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Emilie Aurora Finn

Emilie Aurora Finn

Emilie is a teacher and writer who has been making up fantasy stories for as long as she can remember - though when she was a kid, they were called pretend games!

Welcome to my library! I am 28, I've been writing stories since I was old enough to hold a pencil, and I've been making up fantasy stories for as long as I can remember. (Although when I was a kid they were called pretend games. *grin*) I am just beginning a new job teaching music and art and directing chapel at a small mission school on the Hopi Reservation in Arizona, so my writing/reading time online is limited. Expect sporadic updates to Mother Kat at least, though, and  I always  respond to comments. 

Friends at Elfwood
Friends at Elfwood: Lindsey M Butler(Old friend) .

Guestbook for Emilief

21 Sep 200745 Ringwarriorkayla 1607
Well I promised you I in my last PM from fanfiction that I was was going to nag you till you updated your Voyager story on Fanfiction.net. Since you disabled your PM's there i'm putting this here. From now on I'm going to start nagging you weekly (If I remember!) so that you update.

Don't say I didn't warn you! But seriously you need to update I checked when you last updated and it's been exactly a year, two months and three weeks since you updated. Please update. I can keep nagging if you don't!

Ringwarriorkayla 1607.

:-) Emilie Aurora Finn replies: "Um...I didn't disable anything on ff.n on purpose, but as you say, I haven't been there in a year, two months, and...well, I guess it's more than that now... I PROMISE to finish the Voyager story, but I cannot promise when. Real Life has swamped me completely. Feel free to nag all you want though, since it's actually kind of inspiring! *grin*"
1 Dec 200745 A Fan
I’m not the above person.

I was checking my favorite stories listing on fanfiction.net, and yours was there.

I followed your profile link here, and I’m asking, on behalf of your fans, you to please update your story. Please. It was in my top three favorite voyager fics, and I would love to see it finished.

I hope you’re well, and that everything’s going good for you.

:-) Emilie Aurora Finn replies: "I will! I promise, I will! But I still can’t say when, only that I haven’t forgotten it, but am REALLY busy with Real Life at the moment. I’ll get to it...someday...if I can remember my ff.n password..."
16 Dec 2007:-) Aimee ' Igorina ' Duncan
Hiya Emilie I dunno if you remember me or not (it's been ages holy scrud) but I dropped in to say 'allo. I seem to have wandered my way back into the Wood again *waves* and I hope to have updates of some sort coming soon

1 Emilie Aurora Finn replies: "  Hey Aimee! I certainly do remember you--and your hillarious contributions to Wyvern's Projects! It HAS been a while, hasn't it? As I said about Real Life *points to comment responses above and below* I am a bit swamped at the moment, but if you let me know when you update, I will TRY VERY HARD to get to your page and read. In the meantime, good to hear from you! *waves back*"
25 Dec 2007:-) Joelle Duran
MERRY CHRISTMAS, Emilie! I hope you have a wonderful day, and 'real life' gives you a chance to breathe sometime!

2 Emilie Aurora Finn replies: "MERRY CHRISTMAS, Joelle! I noticed that you have listed me in your "favorites" and I am honored. Thank you.

As for Real Life...I am trying to finish my bachelor's degree, and going through the discernment process that will hopefully eventually lead to ordination as a priest in the Episcopal Church. Needless to say, this is a huge step in my life, and requires nearly all my time, energy and concentration. I do try to keep breathing, though! *grin* I hope you have a great 2008!"
2 Jan 200945 Lydia Fleming (Anderson)
Hey friend! I just realized I have my elfwood site bookmarked on facebook and figured I better come make sure I’m not too embarrased by the stuff here for my more recent friends and family to see. Ever since, I’ve been poking back around. I miss this place. I noticed you seem to be the only one (that I’ve checked on so far) that even has ’08 comments. Kinda sad, right? Anyway miss you, miss this... and I hope you’re doing well!

:-) Emilie Aurora Finn replies: "I am doing well, and it sounds like you are too! I also miss Elfwood. I haven’t been writing anything new recently, but there are new people reading Mother Kat, which is cool, and which is inspiring me to write! And now that I have GRADUATED from school (!!!) I have the time, too!

Thanks for stopping by!"
26 Apr 2009:-) Désirée Dippenaar
Thank you for the comment on Love your Enemies! The suggestion was just what I needed - I often ’tell’ too much, without quite realising it even though I feel that something isn’t quite right yet. 14

I think you’re right, I should write something - even if just a short story - from the elves’ point of view. One does get to see more of their way of living/ thinking later in the story, but not quite so clearly. I’ll see when I have time. 2

:-) Emilie Aurora Finn replies: "Back when I was around the Woods more, some friends and I invented a challenge where we all had to write a story from the point of view of the villian (mine is The Restoration). It turned out to be a really valuable exercise for all of us! Although...my favorite heroince turned out to be my villian, which was a little unnerving...!!"
13 Oct 2009:-) Désirée Dippenaar
This might seem like a weird question but could I use a chapter or something from "Mother Kat" for a project at uni? Basically I have to analyse *something* (anything from a sermon to a novel to a poem) on how / to what extent it expresses the "exclusive particles" (only Christ, only scripture, only grace, only faith...) for Practical Theology class... I somehow thought of Mother Kat. Do I have your permission? (Don’t have to..)

:-) Emilie Aurora Finn replies: "Go for it! I’d love to see whatever you come up with, too, if possible!"
11 Dec 2009:-) Désirée Dippenaar
Hello! 2
Just wanted to say I held that presentation today for which I used "Mother Kat". People were impressed, and I think it’s not just because of the way I presented it but also because "Mother Kat" really is quite good, and brings up some really good theological issues 12

Anyhow, what I came up with:
- The "exclusive particles" (only Christ, only scripture, only grace, only faith) are the basis and the beginning of action
- Christ is the basis for the way we treat others
- God’s grace is the basis for our faith and also our actions. It sort of goes like "grace -> faith -> action"
- Our faith, if it is true, expresses itself in action. You can’t act without that faith, and faith without actions is not really faith.
- Scripture is sort of the "red line" that supports these ideas (mainly in the chapter 6 sermon)

:-) Emilie Aurora Finn replies: "Wow! Wish I could have heard your presentation! I’m impressed too!"
11 Dec 2009:-) Désirée Dippenaar
(sorry, silly word limits again..)

Don’t know how accurate that is to your original intention, or how much I "read into" it (while preparing I was influenced really heavily by my own Bible reading as well lol). I sort of ended up with a concentric model of sorts, where each "exclusive particle" holds the other, and all hold action in the end. Action depends on faith, faith on grace, grace on Christ. And scripture is sort of the "support" to that. You can’t have works without them, but they don’t come without works either.

Anyway thank you that I could "borrow" your story; I managed to advertise it too and who knows, maybe someone might leave a comment! I do hope I didn’t say anything you didn’t mean to say in "Mother Kat" 14 I enjoyed reading through it in a different way; shows it’s really good actually, if one can read it that deeply and analyse that way 12

:-) Emilie Aurora Finn replies: "You are quite welcome. You’ve paid my story the ultimate compliment by thinking really hard about it, so thank YOU!"
8 Aug 201145 BAW
I just read "Wilderness" over on ff.net. Just when one got to the point where one could ’tell the players without a scorecard’, and just when the story was starting to be interesting--it stopped! That is MOST annoying. Are you going to finish the story, or not? (I NEVER post WIPs, myself--if one never gets finished, it is hardly fair to the readers.)
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Emilie Aurora Finn

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