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Lynn Purple Dragoness Lilac Taylor

"The Princesses´s Elf" by Lynn Purple Dragoness Lilac Taylor

SciFi/Fantasy text 14 out of 15 by Lynn Purple Dragoness Lilac Taylor.      ←Previous - Next→
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The Princess Athella who had been made to choose a husband. The choices her father has made have been unexceptable to her. So looking out over the parapets of the chastle she admires a man and her father hears. This was where the Elf Geeohm Valesmen"s trouble begins.

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The Princess's Elf.

Chapter 1. Athellia's opinion.

Athellia's day had started pretty good. It was sunny and she didn't have any suitors her father had chose for her to come this day. She was Athellia crown princess of the kingdom of Torvan. He wouldn't force her to marry of them if she didn't want to so she thought. He had only one request of her. He gave her a scarf with special lace on it's edges. "This my daughter is your favor. You must give it to the man you like and want to marry. It is the one your mother gave me to show her father that I was the one she wanted. This way everyone will know the man you have chosen." Her father had said.

This was why Athellia had it tucked in her sleeve just incase. Her mother had shown her just how to do it so that she could hand it to the man she admired. So far it had been a bust and the lordlings her father had chosen were not to her liking. She had looked at the miniature of the one that was to come in a week.

So when she was walking on the castle wall looking out over the town she was fully aware of her situation. She was looking out longingly cause she used to go out into the surrounding town and meet the peasants. She loved this and the people seemed happy to see her also. This was how she came to like big strong working men. Farm boy types. But now due to her being of age to marry he had her kept to the grounds of the castle. He didn't want her falling for some peasant man.

She had definite ideas of what she liked in men. This was how she saw him. He was tall and stout. He was a whole head over his companions and he had a winning smile. This was enough to get her full attention, but then his cloak hood fell off to reveal some of the neatest pointy ears. Athellia had gasp and looked on admiringly at him.

"Oh wow what a handsome man." Athellia said. She had been taken so by the sheer size of the man and his face and smile she nearly ran the wall looking. She watched him till he had disappeared down a street with his three friends. She had not heard her father come up. Nor did she know the consequences that it would have.

Who is a handsome man?" her father King Agillis asked.

Athellia turned looking at her father. He had said it in a almost jesting tone. So she thought nothing of it. "Oh there father. See that tall fellow there going down that street. He is so big and tall and has the nicest smile." Athellia said smiling brightly.

Then she looked at her father and grinned even bigger. He was a Elf with such nice pointy ears too. And he has Red hair to." Athellia further said.

"Oh my word my girl a Elf? Look you are to marry only a Lord or prince. And you shouldn't look at peasant men at all Elf or not." Her father said.

"I know Father I was just admiring him. He was just so handsome and manly." Athellia said. She headed to her room and thought about the fellow.

Athellia's father King Agillis knew that this was his fault the last prince he had come was a fop and was not very manly. He had a hanky in hand all the time and walked with delicate steps. He was graceful though.

Chapter 2. Geeohm's decision seemed good.

Geeohm had waited to go to the human kingdom of Torvan for a month now. He Lestro, Bearan, and Oddie were wanting to go to the town were the castle was. They had heard from their brothers all talk of the town and its sights. Sights indeed Geeohm had only heard of how human girls had rounded ears and he thought how neat it would be to meet one. They were lonely young men and were very curious. He knew Lestro had plans to meet girls to. They to had heard that the young princess would come out and meet people some times. To meet a human princess would be quite interesting. He had heard she was a cute friendly little child.

There trip had to wait for Geeohm's father to be off on some business. He was today off on the boarder of the other kingdom Calliyan. Some boarder dispute had taken his father away for a undetermined amount of time. They were to have stayed just incase they were needed by his father incase hostilities broke out. So the guys thought A days excursion and they would be back before His father ever knew they left.

Calliyan had been a peaceful kingdom and her people had been friends with the elves trading and doing business. That is till Braknard there king had conquered them. Known to one and all as Braknard the enslaver. He and his men would conquer a kingdom strip it of it's wealth and enslave it's masses and destroy what they couldn't exploit. Some of Calliyan's refugees had made it threw but most had been taken away and sold. It had been 10 years now and ever once in a while Braknard's men tried to come into the Vale. Braknard thought that no one lived in the Vale and so had set his heart on Torvan the peaceful kingdom that bordered the Vale on the other side. But the Elves didn't live above ground and the made the Vale seem haunted. And this was a good thing for Braknard and his men were superstitious.

