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Emily Grist

"Background Laughter" by Emily Grist

SciFi/Fantasy text 3 out of 31 by Emily Grist.      ←Previous - Next→
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This is a whole different world unknown to us miserable, unhappy people.

The motto of the people in this story: Bring death to those unhappy.
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Usually in worlds, there are sad people, jubilant people, apathetic people, and sometimes psychotic people who go around wreaking havoc on the lands of Earth. But in this particular time warp, there were no sad, apathetic people; all that were left where the optimists.


Syll stood in the crowded area, looking around to the contented faces that refused to frown, even in the most undesirable situations.

He stood; waiting as his thoughts jumbled, his eyes darting around to every smiling face, when suddenly he didn’t feel happy.

In all his seventeen years of life, he had never remembered a moment when happiness was not brought forth to him, and this depressed him.

The smile from his face faded slowly, the look of optimism escaped his glowing eyes, all replaced with a tedious feeling.

He felt a sudden wave of tiresome come over him. His arms felt like weights connected to his body, and his head seemed too heavy on his neck. His eyes drooped and he felt old suddenly, suddenly so old even at such a young age. He figured he must have been aging right before the very eyes of the people around him, he could just imagine it: his jet black hair turning gray, his healthy skin wrinkling slowly, and his bright sapphire eyes dulling to a gray metal.

The man beside him looked at him. Not in a concerned way, but in a happy way, which only dejected Syll more. Syll gazed back at him pleadingly, tilting his head as if asking for mercy.

The man gasped within the noisy crowd, stepping back and clutching his heart, his face still happy, but a shed of confusion formed over it. Then the man was confused no more, and a raging shock overcame his features, a sly, malevolent smile on his lips.

“Wait…” Syll moaned, his head thrusting back and his feet moving too slowly to get away.

The man removed a pistol from his breast pocket, cocked the gun, and inoculated a single shot into Syll's head, right between the eyes.

Syll stood for a half a moment; the same ghastly look on his face, and then shattered to the ground, the back of his head bloodied, a neat hole in his face.

Within the large crowd the cheering did not falter despite the ringing of the gunshot. The people were laughing, the children playing near the dead body and blood of Syll. No commotion, no radical movements, nothing but joyfulness and praise of others.

The crowd was gathered at a world meeting, and the world in those days to come was not very large at all. In front of them was their president, smiling and waving at them in a jovial pursuit. Behind him the important leaders of the world and behind them a large, dominating public notice that covered almost the entire building it was propped on.

On it read in large, red letters so everyone could read whenever they questioned their happiness, “Bring Death To Those Unhappy.”

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7 May 2004:-) Matt J. Perry
Happy happy story! Yeeees... Im happy... happyhappyhappyhappy!



-Hugs- Sorry to have to do this: -punches, then wiggles away O.o-
11 May 2004:-) Tyrel Taylor
It's ... Well written, but frankly the concept is ... sick. Glad you think so!
8 Jun 200445 Amanda Howard (Legacy)
I know how he feels. Great concept. Happy Happy, Joy Joy.Ren and Stimpy!!!!
18 Aug 2004:-) David Frank Daumit
This is the kind of story I like to write: short, decisive, image-intensive, but without everything being spelled out for the reader. Rather than finding it confusing, I took it for what it is--a vignette. It's about the concept, not the fleshing-out, so of course there are unanswered questions. A couple of word choices you used didn't strike me as being correct, although that's entirely subjective. The first was "wave of tiresome," which I thought would be "wave of tiredness." The next was "shed of confusion," which I don't have any specific ideas for replacing. Anyway, aside from those quibbles, I think this is a great piece. I tend to rush things a bit when I'm excited about posting them, so sorry about my horrid word-choice. I think I've only edited this once, to get out a misspelled word or two... hrm. I suppose I will have to go and edit this. I'm still very happy with it... and yes. A vignette. Perfect word. Thanks.
28 Aug 200445 Jessica Antico
hey there 2
I rather like this little sketch you've thrown out here. Some bits, such as the description of his transition from happiness to sadness, are really very good.
Great concept 1 Thank you, I really appreciate the thought! I'm glad you stopped by to have a read.
26 Dec 200445 Katie
*pokes Tyrel*
Well,the best things in life have sick concepts to them..take nursery rhymes 'ring-around-the-rosey' is about ring worm...And in 'Jack and Jill' I would suppose both Jack and Jill die..Jack cracks open his skull and Jill falls down a rather steep hill and probably would sustain serious injuries or death.Both of them would most likely die because they were there alone and it could be days before someone finds them.There is a particular one that goes a little something like "Rock a bye baby on the tree top.when the wind blows, the cradle will rock and when the bell rings.the cradle will fall and down will come baby cradle and all" I would think this is about some twisted parent who,by some odd reason,climbs up a tree and leaves their child there.Then,at noon, the cool noon breezes knocks over the cradle and the defencless baby falls to it's death at a young age all because of some moronic parent...is it the same twisted person writting all of these rhymes or am I just over-reacting to the sick ways people used to think?

