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K. Pink

K. Pink

K. loves photography, painting, and toast.
update 10th may, 2005: new scanner. art update soon. now accepting commissions, and limited requests, which can be e-mailed to kpink@swgc.mun.ca
full bio coming soon.

Guestbook for Dreamwolf

23 Jun 2002:-) A. Uneide teicher
Ack was hoping to do first comment dance.. *l* does this count? *g* Welcome to the fanart section of the Woods! ^_^ looking forward to seeing lots more pics. Of course it counts! *L* Thank you so much for commenting! I love all of your works!
23 Jun 200245 The Artist
uh...*air whistling as tumbleweeds....uh...tumble past...* O_o Artist's Alter Ego: mwahaha...*kicks tumbleweed past gallery again* Damn I'm evil. Mwahaha. *struts away*
2 Jul 2002:-) Angela 'Sakura' Cummings
*Stomps the tumbleweed brutally* Hi there, what the hell is that doing here? *sweatdrops* Anyway, this stuff is so cute -- and if cute wasn't what you were looking for, it's very detailed and adorable. Well, that's the same isn't it.... *Looks around embarassed* Ignore me, won't you. *stares at crushed tumbleweed* O_o Vengeful...ooh, me likes! *G* Thanks for the comment! I like fanart b/c you get to express your own sense of the characters. And I like 'em cute, so there ya go!
11 Jul 200245 Prototype_3
On the contrary I think your drawings are quite excellent, do yourself a favor and stop belittling yourself.

:-) K. Pink replies: "Hi, thank you. I never realized I did that so much! Well, if you guys say it's good, then I guess I'll have to start taking your word for it! *G*"
12 Jul 2002:-) Rachel Robo Jing YOURMOM
Yeh im not that good at fan art too and ushally draw things off the top of my head! Any way i liek your sailor piccys!
5 Apr 200345 Alice 'Serpentine Fire' Raven
Go Sailor Moon! Your piccies are so cute, very chibi-ness-like ^^ Kudos on Sm!
nice pics and go to art school mabey ill meet you some day and we'll chat about how rich and good at drawing we are AND WE'LL LAGH AT THE WORLD!!!!! ......or mabey not

5 Sep 200345 Xernu
I really liked your pictures. I made a cool one of sailor moon I would give it to you if I had a scanner or something lol. But your pictures are GREAT! Peace
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K. Pink

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