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Emily Grist

SciFi & Fantasy Fiction and Stories by Emily Grist

Emily is trying to make something of the place.

This is What Happens
Flowery Resurrection
Background Laughter
Black Soot Lover
Licorice Shadow
Pick up the Glass Pieces
Colored with Grays
A Black Flower
Dark Junkie
In Your Soul
I'm Simply Dead
Vision of Depth
End of Imagination
Project KAGJ
Numb Chapter One
She Swallows Tears
I Loved You
Cerulean Story
Lips and Iron Nails
Ribbons of Lace
He Wore a Mask
The Wizard's Library
The Blood and Sensuality of Man
Naked Train Station
Malkabob Trail
How to Become a Princess
The Faery Jar
Soul Sipping
Twisted and Beautiful
Making Wings Come True

11 Aug 2006:-) Frances Monro
Pretty new picture. 2

24 Mar 200745 Ryan Cornell rcornell@nex...com>
Ha ha! I have found you! Now I shall read all of your work...
1 Pick up the Glass Pieces is for you, for when you dumped me the first time.
7 May 2007:-) Frances Monro
Hi again Emily. Um, I'm still around, sort of. Oh, I know, go have a look at my new comic:


I do the ART, not the writing.
28 Jul 2007:-) Sharon Kelly Adams
~does the happy super clog dance~ yes there is such a dance. Well i haven't stopped by in a while so i thought i should. Keep up the wonderful writing.
11 May 2008:-) Scott C. Schubert
Why Emily McDurman. It looks like it’s been about two years since I last swung by and tried to say hello to you. I apologize dear, but I have found myself eaten up by the maelstrom that is college.

But how are you, if I may ask? It looks like Elfwood drifted away from you, much like it did me (fantasy and sci fi writing has fallen from my graces as well, I have to say). I do hope you’re still writing. I read over The Faery Jar again, and it’s just as delicate as I remember it being. It would be a terrible waste of that kind of talent were you not still at it.

So yeah, write me back if you get the chance. It’s been far, far too long.
30 Jun 2009:-) Theo Skye W Wallis
Wow...took me 6 years to remember this place existed. Ive done fought a war or two and grown up...look forward to reading everything all over again and posting some of my own new material.
2 Jul 2009:-) Frances Monro
10 Jul 2009:-) Frances Monro
Please read my new story - Point of Diminishing Returns! Fawn couldn’t understand why anyone would want to kill the people of her little peaceful village.... http://tr.im/rGLs
14 Dec 2009:-) Andrew McCaslin
I am back and noticed that a few people have "thrown in the towel" of sorts. Are you still updating?

:-) Emily Grist replies: "No. I haven’t had the heart to write anything beautiful anymore. And nowadays I prefer the bitter reality over the sweet and sensual magic tales."
18 Feb 2011:-) Nikolai L. Wright
Hey Emily, remember me? Let me know if you’re still around Elfwood, I would love to get to speaking with you again, posted a new work up in my Elfwood page, guess its got to get published, but I wanted to touch base with you again! ^^
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