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Cheryl Joy White

"Rain of Sorrow" by Cheryl Joy White

SciFi/Fantasy text 1 out of 2 by Cheryl Joy White.      ←Previous - Next→
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I have no I dea why I felt compelled to write this, nor why the ending turned out this way, as I was going to make it that Ashantira gives her life to Jorghen, so that he can live, but it just wouldn't go, so.........enjoy!

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Rain of Sorrow

The rain ran gently down her uplifted muzzle, into her pale green eyes, and fell like shards of crystal off her silken hide, into the grass below. She was waiting, waiting for the friend of her heart to return. He had said that he would be there, he had promised that he would return, and though she had often been told that the word of a human could not be trusted, she could not bring herself to believe that he would not come.

She was a unicorn, with a silver-gray coat and gentle green eyes that grew paler with sorrow---now they were nearing white---and a twisted ivory horn that sprouted from her forehead, which now glowed like a lantern from her perch on a spire of rock that overlooked the Meadow where they had once played.

He had found her when she was but a young foal, had named her Ashantira, and she had called him Jorghen, for the wild tree that grew twisted and gnarled at the edge of the Meadow. His coal-black hair was often wild and matted, like the roots of Jorghen, she would laugh, before running her muzzle over his head and smoothing it out. His eyes were golden brown with tiny flecks of crimson that semed brighter when he was mad, but he had never once lost his temper at her, not even when she had snuck into his room and eaten his blanket, or when she had accidently sprung one of his traps while he was beneath it, and had to get help from a family of beavers to cut the tree down that he was tied up in. Together they had roamed the forests and plains, raided dragon-lairs, and escaped the wild Nagg'rhu; when he had had to go, to find his own way in life, Jorghen had promised to return at that day every year to the Meadow were they had once played.

So now she waited, standing upon the rocky spire in the pouring rain, waiting for him to return......


Running, running, he was running from Something, the Something that had chased him through the forest and had given him the deep gash in his side. He must reach the Meadow, reach it before the lifeblood drained out of him and Ashantira gave up hope, or the Promise would be broken by the time dusk fell and his corpse would be found cold and dead by his beloved friend of his heart........No! I have to keep on running! He tore himself away from the thoughts that sought to rend his soul in agony. He would find her before he died, and maybe she could heal him, and then he would never leave her side again.

As he struggled on in the rain, he clung to the hope of seeing her, that he might be free from the darkness that had shrouded his heart for so long.........


A gentle wind purred across the Meadow, carrying with it the scent of the wild treecat, and the scent of blood. Blood.......the scent was Jorghen's!!! Ashantira leapt from the spire of stone, and flew across the Meadow even as he emerged from the forest, clutching the wound in his side. His face lit up at the sight of her, and she redoubled her pace, running past Jorghen, eager to tear into the beast that had hurt him.

As the treecat bounded from the forest, he stopped short on seeing the angry unicorn rushing at him. She reared up, screeming in defiance and pawing at the air with her sharp cloven hooves. 'Gah! Why can't a poor hungry treecat ever get a chance to have a decent meal once in a blue moon?' He grumbled to himself. The tawny-coloured treecat attempted to spring around the fierce unicorn, but she whirled around and blocked his path with her body while spearing her horn at him. At the last second, he managed to not get skewered by her horn, though she took out a clump of hide from his rump, and he fled back into the forest, wailing 'I want my dinner back.........!!!'

Ashantira stood, watching the beastly thing flee into the shadows of the forest, and brushed her horn on the grass. A small groan from behind her remided of her friend, and she rushed to Jorghen's side. He slowly stood, a grimace of pain flickering across his face. She rushed to his side, burying her velvety muzzle into his shouder, and he slid his arms around her neck. For a moment everything was fine, as the two were reunited, and joy wrapped them in an ecstacy that obliviated the world around them. Ashantira breathed in his scent, smelling sweat and blood and the faint scent of fern that grew in the shadow of Jorghen's widespread leaves................... Blood! The pungent smell tore at her lungs, sucking the air from her throat. She could see his pallid complexion from the corner of her eye and knew that it was too late. She knew deep down inside that she could not heal him, for he had lost too much blood already, but she let the tears flow, and poured her healing energy into him, hoping to somehow make it be alright.

"I've kept my promise, see?" Jorghen's words were barely audible. "I'm back, but now I've got to go, okay? Don't cry, I'll come back soon...." his cold hands slipped gently fron her neck, and then he was gone, Gone, GONE!!!!!!! Darkness enveloped her, Jorghen's last words pounding in her ears, and she knew that he would never return.

Ashantira closed her eyes, trying to hide from the pain that numbed every other sense, and tears flowed from her eyes as she stood screaming to the sky in her agony and sorrow, yet the rain still fell, glistening like her tears, as dusk fell silently over the world.

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'Rain of Sorrow':
 • Created by: :-) Cheryl Joy White
 • Copyright: ©Cheryl Joy White. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Rain....., Sorrow, Tears
 • Categories: Man, Men, Unicorns, Self made up Fantasy/SciFi Animals
 • Submitted: 2012-07-20 03:59:06
 • Views: 122

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