They had left real early up before dawn so that by first light they would be at the towns edge. They hadn't eaten for they had planned on eating some human delicacies. Plus it saved time. Dawn broke as they walked into town. And they were looking around happily. "What do we do first boys." Geeohm said turning his head to address them. His hood fell off and when no one noticed he left it off.

"Food!" they all intoned.

They went looking at the market stalls and looking at the fresh produce. Then they smelled the cooked goods. They headed in that direction and on the way Lestro flirted with some girls. Once he leaned in and whispered in a girls ear. She had been smiling till then and for that she smacked him hard. The whole crowd laughed and Lestro held his face smiling foolishly.

It was about the time Geeohm was deciding on what he wanted to purchase to eat when the knight in full armor came up to him. "You need to come with me." He said to Geeohm.

"Sir? May I ask why?" Geeohm said looking at the knight puzzled. The knight had obviously meant Geeohm for he had faced him and not his fellows.

"You are to be put under arrest." The knight said looking as if to pull his sword.

"But why I have done nothing!" Geeohm stated further puzzled.

"It is not for me to say it is at the Kings behest." The knight said.

"Hay you can't arrest him. He did nothing." Lestro stated.

"No Lestro I will go this is just some sort of mix up and I will be free in a little bit. Once I find what is going on." Geeohm said

"But Geeohm what will we do?" His friends asked.

"Just wait for me here I won't be long. Have fun!" Geeohm told them. He was trying to make them comfortable till he got back.

Geeohm was just sure once he saw the king everything would be just fine. So he wasn't afraid when they headed into the castle grounds. Nor had he been afraid when he saw all the knights turn to look at him. He didn't get a funny feeling till they past the main castle stairs and headed into a dark area of the castle. When the knight came to a halt he was joined by two others and they took his cloak and sword and shoved him into a small dark room.

It had only one window above a normal mans head and a small amount of light had came for his sell was somewhat below ground and it faced the outer wall of the castle in the back area and the whole area had been shaded. He vaguely remembered seeing the uninviting gray stones with ivy growing up it. The room smelled of moss and musty. It was dank and cold even though it had been a bright lovely day outside. It was only after many hours of waiting the truth of his situation sat in.

When about the noon hour Geeohm's stomach was growling and the tray of food was shoved threw the small opening in the bottom of the door. The bread was stale and the gruel was nasty. He would have eaten anything for it had been many hours since he left home.

He had been reflecting on his situation when no one came to get him to take him before the king. No one spoke to him no one told him anything. He hadn't got into a fight, They hadn't even had words with anyone. Everyone had been friendly and even when Lestro got smacked everyone had laughed at him. But only the girl had taken offense. So why was he here. He figured his friends would come get him and or bring someone to get him from his fathers men.

He looked at the bench that was in the room. It was the only piece of furniture and if he had to stay for a night or so it would be uncomfortable. He would be able to lay down but only from the head to the knees would have support. So from the knees to the feet would have to hang off the bench. He reflected how coming to Torvan had seemed like such a good Idea.

Chapter 3. Athellia hears the truth.

That night Athellia went into supper to find her father talking to knight and his wife. They all got very quiet when she came in the dining room.

"What do I look funny is my dress the wrong color or something?" Athellia asked.

"Oh no my dear. I have heard good news from Lord Farthing. He will be here tomorrow." Her father said happily.

"I thought you said I would have a week before I met him?" Athellia said surprised.

"Oh he wanted to meet you so badly he decided to come early. Now remember to carry your favor with you at all times." her father said.

Athellia had thought nothing of it till the next day. It was after Lord Farthing came. And to be fair Farthing was not a bad looking man. He actually was handsome. She didn't find him to her liking though. For he was her hight and no taller. He to had a haughty affected speech pattern that she hated.

Athellia's mother came up wanting to know if she liked him. Athellia looked at her smiling coolly. "Oh Mother he is a down right snob." Athellia said wrinkling her nose.

"Oh honey give him a chance. His blood is mingled with several country's royal house holds. He is a fine catch." her mother said.

Athellia agreed to give the man a chance so her mother left happily dreaming of grand children. A disturbance caught Athellia's attention in the main square of the castle. Athellia acted as if she were going to her room. But She went to the spot were she hid as a little girl to hear about what was going on.

"Where is Geeohm! What have you done with him." one of the three men said.

"It doesn't concern you men now leave at once." her fathers knight had said.

"But what has he done and why are you keeping him? He did nothing. Let us see him or talk to him." another said.

