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Lynn Purple Dragoness Lilac Taylor

"Finally at peace p 8" by Lynn Purple Dragoness Lilac Taylor

SciFi/Fantasy text 9 out of 15 by Lynn Purple Dragoness Lilac Taylor.      ←Previous - Next→
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The raid over Towns to the rescue carring the first Xeran.  Now setting up a protection for  the planet Nebon  begins and hopefully normal life cans start again.

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P 8.

...Finally at Peace...

"They are here. He had such a look of relief that she relaxed. He got up and saw her for the first time in hours. Her hair was loose and someone had given her a pretty shirt and very nice skirt. She was wearing loose shoes and her feet were bandaged. He came to her and hugged her.

"I have to go to the town. I wish you to stay here till I come for you."Rajeen said.

"I am not going any where. My feet hurt too much."Kerain said smiling. She waved for someone and three women one being the redheaded pregnant Towan woman, came with some shirts for him to try. None fit they were all too small. His barrel chest was to big and brawny. One came close It wouldn't close. It left a 8" swath up the front of his chest showing. They gave up.

She got the town doctor to put proper bandages on his wounds. She had so wanted his people to she him dressed properly. Instead of bandaged like a mummy with no shirt. She didn't want them to think they didn't appreciate the help he gave. He Merner and Gandon and a hand full of men from this last lot of people that were saved went to town. Rajeen heard the transmissions the battle wasn't over yet but it was going well. He outwardly laughed when in one of the transmissions they found the two men extended above the ground.

He wondered who had came to his transmission. He had identified himself. He hoped to goodness it was not his father. He couldn't take the smug look of I told you so from him not now. He also was not sure just what reaction his father would have at seeing Kerain. When they came to the clearing. Rajeen threw up a shield. More damage was done to the town. They made there way throw town to find it had been captured by The Towan. He let down his hologram and shield and walked to the town square.

Bozan! A shield just went up near the edge of town. It is advancing toward the main square."she said.

"Let me see."Bozan said. He headed out of the shuttle taking his hover chariot. There walking into the middle of town was Rajeen walking with a grin from ear to ear.

"Bozan you came thank the God. It has been a long time. Is the whole planet safe or just this settlement?" Rajeen asked.

Rajeen knew Bozan rarely went anywhere without his Suren. He was still wondering when a second hover chariot carried her to them. Bozan was off his and slapping his naked shoulder.

"We found your bound gifts swinging from the barn roof. I have never seen anyone tied up like that before."Bozan said laughing.

"It wasn't me It was my Kerain. She did it and enjoyed it too."Rajeen said. He thought a little bit and realized it had been a little over 5 hrs those men had been there. Ouch he thought.

"Kerain! Were is she I would like to meet this woman? We have heard rumors about the pod fighting woman. Is it true she took down three? Is she Towan? They thought she was a Xeran.{pointing to Danzor troops}Well no matter I would like to meet her."Bozan said.

Rajeen took out the map of where the Danzorians were and how many. He inquired as to if this was the amount they caught. After examining it Bozan directed his men to look in the places they had missed. He also wanted a tally of the amount so none were missing. It came back that two were missing. After kissing Suren Bozan and Rajeen took off on the hover chariots toward the cave. They had under stood just what might have happened. No one could be that careful when dealing with 250 or more civilians. Not all may have hidden well enough in the trees.

On the way Rajeen told him of her ordeal. And how she defended herself and others. She is almost a Xeran except she doesn't have a shield. On there approach it was as they had feared. The only warning they had was the laser that nearly got Rajeen again.

They went in hologrammed. Rajeen found the tent poll he had used as a staff and walloped the waiting guard. Kerain came running out of the cave. With the leader who had interrogated her. She had kicked him again. When he grabbed her she fell backwards and used his own force to pin him to the ground with her foot. She picked up a rock and Rajeen stopped her the hologram went down and Bozan tied up Mezim Surens attacker. Bozan was laughing.

You just can't pick your fights to well can you Mezim? Mezim was livid he started cussing and yelling. Rajeen couldn't stop her this time. The rock caught him in the back of the head.

"That will teach you to cuss in front of the children."Kerain said. Bozan and Rajeen were laughing uncontrollably now.

"All I can say Rajeen is don't take up cussing." Rajeen just hugged her and smiled.

"Yeah, I can see were that would be a real problem" Rajeen said as he eyed the unconscious body of Mezim.

"Where is everyone? They aren't hurt are they?"Rajeen said running to the cave. He looked in and just the children he had saved. And the very pregnant redheaded Towan woman and her three children.

