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Meg Rachor

Meg Rachor

Meg is too old to play with fantasy, but boy is it fun.

Well, hello there, lost folks. I'm here, or maybe there. Regardless of the precise coordinates, I'm capable of talking. And writing, to some limited extent. So far, the focus has been Priors, because that is still in my head. The revamped prologue is up, and I am working (slowly!) on more. I will, of course, let my faithful few know when it is up :) 


For now:

Readable things are "Prologue- The Priors" and "Humpty Dumpty"

Thing you shouldn't look at are all the "Assassin's Play" and "Not Quite Realms."

If you read Assassin's Play/Not Quite Realms, be warned you may want to scrub your brain off afterwards. They are fairly old (one is from 2005-ish) and therefore, not the best writing-wise.



Man, it is good to be back!

These people are old favorites, and I still love them to death:

First off is one of the craziest people I know, Alice 'Muffin Girl' Smith. She is a great writer and is really funny to match it. If you've never heard of her and don't stop by after looking at that link, you have no idea what you are missing.
You should also check out Chris A. Jackson because he is an amazing writer (trust me on this, go visit) and deserves all the attention he gets.
Becca Lusher is also a favorite of mine, she is really good at writing AND commenting. If you want to be astounded, stop by and read all of her rather lengthy stories.

Go make fun of Ray ~Phoenix Rising~ Krisman because he makes me laugh...But then again, that might just be because I am stupid. And also...Brian Saul. He's a pretty good guy, the writer of Elryn. Even if he doesn't update much, what he has up is more than worth visiting to read.
There are others I know of, but I won't post them yet. The ones I remember are up, so if you think I'm honest and that I know what I'm talking about, drop by and read their stories. They are truly excellent writers, and you won't be sorry if you visit.

Thanks for stopping by!


Everything under the sun. As my friend Rob once told me, "You're like the human version of Wikipedia. You know a lot, but need citations."
Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Movies and TV Shows
Horror stuff - I love anything horror.
Favorite Music
All of it?
Friends at Elfwood
Friends at Elfwood: Adele Lorienne(Subject of admiration) and Ray Valen(Mentor) .

Guestbook for Elvishlady

4 Jun 2010:-) Ray Valen
Hehe, its this lack of completion that makes me think short stories are the way to go 2

:-) Meg Rachor replies: "Ha, yeah, well, I am incapable of writing "short" stories, I just write incomplete stories."
8 Aug 2010:-) Ray Valen
Hey, how’s it going topside? You asked me some time ago whether I ever write stories based on dreams. Well, I recently had a very interesting dream that I’m going to storify. Hopefully you’ll see it soon 2

:-) Meg Rachor replies: "I actually had a pretty kick-a dream the other night, but I haven’t been writing much...no time 8 Let me know when you get new stuff though, I will jump all over that 2"
26 Oct 2010:-) Ray Valen
Heya, how’s it going?

:-) Meg Rachor replies: "Lol...it’s going. Life is pretty chaotic right now. How’s it on your end?"
31 Oct 2010:-) Ray Valen
Hey I just deleted your last comment off my page... Sorry about that, but I realized that when I try to do research on my project my elfwood page pops up because of what I had written in the reply. And for some reason I couldn’t edit that part out the reply, so I deleted the whole thing.
Wow, I can only imagine people the world over doing research and finding a link to my elfwood page! Ahhhh! Scary. I hope nobody I know saw my elfwood page. I would die if my supervisor saw it!

:-) Meg Rachor replies: "That was rambletastic, and I want you to know that I appreciate (and understand) exactly what you are saying. "
18 Jan 2011:-) Margaret Fisher
Hey Meg, remember me? XD Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I actually finished the book I’ve been working on (I tried to post the first few chapters on elfwood months ago, but the mods have gotten nazi-like in their nit-pickiness....) The whole rough draft of Blood Dawn is posted up on my DA page if you’d like to read and comment ^_^


:-) Meg Rachor replies: "Oh my gosh of course I remember you 2 that’s awesome! I will definitely read it when I have a moment. Sweet! 2"
18 Apr 2011:-) Ray Valen
We want more priors!
5 May 2011:-) Ray Valen
Does editing a draft not need to be moderated? When you recently posted the amended Priors, was it instant?

Edit: I uploaded a prologue that I actually finished some time ago because I just wanted something new up, so at least I could point people to something decent of mine to read. I know it’ll take anywhere from a week to a month to get through, but I can’t help but check every few minutes to see if it’s been moderated yet -_-

7 Meg Rachor replies: "Yes, it was instant.

Also, was the amended one better? Did you look?

6 May 2011:-) Ray Valen
I did, although, I can’t remember what’s new. 9

Btw, did I ever give you my pass-word and ask you to see if you can change my bio?

:-) Meg Rachor replies: "Mhm, we tried that already 2"
17 May 2011:-) Ray Valen
You know, since your UserID is ’nobody", it comes to me with mixed feelings when I hear that "nobody has accepted your friends request"
Haha, btw, I’ve gotten hold of Monica about my profile so hopefully that’ll be fixed some time. I did send a prologue in, one you haven’t read, but it got rejected for swearing. I fixed it up, but I’m unsure if editing has sent it back into the que.. It’s been about 7 days since I edited it, and when I first sent it in it took 5 days to be moderated. So I’m thinking I should take it down and plant it back up again as a new thing.

In other news, I’m busy writing a SciFi short story. I’m guessing it’ll be about 15-20 pages when it’s finished, and right now the first draft is half-way. But I’m writing like half a page each day, so that’s at least something 2
5 Mar 2012:-) Ray Valen
Hmm. 2 stories? Where’d the rest go?

:-) Meg Rachor replies: "I deleted them. "
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Meg Rachor

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