"All I can say is that he is under arrest at the kings pleasure and we are not privy to such knowledge. Now go or you will join him." the knight said.

"Is there anyone whom we can talk to who would know and help? another asked.

"Only the king and he doesn't want to be seen on this matter. Now be off or join your friend." the knight said.

The three left muttering how they would have to go get Geeohm's father. And as they passed her position she saw who they were. it was the three companions of the tall handsome fellow she had admired. Athellia was determined to see her father about the matter. She planned on seeing him at noon to confront him. But two things happened that changed her mind and set a idea in motion. First was the fact she heard two knights talking.

"Oh yes. He is there cause she said he was handsome." the one said.

"Really? I hope she never admirers me." said the other.

"No worry the King thinks this Lord will be the one she chooses and then we will all be safe." the knight said.

"What will happen to the fellow then?" The knight asked.

"Who knows just be glad it isn't us." the other one said.

Then second Athellia was going to head to the noon meal when she saw Lord Farthing with the maid Minnie. He was flirting and playing around with her kissing on her. Athellia's mind went reeling. A idea came to her and she confronted them In a dark corner of the palace. "Lord Farthing I need to talk to you."Athellia said.

"Oh so your father was right you want to marry me?" Lord Farthing said dryly.

"Oh on the contrary. I find I dislike you in the extreme. I have a plan and If you don't want this to be brought to light you will do as you are told. Or you Lord Farthing will find yourself in a prison sell." Athellia said.

"Your father wouldn't imprison me for flirting with a maid. I am a man after all." Lord Farthing said.

Minnie tried to run but Athellia grabbed her arm. Now Minnie was Athellia's best friend got for her when she was little as her companion. Mimnie wasn't very bright but was a good friend. Athellia knew she had to protect her friend. "No maybe not but imagine what he would do to the man who made his only daughter who never is unhappy cry. I have a proposition for the both of you. You will get to be with the maid and The King will think his match making worked. And when you leave you must take Minnie with you to save her life. I need to be gone and I need for you to take my place Minnie. After the meal I will trade clothes with you and you and he can flirt with one another in full view of the king but far enough away so he doesn't recognize her.

"So as we go in to eat I must flirt with you to make it look good." Lord Farthing stated flatly.

"Yes and I suggest we look kindly at one another. We meet at my room after the meal and i change clothes with Minnie." Athellia said smiling sweetly at him.

Minnie giggled as Lord Farthing did the same goofy smile. And at the meal Athellia let Lord Farthing hold her hand and smile strangely at her. This embarrassed her and made her ill so it added to the affect that everyone thought she was taken with lord Farthing.

Her father was ever so pleased and leaned in whispering to her, "Did you give him your favor yet?"

"No father I forgot it in my room we are heading there right after we eat I will give it to him then." Athellia whispered back.

In truth Athellia had loaded her favor with sweets and fancy breads and other tasty delicacy's from her fathers table. It was full of the tasty goodies and she didn't dare let him know it was meant for the elf in the prison sells below the castle.

After they left from the dinning hall Athellia took Minnie and put her hair up like hers. And she dressed in Minnie's dress. Minnie who had the same color hair could be mistaken for her at a distance. "Now remember when you are where the king can see you to behave more reserved. In dark halls that is up to you. And what ever you do don't get caught." Athellia said.

Athellia knew she wouldn't be noticed for her parents tended to look past servants. If you weren't wearing a fancy dress or a upper maids uniform they didn't see you. So Athellia made her way to the area were the prison sells were. She waited till the guard had done there rounds and looked in each cells window till she found him. Athellia started to cry for he looked tired and lonely and very sad. And she knew it was her fault.

"Sir here this is better than prison fair. I am so sorry. Who and where must I go to get you help? Whom do I tell them is in trouble." Athellia asked.

"I am Geeohm Valesman fair maiden. I appreciate the bundle and all but it is to dangerous to go yourself to get help. My friends will bring my father." he had said.

"Do you know why you are here?" Athellia asked sadly.

"No i don't. Do you?" Geeohm asked.

"Yes it is all my fault and I must make it right. I must get you out of here. Tell me where to go and whom to talk to. Please before the guards come back." Athellia said.

After receiving the instructions she left crying hard for he didn't know his offense and was left in the darkest part of the Castle alone. She made her way to the street and then turning onto the road that she had seen them come in at she fairly ran. From what he had told her she wanted to get there before night fall.

Chapter 4. The girl at the window.

