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Maureen C. Frykberg

"Lunge 2" by Maureen C. Frykberg

SciFi/Fantasy text 3 out of 8 by Maureen C. Frykberg.      ←Previous - Next→
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Continuation of the alien, space ride with my dear alieanoid thing Jeanne. Name change and a bit of some interesting facts, nothing much.
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Wherever I was, it wasn’t the Colony. Or Earth. It was a planet unlike any I had ever seen, and I have seen many. Creatures with odd shapes walked, or if you like, glided along. I was in a sort of warehouse at the edge of a city. Humans were not normal as far as I could tell, for I didn’t see a single one.

Though I did see several vehicles with people of large size whip their heads to watch me ride past, my jacket open and revealing the slim figure in black beneath. The gas that passed for air whipped my hair over my shoulders as I suddenly swerved, dropping off of the street of some sort of magnet and into open air. Automatically, I stomped on the blaster button and the engine on my board roared into action, blasting me forward at an incredible speed across air and onto another magnetic street

This time though, there were humane looking creatures that drove, walked or lounged about. All of them stared as I leaned back, making the hover board rise higher before I stopped it.

This was my chance to get familiar with the new world, or rather what I could see of it from this point of view. The atmosphere above me was rather like something that I vaguely remembered. Looking about, even the very way this city was organized as a magnetic contraption seemed also familiar, but not in the way it would have been if I had even helped in engineering this bad boy. Pulling my marker from behind my ear, I started to absently write in my coded, backwards writing what I saw on my arm and calculated faults and dates as to when the place was built and by whom. I can’t quite explain how I do it, or how I learned this type of record keeping, but I do it without any problems. Even as I finished my calculations with a small dot with a strange symbol about it, sirens started to blare underneath me.

And of course, the one person I had hoped not to see was sitting on a railing beneath me as I looked down.

He yelled up to me as I placed my hands on my hips, raising an eyebrow at him, “Come down now before we force you, item 35722wF6!” Nothing could stop the laugh from escaping me as I tried to repeat what he said. I realized that large silver vehicles were parked under me and something close to a gun was slowly raised to point at me.

Tossing my hands into the air, I sigh and yell back down. “That would be beyond your capability! And it is not bloody 35722wF6, the name is Raven!”

Why I chose that name, I’ll never know but it’s a name that gives the faint feeling of déjà vu. With a small snicker at the shocked face of the feline male, I flip backwards and force the board to let me drop out of anti-gravity and to the road.

I think the gunner, or the people watching me expected that and thus let a few yells of horror escape when I slammed my foot against the board again when I was not too far from landing. With a small explosion of sparks and sound, I was off like a shooting star down the road and into the monstrosity called a city. The sirens were blazing again as I zipped over about and even under the suddenly slowly moving vehicles that drove on the magnetic road.

A roar of glee made me look about, carelessly turning the board so that I flew backwards. What met my eyes was beyond what words could fathom. The vehicles I had just zipped passed had been shoved aside as a huge mass of humanoid creatures with white eyes and grey skin surged after me. As I watched, I noticed that they seemed to come out of the road itself. 

Feeling the threat push me to drastic measures, I flipped the board about and not only slammed my foot against the blaster button, but also yelled, “Nova red, override magnetic cruiser. Its time for Pegasus!”

The board shivered and suddenly halted, but I was ready for that and jumped from car to car until there were no more cars and I was forced to run. Despite my unnatural unlimited speed and agility, the wave of humanoid creatures was growing larger and coming ever closer.

That was until my board came galloping up beside me. Metal alloy, built into a sort of flexible sheet of glass was shaped into the form of a horse with wings. It galloped several inches above the ground, its razor sharp feathers from its wings slicing a long line in the ground as it brushed against the magnetic road. He was my pride and joy, built as the board’s instinctive brain and evolved into an artificial intelligence; he was my ride out of this road from hell.

With a warrior’s yell that I didn’t know I knew, I leaped unto the bare back of Pegasus Razor and nudged his sensors with my heels urging him upward. With a toss of his gleaming head, he surged upward, his metallic wings powerful against the air as he took us higher.  Tossing my head back, I howled in triumph while Pegasus flew forward and higher, his mighty wings and powerful legs pushing us farther away from the now diminishing wave of monstrosities.

How the hell could I know that the blasted idiot had more tricks up his sleeve than a bloody road of monsters?

Even as I steered Pegasus to turn about, something large and smoky zipped over my head. As I stood as best I could on his back, a cable of smoky substance whipped into my midriff and flung me off my ride’s back with such force that I couldn’t breath.

Pegasus reared in the air as I suddenly was snatched up by smoky claws about my midriff and tossed upward. My shock had no bounds you should know. Nor my sudden fear of flight. Screaming with every ounce of fear in my body, I closed my eyes and waited for my fall to begin.

It never did.


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13 Jul 200645 Simba
Yay! First comment! *does the first comment dance* A really good story! Good weaving of Greek Mythology in the alien world! Maybe we can expect in your future stories a huge mechanical cyclops? Really well done! 12

:-) Maureen C. Frykberg replies: "You never know what might pop up. ;P"
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'Lunge 2':
 • Created by: :-) Maureen C. Frykberg
 • Copyright: ©Maureen C. Frykberg. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Aliens, Anthro, Cruiser, Escape, Feline, Magnetic, Skyroads, Zombie
 • Categories: Extrateresstial, Alien Life Forms, Mythical Creatures & Assorted Monsters, Spaceships, Ships, Bessels, Transportation..., Techno, Cyber, Technological, Urban Fantasy and/or Cyberpunk, A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)
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