"We heard the pods and we found another set of caves down the trail about a mile. So we were evacuating them. I couldn't walk still and so they his us in one of the deepest parts of the cave. They should be back any time now."Kerain said.

Rajeen picked her up off the ground and kissed her. both of his arms encircling her with his arms. Bozan laughed when the children came out giggling.

"I see you don't need any chaperones." Bozan said. Bozan sent for hover chariots to come pick up the two missing Danzorians. And they waited for the people to come back. Merner was one of the ones to come back. As well as Mandear Kerain's father. Bozan informed them the planet was secure and that they would escort the Danzor ships out of the system. That Rajeen's ship was damaged by the Danzor warships. But would be up and running in 10 days. Kerain got very quiet. He further informed them that Rajeen had not just disabled the Danzor ships in this system but for a two sector range. He asked,

"What computer terminal did you use. Cause it worked real well. I couldn't get to a computer terminal. I couldn't find one so the first pod which I took out I used. I send the message and loop the computer like Suren had showed us in class. It must mean any ships in direct contact with the main one was hit to. Cool!"Rajeen said

Rajeen and Kerain got on to the hover chariot that he had come on. Bozan got on his and they headed to town. Rajeen worried cause Kerain was way to quiet. He held her tight and she seemed comforted. They got to town and Kerain took them to her home just behind the restaurant which was in good condition. Most of the ones in the center of town were the damaged. It was the court house and town hall that had been obliterated by the Danzor. Suren arrived and Kerain made them some food. Rajeen had only had her fathers cooking hers was just as good. She served a drink that to Rajeen tasted like bitter herbs but was invigorating.

"It is a earth drink called coffee. You know humans?"Kerain said.

"Humans from earth? We haven't met them yet. What are they like?" said Bozan. Kerain smiled and giggled and said.

"You are teasing right? {At the blank stares she elaborated} They look like you. They are identical to you in physical appearance. Fur or Fuzz less, With pink to brown skin. Brown to red or blond hair. And eye color anywhere from blue to brown. I am surprised I at first thought you were human. He knew the tale of The American Indians! So I assumed you knew. Sorry."Kerain said She bowed her head

"I didn't mean to be rude." Rajeen looked and said,

"I was told the tale of the American Indians by a Naugan. I was never told how they looked. I just never thought to ask."

Kerain went to the mantel over the fire place and got a picture of what Rajeen had thought was a Towan woman. This is my stepmother. She is a human she came to us and she is a very special woman. Rajeen and Bozan looked at the picture. This was Mandear's wife, so all those children where Mandear's? Rajeen had even more questions than answers.

Kerain went to a cabinet and got out some star maps. She showed them her original home world, Deeder. She showed the earth home world and some of the other planets she knew. Like Scrapheap and the little known Datadump also known as the robot junkyard. She showed them were Naugan was.

Bozan looked at the map and then pointed to a star. "This is were Towan is and he pointed to another this is were we are. We will be taking Rajeen to the graduation of his friend Varon. In just 15 days time." No one saw Kerain's face.

Bozan turned to Rajeen at that point and told him. The Randsom should be all fixed up by then and Varon has signed up to be with you. He said he can't wait. You made a impression on him. He will come here to go aboard. By then the Nemaon fruit will be harvested."said Bozan.

Kerain got real serious and sat down at the table. She looked like she was scared.

"Bozan? Are you going to leave a military contingent here? We are peaceful. We never even planed for when things like this might happen."Kerain said earnestly. Her face was drawn and worry lines creased her pretty blue fuzzy face. Bozan didn't have time to answer.

"No my dear we would never do that we aren't Danzor. We are protectors."Suren said.

"I never meant ... I didn't mean. I know you wouldn't. I just had to ask.."Kerain said crying now. Rajeen took ahold of her by her shoulders. He hugged her. Suren was at once very consoling.

"I am sorry my dear I never meant to imply anything. I just worded it badly."Suren said.

Suren got up and went to the girl she hugged her. "Rajeen is why I never thought that of your people. I just assumed that for a while till we are sure it wont happen again. Rajeen was selfless, he rescued me My father and on his own 18 children. All because he wanted to not for another reason."Kerain said.

Rajeen took a drink of his coffee and almost choked on it when he heard it had been 18 children. Kerain turned her attention to Rajeen He was trembling visibly now.

"Oh my! I forgot."Kerain ran up a set of stairs adjoining the kitchen. When she came down she had a pile of shirts. Ones she had made for her older brother. They had been to big and colors he wasn't keen on. She smiled sweetly and handed them to him.

