let me welcome you home.”

The Gates swung open, and all the light and love of Heaven poured out to greet them. The Heavenly choirs were singing with all their might. Rhan was drowning in joy. He nearly fainted when he saw his mother. She knew him right away, and clasped her arms around him as if she never wanted to let him go. The Choirs greeted him like a long-lost brother. For the first time since he had been cast out, Rhan felt loved.

He glanced back at Gabriel. No, that wasn’t true. The last time he had felt loved was when he met Gabriel for the first time. And that was the first time he had ever loved as well.

“I have something for you, Rhan,” God told him, smiling sweetly. “I return to you your wings.” With a wave of Her hand, a pair of gossamer wings burst from Rhan’s back.

He gave a joyful shout and took to the air. He was truly an Angel now. He soared among his brethren, feeling more elated than ever.

“So what kind of Angel is he?” Raphael asked, watching the gleeful boy. He was smiling ever so slightly.

God’s innocent smile replied. “Can’t you guess? He’s a Cherubim, a Guardian Angel of mankind.” She gave a small smile to Gabriel, and led the other three Archangels away.

Gabriel smiled a little sadly as he watched Rhan fly through the air. Rhan frowned and fluttered down beside him.

“What is it?” he asked.

“You look so happy,” Gabriel replied, looking away. “I never thought I would see you smile like that.”

“Gabriel,” Rhan said, turning the Archangel to face him. “Do you know why I’m so happy? Yes, I have been let back into Heaven. Yes, I have found my mother and my home. But I was happy before too. I was happy because I saved you. I was happy because you were willing to give everything up for me. I was happy because you came into my life.”

“You’re happy because you’re in Heaven,” Gabriel insisted darkly.

“Gabriel, I would have gladly stayed on Earth, knowing you were safe. I would have stayed on Earth and been in Heaven, because you were there with me.”

Gabriel finally smiled. “And now we’re both here.”

“And my happiness is all the greater because of it.” Rhan smiled radiantly. He was in Heaven, he had his wings, he had been accepted for who he was, and he was with Gabriel. What could be better?

“Hey, wait a sec,” he said suddenly. “Isn’t homosexuality considered a crime for Christians? I thought it was against God’s wishes, that it was unnatural and sinful.”

“That’s silly!” God exclaimed, having overheard. “Only humans could come up with something as ludicrous as that! Others say that it’s a chemical unbalance in the brain. Stupid! It may be a different chemical makeup, but it’s not an ‘unbalance.’ Love is love, no matter who you love. My children can love whomever they wish.”

“Well that makes sense,” Rhan said logically. He was relieved, even though he had never thought that homosexuality would send you to hell. He had never listened to all those Jove’s witnesses and their insane mutilation of a decent religion. Medieval priests had warped the Christian religion beyond recognition to suit their own purposes. Rhan had always disliked Christianity because of that. But God was not a product of Christianity. She was all-powerful and had always been there, whether humans knew it or not.

Gabriel wrapped his arm around Rhan’s waist. He smiled brightly at the boy, who smiled lovingly back. Nothing could take this happiness away.

Together, they flew off into the distance, so that Rhan could see all the things he had missed and desired for so long.

The End. (for now)
←- Apocalypse: chapter 4 | Ashes and Dust -→

1 Jan 2006:-) Laura de Lange
Thanks for sharing this with us! It is a wonderful story, it flows smoothly and is easy to read (very important qualities to me). It's an interesting idea, I'm going to read further ...

13 Danielle J. Sanderson replies: "Awwwww! *blush* That's really nice of you to say! I will most definitely put up a newer version (ie: not the fully completed one which I someday hope to get published in book form) but a version that has more characters, more action, more humour, more gore, more angst, more angst, more angst and general stuff. I am happy with how this version turned out, all things considering, but I know that I can make it better! Just wait until my NEXT story is published on Elfwood!! (pending ticket... 2082 of 2131...)"
13 Jan 2006:-) Micah A English
You have unbalance when you mean imbalance. Otherwise, no grammar complaints. Pretty good.

Comment: God as woman. That's kind of... um... interesting considering all the angels we've met thus far are men. Beyond that, no real comments. My only problem with it is that I've always figured God as being genderless, but that has nothing to do with God's gender in your story.

Other Comment: Sounds a little preachy, the part about only humans would have a problem with homosexuality. I've always figured that spirits just don't have genders and that's the argument I'd use. Again, my point of view has nothing do with your story, I just wanted to say it does sound a little preachy.

:-) Danielle J. Sanderson replies: "First of all, God as a woman being shocking is the ENTIRE point! I wanted it to be original and shocking, which apparently it is. Also, God has never been genderless. You yourself wrote "He" in your previous comment. It is completely coincidental that all my Archangels are men, but not all the ANGELS are men, since Rhan's mother appears, albeit briefly. Whether or not spirits have genders, no one really knows. MY spirits have genders, though, and this is how I wanted it to be.

It is supposed to be preachy. This is the way I feel about the issue of homosexuality. It's humans, priests, who say that loving someone of the same sex is wrong and immoral, and if God does exist and is as just as he/she is supposed to be, then he/she would NEVER condemn homosexuality as a sin. I know it's preachy, and that's the way I want it to be.

The only other thing that I want to say, is that this is a STORY. Which means that it was invented by a crazy person (i.e. me) and is intended for entertainment use ONLY. No one knows whether or not God exists, or whether he/she is genderless, or angels, or spirits, or any other kind of supenatural creatures. That means that everyone has their own interpretation. This just happens to be mine. But mine is no more true or less true than yours."
24 Jan 2006:-) Dawn G. Irving
Very well written and enjoyable. I loved it. And I like to believe God is a woman also. "Dogma" and all..lol Keep writing hun.

1 Danielle J. Sanderson replies: "Yay! Glad you liked it! For some reason, I kept picturing God as a 12-year-old girl... I don't know why... In any case, I don't believe in God in reality, but what the hey! It's all in good fun! =)"
19 Feb 200845 Jane

You know Goths are evil people that reigned a long time ago. Good disguise for being half demon. Wonder if that’s where being a Goth came from?

And no... I haven’t forgotten his other half is angel, but it suits

57 Danielle J. Sanderson replies: "His Gothness mostly came from my little obsession with Goth fashion a while back. I do explain it better in the rewritten version, but since it is far from being close to being finished, I won’t post it for a long time. And yes, my excuse for making him Goth is so that his red eyes aren’t a popular topic of conversation. People would just assume he wore contact lenses."
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'Apocalypse: Epilogue':
 • Created by: :-) Danielle J. Sanderson
 • Copyright: ©Danielle J. Sanderson. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Angels, Apocalypse, Demons, Gabriel, Rhan, Ylithrhanon
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