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Noora Hiltunen

Noora Hiltunen

Noora I am a pagan who adores dragons, magic, death and everything gloomy. I also like destruction.

20-year-old female from Finland, starting up drawing again. I will update my gallery when I have the chance to.

Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Movies and TV Shows
May, Splice, etc.
Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Books
Pretty much any fantasy/horror/scifi-books will do.
Favorite Music
Agonoize, Aktivehate, SoM etc.

Guestbook for Elvendrake

6 Mar 200945 Abhijit

I was going thru the work you have done, fantastic stuff.

I’m looking for a tatoo design for myself 2 i was thinking of a imp as i guess that describes me best, or else im really fascinated by saphira, but i want a line art of a male dragon...... you think you can help me.

I would love if you could do a line art of a imp for me though.

I’m a 29 yr old adverting professional from India.


20 Apr 2009:-) MT Starkey
3 Jun 2009:-) Tom Draco Noir Taylor
Greetings and Salutations, Nora! I like your Dragons, though the dead mother one makes me sad. I like dragons too, and we have just loads of them here in the sunny Arizona desert. Do you have a lot of dragons in Finland? Most people tell me that the Dragons here are just lizards, but I know better. They are really baby dragons who haven’t grown their wings!

1 Noora Hiltunen replies: "Thank you. 2
I don’t think we have that much dragons here, I’ve seen only 3 and only by flash. Except this one I call Alakazarm, I’ll be putting up a picture of him this week.
And I agree, they’ll get their wings someday soon. When they’ll be big enough. ^^ "
22 Jul 2009:-) Yoni Danziger
Beautiful gallery Nora! You sure got some sad concepts there *reaching for a tissue* 14 I truly enjoyed the visit! 12
24 Jul 2009:-) Mark Boston
helllo to you. Please feel free to eat some porridge, I wont mind.
23 Jan 2010:-) Andrea van Dalen
thank you for tagging my steampunk dragon
8 Aug 2010:-) Emma May Richardson
Hi, I’ve just looked throught your gallery, I love your dragons they’re great. It was just a thought but, I know colouring stuff by hand can take a while to do, (this might just be me 16) and I was thinking that maybe you should get Adobe Photoshop, it really speeds things up. Anyway, just a suggestion.

:-) Noora Hiltunen replies: "Hey, thank you. 2 I know colouring with computer would give a smoother result, but my hand isn’t quite steady enough for that. I tried. Luckily I’m practising that again now. 2"
1 Nov 2012:-) Faith Gerhardt
Your gallery is cool I love your dragons! I also draw dragons and if you have time can you please have a look at them!

:-) Noora Hiltunen replies: "Thank you! I looked over your gallery, and you can really pick the right colours for your drawings. They look great. 2"
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Noora Hiltunen

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