"See if they fit."Kerain said.

She pointed to a bath room. She said to Bozan and Suren. "We tried to find one to fit early this morning but his shoulders were too big as well as his chest."Kerain said.

She smiled with a blush to her face. Suren winked at her. Rajeen came out wearing a green one. It was velour and long sleeved with full sleeves with cuffs. She had been sitting with her back to the room. She saw Suren and Bozan's faces so she turned. She let out a audible gasp. It look great on him. The green color set off his red hair. When she heard laughing she blushed.

"Here all this time I thought he was trying to impress you with his muscles."Bozan said.

Rajeen got a wicked grin and said, "I was but I got cold."

It was at this point that Mandear Aurora and the babies came in. Others ambled in to. Kery and her father and Gadon. And surprise Demner Leeota's secret crush. He had ahold of Leeota's hand. the secret was now out and He obviously liked it. Kerain introduced Bozan and then Suren. Mandear began to talk to Bozan, Suren, and Rajeen. Kerain left the room quietly. Aurora took her three children up to bed one at a time and joined the adults down stairs.

Bozan was the first to ask Aurora anything. "So you are human? Why is it you wear Towan clothes even in your wedding picture you are wearing a Towan dress."

"I was a Merchanter, I have translation abilities. I was able to talk to non human species better than my own people at times. So when inter-species relations were being wrecked my non human friends bought me the Towan clothes. They said it would help me hide among the non-humans. I feel natural in them."Aurora said.

Mandear encircled her with his arms. Aurora further said,"I was mistreated by some humans because I had non-human friends. And because I fell in love with this wonderful Deeder man."Aurora said.

Mandear hadn't known he looked at his wife with renewed loving feelings. He hugged her tight and kissed her tenderly.

The rest of the questions for her were about ship life and how she had came to be here.

Rajeen watched her with concern as she took on a worried look. He watched as Mandear made that look go away with a hug and a kiss. Rajeen realized that Kerain was not with them at this point. He asked Kery and she went to look. That night the Aurora's night mares came again. What was triggering them why was she so upset. She figured that it was the horrible 4 days of worry over Kerain and over the whole family.

It was dark now it had been another day. Kerain sat on the back porch and looked at the stars. She had been on this planet since she was 8. Her mother had died back on Deeder. Her father took the whole family off world then. On the way she had met Aurora her friend and new mother. Whom she called Freason.

Freason had made the family seem like one. The family hadn't been doing good till they had met her. Aurora had been like a glue in the two months they had known her. Then she was gone but her influence stayed with them. It remained even though she left. Now here her influence was felt stronger than ever. Nebon was a pleasant place to live. Kerain was quietly reflecting on this and Rajeen when Kery came out.

"Hi there sweetie. How are you doing?"Kerain said.

"I am ok. Why are you out here alone? Rajeen is looking for you."Kery said.

"I just needed to think. I have had 4 long days and just needed to think."said Kerain. Kery put her head on Kerain's shoulder and went to sleep. Kerain picked up the sleeping Child and carried her into the house. Rajeen saw her and smiled. Kerain walked up the stairs and Rajeen followed.

She took Kery to a room. Rajeen opened the door and let her go in. To his surprise the room was full of star maps. The walls were dark blue with fields of stars painted on them.

"Whose room is this?" He said in amazement.

"Mine of course. This is the star constellations I saw on Deeder. Till I was 8. These are the ones I see in the sky's now here on Nebon. See these red here and again here. Those are were we are according to Deeders view of the constellation with Nebon in it, and over here is the constellation in which Deeder shows up in Nebons view."Kerain was saying.

Then she looked at his transfixed face. "Were is Towan from Nebons view I wonder. This is so interesting." he said looking. He then looked at her, smiled and hugged her.

"Thanks for the shirt. It fits great and feels good too."Rajeen said. "You mean the others didn't fit? I thought I had made them all about the same size?"Kerain said.

"They all fit I just thought you wanted me to have one. I didn't know whose they are. You made them? I can have all of them?"Rajeen said hopeful.

"I had made them for my brother who departed from us. They were too big for him though."Kerain said.

"Oh I am sorry when did he die?"Rajeen said.

"He is not dead he just departed to go back to Deeder. I will have to watch how I say things won't I."Kerain smiled.

He took her hand and they went back down stairs. To see Aurora smiling in a knowing way at them. She knew no matter how little time she had left with him she would enjoy it. She couldn't let herself think about his departure in 15 days. She would probably never see him again.

by Lynn Taylor RST
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'Finally at peace p 8':
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