Geeohm had a rough night the stale bread and the nasty gruel from the night before had made him have a stomach ache. And the bench had slept better than he had thought. But disquieting thoughts came to his mind. How come his buddies didn't come for him. How come he was taken he hadn't been the one smacked by the girl. He sat there and breakfast came and it was the same as the night before. He didn't eat the gruel but he did the bread. Again it was stale But it was better than nothing.

He sat back an kept thinking. He wondered if they knew who he was and if they were going to hold him for ransom. Did this mean there was to be war on both sides of his kingdom? All these disturbing thoughts came to his mind as he sat there. It was around noon when she came he had received more tepid water and nasty gruel and the stale bread. He looked at it and was about to eat the nasty stuff again for he was so hungry. That was when she came to the bars and handed him a bundle.

"Sir this is better than prison fair." the soft voiced woman said.

He couldn't see her to good for she was back lit her hair had the brightest red highlights and it was auburn. She had fair skin and long slender fingers on her small dainty hand. So when she asked who to go get he thought she was to dainty and fair a girl to go into the Vale alone to get his father. He thought to that his friends probably already went to get him. But then she had told him that it was her fault that he was here and that she was crying he didn't have the heart to ask how.

So Geeohm gave her the directions. We came in on the road that goes toward the kingdom of Calliyan. Do not leave the main road till you see the elf stone. You will see it above the low growing trees its head will show. It is a big rock that looks like a cloaked Elf with one round ear. Call for my father Castus Valesman tell him Geeohm is in prison. But you must go soon or wait till tomorrow for it will be dusk by the time you get there." Geeohm said.

"Ok you eat up and take care I will return as soon as possible with your father." she said.

Geeohm didn't have time to ask her name for she was gone as quickly as she came. He looked at the bundle that smelled delicious. He took it to the bench and slowly opened it for he noticed it was a fancy scarf with some of the most costly lace. It was all silk even the lace and he was shocked. Who was this girl who came to rescue him. How did she get such a costly scarf. He began eating the tasty repast and relished every morsel. Food fit for his fathers table. Especially the Raisin nut apricot bread. He had seen she was wearing a peasants dress and all of the information he had learned seemed to confuse him. When and if he got out he wanted to meet this girl again.

He wanted to know what she had done to get him arrested. That night he slept good hearing her soft lovely voice in his mind. He had placed her expensive scarf in his shirt for he wanted to keep it safe and clean for her.

Chapter 5. Finding the Elf Rock.

Athellia had thought that first she would look for his friends but then thought better of it. She started running as fast as she could. She had no idea that she had caused three very frightened young elf men to hide by her foot falls. How they had hid in the woods thinking the kings men were after them. But how there determination to get back to tell Geeohm's father had been so distracted when Athellia ran by crying.

Athellia felt so bad that her father had done that to the ever so interesting Geeohm just cause she had said he was so handsome. He was to and she wasn't sorry she felt that way. For even tired and sad looking in prison he was still good looking to her. She wondered if he was as cuddly as he had looked to her. As she walked very fast she watched the road ahead of her. She looked for the Elf stone and didn't turn off not once.

A couple of times when she heard horses she hid in the woods till they passed. She had been afraid it was her fathers men coming to get her. She didn't know that right behind her were three men trying to keep up with her. For Athellia was determined to get there before dark. She had done what she was told and had not left the main road when she finally saw it was getting dusk and she was relived she had came as fast as she had for there was enough light to see the head of it looking out over the road.

So Athellia ran to the stone and began calling. "Castus Valesman! Please Castus Valesman Geeohm is in trouble." Athellia yelled.

Chapter 5. A fathers rebellious son.

Castus had came back in less than one day. The king of Calliyan was gathering troops to attack Torvan and was planning on going threw the Vale to do it. Castus had sent word to all his men to not let this happen. He would not have war on his lands that didn't have to do with his people or his land at all. He had sent for his sons and all came save one.

"Father Geeohm left early this morning and he didn't tell anyone where he was going." his oldest son said.

"Oh really? Wonder what he is up to." Castus said frowning.

"Your highness Lestos my son and two others are missing also left very early yesterday morning." The elf lord said.

"It figures! Those four are always doing something together." Castus said again frowning.

He went to telling his sons and the lords the situation. He had just finished with what he had learned when on of the century's from the Elf Rock area came. "Your Highness there is a female calling you. At The Elf Rock." He said kneeling.

"Why didn't you bring her man? Why did you leave her there in the wanning light?" Castus inquired puzzled.

"Sire I didn't know what to do she is a human female a young one." The century said.

