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Adele L. Hawkes

SciFi & Fantasy Artwork by Adele L. Hawkes


A Room With A View
Black Pegicorn
Castaways of the Flying Dutchman
Castle Guardian
Crystal Bridge
Drew The Half Dragon
Drew The Half Dragon (coloured)
Elf Maiden
Forgotten Castle
Garyx (contains nudity)
Leaving Lothlorien
Silvermoon the Windling
The Fellowship Of The Ring
Trapped Faerie
Trapped Faerie - Revisited

21 Oct 2003:-) Red aka Anthony Connell
It's me, Stridewing ^_- I said I'd comment, and I rarely go back on a promise.

Anywho, great artwork you have here, and I like how you've made your pictures look so good with paint. Being one who avoids paint as much as brocolli, I admire that you can use paint at all, let alone how they create an atmosphere.

Keep up the artwork and... I'll be back when you've done more ^_-

8 Dec 200345 Kinjal <jay_kegger@hot...com>
Wow..Zani recommened you and jeez your art's really cool..Well donne =)
23 Feb 2004:-) Jenny H. Park
I love you wax art...it's amazing...never seen it before and it's truly an amazing way to do art~! keep it up

13 Adele L. Hawkes replies: "Thank you, I only wish that there were more of us encaustic artists in the woods. **sighs** Perhaps encaustic art will make a comeback at some point."
31 Mar 2004:-) Frank Gale 'coyote' Garcia
I don't know what poser or psp are, but trapped faerie is an excellent creation.

11 Adele L. Hawkes replies: "Poser and PSP (Paint Shop Pro) are computer graphics programs. You can do some pretty good stuff with them once you know how to and once you know what to do. Thank you for your comment 2"
16 Apr 200445 Lady_Ravenclaw_
I think your pictures are beautiful, you are a true artist and I am so happy you gave me this link.

Love Always,
17 Apr 2004:-) Zane Ian Aparicio
hydos... nice work... I really like it. your painting skills far surpass mine, which is why you won't find any paintings on any gallery page I'll ever post on, here or elsewhere... I suck at it... anyway, I'm wondering about your name... Elruwen... It's obvious to me, having studied Quenya, that it's Sindarin, even moreso since Tolkien himself prefered Sindarin in names for his characters. And I understand most of the elements of it... el- from elen meaning star... -wen from -wen meaning maiden or daughter of... I cannot however identify the element -ru-... so I am asking you to explain it to me, because it will keep me up at nights until I understand it... and if you're intending it to mean what's in the parentheses, lego- from lango- means of green and -las from lasse means leaf... so Legolas indeed means Greenleaf... but that's masculine... It may be Legolase?... I'm not extremely familiar with Sindarin genderal name endings... I'm also not trying to be a flamer... I'm just wondering

13 Adele L. Hawkes replies: "Yep, its certainly Sindarin thats the tongue I chose to learn because its very close in formation and pronounciation to the gaelic languages (esp Welsh) spoken here in the British Isles. Conerning the name Elruwen you have half of it right El- from the archaic sindarin ╩l meaning Star, Ru- from Rui (Rhui/Rhuiw) meaning hunt/hunting and -Wen the suffix indicating a feminine name. So the name Elruwen means in literal terms Star (of the) Hunt Maiden or as I have told others Maiden of the Star Hunt. I hope that you can get a good night's sleep now. Greenleaf isn't really a proper part of the the name it was added as a surname later on, in the elven form it would be Calenlasse - in keeping with Archaic Sindarin (Noldorin-ized Sindarin)as the character herself is half noldor in heritage. Her entire history can be found on www.councilofelrond.com under the characters section in the Role Play forums. I hope all that made sense."
2 Jul 200745 Anonymous
Nice paintings, I see your in the navy, is that royal or merchant fleet? I'm in the royal as a 2/warfare off. Based in Devonport. Nice to see a Tolkien fan too, many of those at sea!
24 Jul 2008:-) Melissa "Bee" Stephan
Wow, I’ve neevr seen a technique like yours, but I’m very intrigued. I love your gallery, keep up the good work and congrats on the Mod’s Choice, they are deserved.
21 Feb 200945 Kayose Phoenix
I swear I’ve seen your work in a wax art book!!! {but for the life of me, I only rember the book having an orange cover and A4 in size} keep it up

:-) Adele L. Hawkes replies: "Wow that’s cool! I’d love to know which book it was, if you remember please tell me."
26 Apr 2009:-) MT Starkey
Awesome gallery.

:-) Adele L. Hawkes replies: "Thank you 2"
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