King Castus looked up surprised. "I will go you men surround the stone but remain hidden incase this is some trap." He said authoritatively.

Castus went walking the 15 minute walk. He heard her before he saw her. The girl was sobbing and calling his name. Then she said something that made him walk faster. "Geeohm is in trouble please come." She said.

Castus looked at her appearance and took it all in before he announced himself. She was wearing peasants clothes and was sobbing sadly. She was a pretty auburn haired girl and she had a soft voice. No wonder Geeohm liked her his father thought. "Who is it that calls my name." Castus asked.

"Oh sir! Geeohm is in trouble." she said looking at him. "What is your name girl and just how is my son in trouble." Castus inquired kindly for she was crying again.

"Oh Sir My name is Athellia. Your son is in prison in the castles prison in Torvan. Please we need to get him out."Athellia said.

"What did my son do to be imprisoned in the castle?"Castus said shocked.

At this Geeohm's three friends came running up and bowing. "Your highness I think it is my fault. I was the only one who got in trouble flirting with a girl."said Lestos stated as they all three bowed.

"Lestos I should have known!"king Castus of the Elf Vale stated irked.

"No sirs. No you men. It is nothing you three did and indeed it was nothing Geeohm himself did that got him imprisoned. It was my fault. it was all my fault" Athellia stated.

Castus turned and looked at her. He eyed her for a moment. "Just how is it your fault that Geeohm is in prison. What did you tell the king that made him want to arrest my son?" Castus asked harshly.

"I didn't know it would make him angry or that it would cause such a stir. All I said was he was the handsomest man I had ever seen. I didn't even know the king had heard me say it at first." Athellia said.

Castus looked again puzzled at her. Was this true! "How come the king cared weather you thought my son was handsome or not?" Castus asked.

Because I am crown princess Athellia of Torvan and my father is trying to match make me with some unfortunate Lords all of whom I have rejected." Athellia stated sadly.

Castus looked at her and smiled. Geeohm's buddies began to snicker. Till her looked harshly at them. He sent them off and then motioned for his men to come. He took them to the side. Take half the men go to Torvan. Surround the Castle stay hidden in the woods. Have someone find if the princess is indeed missing from the castle. I think she is but we must make sure. I will head out tomorrow morning on my wyvern. If they find out tonight send some one back to tell me." King Castus said.

He turned to Athellia who looked suddenly tired. He went over ad picked the girl up carrying her to his home. "You must be hungry! I will have them get you some food. And then you need to sleep. It is to dark to march on your fathers kingdom. For if we did it would most certainly be taken for a act of War. I will take you home myself."Castus said.

"But that would be dangerous for you to go alone! Your son is already in prison cause of me." Athellia said.

"Oh don't worry the wood will be full of my men. We will get my son and harm no one. So you thought my son was handsome? To go to prison cause someone says you are handsome. That is a first." Castus said almost laughing.

He saw to it that the girl ate and then sent her to bed. His wife bedded her down in Geeohm's room. And then he waited for word from his men. Castus wondered if it was cause his son was a Elf as to why he was thrown into prison.

His wife came up to him looking at him worried. "Her family will be worried. She is definitely who she says she is. Her hands are as soft as a babies and she is wearing some expensive slippers. Also her dress is a bit big for her. Who ever she changed clothes with was taller and bigger." She told her husband.

It was hours later that three men came and they had news that the princess was indeed missing and there was to be a search for her in the morning. That to Lord Farthing was being held under suspicion of kidnapping her. "Lord Farthing Huh! This could be interesting they have a spy amongst them." Castus said.

Castus to thought that he needed to get the girl home before the hunt was on. He had arranged for a early morning ride on his wyvern to go to get his son.

Chapter 6. The missing daughter.

King Had been so happy when he saw his daughter acting so happy around Lord Farthing. He several time wanted to go up to them and they would disappear down a dark hall and this annoyed him. "I am sure my husband they want to be alone." His wife said smiling.

"You are probably right."He said looking at his wife lovingly.

But when the evening meal was called and Athellia and Lord Farthing didn't come he had a hunt of the Castle. He found lord Farthing sleeping in his room. "Where is my daughter?" King Agillis asked angry.

"I am sure I don't know were she is." Lord Farthing said sleepily.

"You are soon to be husband you should know were she is!" the King said

"Sir it isn't his fault she said she had to be away. We haven't seen her since noon. She asked me to wear her dress. I am sorry." Minnie the maid said.

The king turned on the girl and glared. He eye her suspiciously. "Noon it is almost the ninth hour now! Where did she go?" the king asked.

"I don't know your highness but she didn't say but I think it was cause she didn't like Lord Farthing." Minnie said thinking she was making things better for Lord Farthing.

"She didn't?" The king bellowed.

"No sir she said she disliked him in the extreme. That is why she said I could have him." Minnie said brightly.

King Agillis looked at the air headed girl and the Lord who was looking miffed at the girl. He understood then. "You go to your duties and Put this man under arrest. When we find my daughter we will sort this out." King Agillis said.

He stomped off it was to dark to do much but he had his men do a house to house search for her in the town surrounding the castle. It was almost midnight when a knight came running to the King who was up and worried about his daughter.

"Sire A boy said he saw a maid leave the castle about noon. He noticed her cause she was running and crying. And that she was wearing peasants clothes but had on some fancy slipper." The knight said.

"Where did she go?" king Agillis asked standing up in excitement.

"Sire she was headed on the Road that leads to the Kingdom of Calliyan." the man said sadly.

"Get the men ready we head there at first light. Pray we find her before they do. They are the ones who are disputing our boarder."Agillis said sadly.

He didn't know what to think and if his daughter disliked his choices for her so badly that she ran away he would give anything to have her back safely. "I tell you now men if she comes home safe I will let her marry the poorest dirt farmer to keep her happy."The king said.

Everyone had heard it and the queen smiled sweetly but sadly at him for she to was worried.

Chapter 7. What is a wyvern anyway?

Athellia woke to the elf lady bringing in a fancy dress in and setting in on the dressing table. Athellia sat up and looked puzzled. "My that is a fancy dress. I think the lace is gorgeous." Athellia said.

"Oh I am pleased you like it honey. You are to wear it home to your castle. Any way that dress is not fit for a princess. This one was made for one of my daughters and she didn't like the color. But you with your Auburn hair would look just lovely in it. That is what made Geeohm like you right your hair."She said smiling.

"Oh he has never met me. I only saw him from a distance. And when I went to the cell and gave him the food and my favor. I didn't tell him my name cause it was my fault he was there." Athellia said.

The woman looked at her as she got out some strands of pearls.
"Do tell me how it is your fault My son is in prison. My husband told me but I didn't quite understand." she asked helping Athellia fashion the back of the dress.

So Athellia told her how she had admired him from the parapets of the castle and how she had only seen him from there. And her comment that her father had heard and what she had overheard what the guards say. Athellia teared up and the Elf Queen patted her shoulder. "Now dear don't Cry. You will be going as soon as you eat to the castle. You will get there as dawn breaks. My Castus is getting his wyvern ready as we speak. And his men are there already waiting for you both to show." She said tying the pearls into Athellia's hair.

"Wyvern? What is a wyvern." Athellia asked following her out of the room down the marble hall to the great room were there was a huge table very long in the center. There were tapestries and paintings on the walls It could have been in her fathers castle this room or the on in which she woke. In truth the rooms she had past had all been very lavish.

"It is a type of dragon. They aren't as big as the typical kind but they can fly two or three people at any given time. And they are very friendly."the queen said.

That was it Athellia was scared now for she had only heard of dragons in legends. And this kind of dragon was suppose to be smaller. But it was still a dragon. She didn't eat much for she was afraid she would get sick being so afraid.

So when Castus came in the room dressed in his battle gear The metal and leather plates covering his chest and shoulders. Over it all a cloak made of the heavy cloak not unlike hers had been save his was of forest green. Athellia got up and went to him. She followed him out and down the hall of this magnificent hall. But Athellia didn't remember a castle or hall. But then again she was so tired she must had slept threw it. But when coming out of the last door they had walked up the steps and she found herself in the outdoors. Athellia turned to see a big tree and she was surprised for the door was almost invisible.

"Come now princess we must go now for we have to be there before your fathers men come this way. Besides you little princess are to rescue your prince this day." Castus said touching her head.

"My prince? He doesn't know me. How could he be mine." Athellia said sadly.

"I did hear you payed him a complement. And you gave him your favor right and he took it."Castus said thoughtfully.

"Oh well he didn't know it was a favor it was a bundle. I wrapped food in it for him. Besides who could like me knowing it was my fault he was in prison these three days." Athellia said sadly.

Castus walked her to where his man had a dragon on a lead. Athellia became very frightened. "Don't worry girl he is just excited to see you. He hasn't had a female ride him in a while. He is a big flirt. Castus said. The Dragon was big and had some impressive wings. He had only two legs though and this surprised Athellia.

"He is a dragon? He won't eat me?" Athellia said in a trembling voice.

"He is a Wyvern a type of a dragon. Eat you who ever told you such things. Oh I forgot humans tell such tall tales don't they?" Castus laughed. He took Athellia's hand and sat it on the big nose of the Wyvern. It looked excited an happy and seemed to be smiling.

"Now come on climb on we have to be going now and fast." Castus said. He climbed up and helped Athellia up behind him on the saddle. "Hold on this one love speed. Geeohm taught him. He has a fine collection of them in the stables." Castus said.

At first she was afraid till they topped the trees and it was a swift ride racing the sunrise. Athellia loved the feel of the wind in her hair and she giggled for the Wyvern did a barrel roll or two. "Oh My hold on he is showing off for you." Castus said. The trip that would have taken the better part of the morning running took only 15 min. Athellia couldn't believe how small the castle looked from this hight. She marveled that she could see were they had taken off from and the castle were they were going at the same time. And Castus brought the wyvern down in front of the castle. He dismounted and from the wood came running one of his men.

"Sire they haven't left yet. But since it is now first light I am sure they will be out soon."He said bowing.

"Good let us go Princess Athellia." Castus said. They walked up to the gate which was opening due to the knights telling the king that a dragon had landed.

"King Agillis I have brought you some one who you are missing" Castus said.

King Agillis came up running to his daughter. But when he went to hug her she stepped back. "No father this mans son you have in custody and he needs him back." Athellia said.

"In Custody? I don't have anyone in custody?" King Agillis stated surprised.

"Oh yes you do father I saw him yesterday and I went to get his father. Now release the red headed elf man now. For it is entirely unjust that he is in our prison." Athellia said.

"Oh him we weren't to release him till you married Lord Farthing. What do I have to do with a peasant and a elf. Guard go get the wretch and bring him to his father. I have better to do than to have him as my guest." King Agillis said.

"You were going to marry your daughter off to the enemy camp. She is a fine just girl and she needs good man but not that spy Lord farthing. He is working for Calliyan's interests. I saw him not three days ago in there camp planning to use The Elf Vale to start a boarder dispute with your kingdom. We will not allow this." King Castus said.

"Fat lot a good it will do you Elf's you are to few and not very organized. How could you keep them from your lands We can't spare men to protect the Vale to."Agillis stated flatly.

"To few? Not organized? Not only could we defend Our Vale but we could be good Allies against them if you so wished. I can prove we can protect yours and our land. I would most certainly do so to protect this sweet princess who came to tell me about my son at risk of her own life. Come." King Castus said walking out the gate followed by King Agillis.

Castus stood in full view of the town and Castle an waved his arms in specifics movements. From every wooded area around the town and Castle came Elf's on foot and on wyvern filling the sky. And Landing. King Agillis stumbled backward and looked as far as the eye could see. Then again he did some more movements of his arms and the Elf's disappeared into the woods and only two wyvern riders landed and dismounted and bowed.

King Agillis came forward and looked at Castus who was taller than him by a foot and eyed him. "Just who are you sir that you command such a army?" Agillis said.

Castus dropped the hood of his cloak revealing his long red hair tied back in a braid. Taking it off he slid the didem down to the middle of his forhead. And Athellia noticed the small diadem which he now wore was a symple gold ring with a large Emeald in his for head. He took off his battle armor to reveal the fine silk shirt and pants Even the lace ascot was still in place. He had handed his things to the second who was wearing very much the same battle gear. Save Athellia noticed all of the other men had cotton or linen clothes. Athenllia saw where Geeohm had got his size and looks. He turned and looked at King Agillis and addressed him in a deep knowing voice.

"I am His Highness Castus Valesman of the Elf Vale. Third king of the Valesman line. Now were is my son Prince Geeohm Valesman 12 in line for the thrown and Lord of the wyvern. I would have called this a act of war had you known who he was and who I was."Castus said.

"Guard bring the boy. And I mean now. It was a misfortunate situation." Agillis said.

Chapter 7. The light of day.

Geeohm slept well that night remembering her pretty voice. He wondered just how had she caused him to be imprisoned. He felt she was so saddened by it. It had to have been a accident. But when he was woke by a whining sniveling man being put in the next cell over. "You can't do this to me I am Lord Farthing. My family will protest." He yelled. This made the night go longer and Geeohm worried that the girl might not have made it safe.

Although it was early morning when The guards came and got him. They acted scarred and Geeohm thought the worst. That was till he saw his father. "Dad she made it safely? I am so relived."Geeohm stated.

"Yes she did son. Poor girl she nearly ran the whole way." Castus said.

"Where is my fair maiden. I have to thank her and I have to give her something back." Geeohm pulled the scarf from out of the front of his shirt from over his heart. King Agillis gasp and looked in the direction of where she was standing in the shadow.

"Son where did you get that Ladies Favor." Castus said winking at him.

"Ladies favor! Oh from the sweet girl who said she would come find you. She said it was her fault i was imprisoned and she had to find you to make amends. Where is she I need to see her." Geeohm said looking a new at the scarf.

"Son let me tell you why she is hiding. She says it is her fault you were imprisoned. Actually it is something she said off handed that I heard and i didn't want her to be interested in a peasant and a elf. It is my fault." King Agillis said kindly.

"What could she have said that made you so made at me? For I swear to you your highness that I didn't know her at all." Geeohm asked puzzled.

"She said that you were the handsomest man she ever saw. And she said you had nice ears and a winning smile. I was being protective of her for she is my only daughter Princess Athellia and I didn't want her to marry a peasant." King Agillis said.

Geeohm looked excited and looked around his father and hers motioned where she was hiding. Geeohm tiptoed up while the fathers talked loudly. "Yes my son you are the only man I know who was imprisoned cause you were handsome." King Agillis said.

Geeohm came around the corner and saw her standing there in a Elfin wedding dress and his heart leapt. "So I am so handsome am I. this was why I had to stay in that awful room? This was why I had to endure the nasty food and then last night the fool yelling in the next cell over? Just cause you said I was handsome. Oh princess Athellia it was worth it for you. It was all worth it cause of you." Geeohm said grabbing her up. Athellia who had been afraid he would be mad at her relaxed and looked at him happly as she gave into his hug. He held her close and he found her head on his shoulder sighing.

After he let her down he took her little hand and smiled at her. "Father since she is wearing a Elfin wedding dress do you think you could sue for a marriage between me and her." Geeohm asked.

King Agillis was going to say something till he felt his wife's hand in his and she smiled at him. He saw what she had. Their daughter was smiling up at Geeohm who was holding the favor and smiling at Athellia. When Geeohm put it back in his shirt on the side of his heart King Agillis smiled remembering him being the one being given that favor so many years ago. How he had been so happy to be favored and admired. He looked at his wife and her expression and knew he still was.

Chapter 8. The wedding and the meaning of the Elf stone.

It took a week for the wedding to be prepared for. And Prince Geeohm Lord of the wyvern came every day on his trusty Nollus to take Athellia flying. He would take her to secluded places so he could hold her and talk to her. He was taking no chances she would change her mind on him.

Lord farthing was sent away after he was forced to marry Minnie the maid who was so happy. He was made to go to a place in the kingdom of Torvan and live in a secluded castle. He was basically in a prison for he was Lord over only Minnie and nothing else and he was not allowed to leave the castle or contact anyone.

On the day of the wedding Geeohm's Mother came with her husband to Torvan castle. And this time she had her hair up off her ears. Athellia noticed it first. Geeohm's mother had one round ear and one pointed ear. when Athellia asked Geeohm told her.

My mother is seven generations from the elf of the Elf stone. He was half elf and half human and he was the reason that peace existed between Elf's and Humans. It was the marriage of his father to a peasant girl that sealed a easy coexistence. Now We seal a alliance between the kingdoms themselves. Torvan and Elfvale helping one another. The elf stone is a symbol of peace.

So it was that the peace of the region was sealed. messengers were sent to Calliyan to tell them to not even come onto the Elfvale or it would have dire consequences. For the elf's would fight for Torvan and Torvan would fight for them.

While Athellia feels bad he had been imprisoned She is glad she saw him. She is glad that he wasn't mad at her for the imprisonment ether.

Geeohm Still thinks it was all worth it. For she rescued him and he got a loving princess who risked her life for him going out alone and at that time of the day.

Geeohm and Athellia lived happily ever after. Living an Loving in the Elfvale and riding his Wyvern's around all the time.
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"He had a hanky in hand all the time and walked with delicate steps."

Nah! Not manly at all. 14

A good story. I like the mix in your writing. This story has a great balance of romance and action, it would make a nice script, and it moves a long smoothly.

:-) Lynn Purple Dragoness Lilac Taylor replies: "Thanks so much John I am glad you like it."
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