anyway..I love how you discribed how he aged because of his sad thoughts...I wouldn't last more than a minute there...I'm so depressed.Anyway..this is brilliant..you have a talent with writting..never let it go; that would be destroying your future as a wonderful authoress.
Keep up good work..it's gonna take you somewhereIn fact, "Ring around the Rosey" is not about ringworm. It's about the Black Death that occured in the Medieval era. The Black Death wiped out most of the population, and
Ring around the rosey,
Pocket full of posey,
Ashes, ashes,
We all fall down!
Refers to people stuffing some sort of plant into their plants to keep the "bad humor" away, and "ashes, ashes, we all fall down" refers to when they burned the bodies, since SO many people died they didn't have enough time to bury them all before the bodies started to completely rot. There's a bit of history for you.

Thank you for the kind words; I wish I could believe them myself, but my own ego has gone a little... shot today. But you're right about the nurseries. Nearly all of them refer to death, mostly to make death an easier concept to a child.
24 Jan 200545 Katie
yes, I did know that..I was half asleep while I wrote that... actually..I think that "ring around the rosy" the ring and the part about posies is the sign of plague..red circles like chicken pox..I'm probably wrong though..anyhow..nice piece, this is..I think you're right about that. I ono, I'm tired too -Snuggles.-
1 May 200545 ^.^
^.^ you know wut? ^.^ this is soo ^.^ wut the world would be like if i took over! mwahaha! ^.^ eliminate the sadness! ^.^ but then again if you shot sad person then that means ^.^ person's family/friends wuld be sad then you'd hav to shoot them, then their ^.^ friends/family wuld be sad and you'll hav to shoot them as well...er ^.^ the only ppl left would be the happy happy joy joy ppl with the guns ^.^'
and then i'd be Timmy turner's dad...O.O ^.^ ^.^ ^.^ ^.^
oh well! ^.^ Everbody smile cuz smiles make everything better!^.^ (and i'm not a psycho! gr8 story by the way!) ^.^ Your typing slowed me down a little, but I think what you were saying is this: You shoot one depressed person, then you have to shoot all the other depressed people who got depressed because that one person died. Interesting concept, I will certainly think on it.
30 May 2005:-) Kristin Bremmer
Great Story. Great Concept.

How about instead of 'shed of confusion' you have 'shadow of confusion'? It kinda fits.
Keep it up.

P.S. Preow
Love k///-Rubs chin thoughtfully.- I'll look into it. This story has yet to be revised, so thanks for the kind words.
27 May 2006:-) Alexandru Moisi
very nice, reminds me very much of Brave New World.
I think it only lack's a little motivation for the main character. Why did he go sad all of the sudden? Just my opinion, though.
All the bestHe went sad all of a sudden because he realized he was living a lie.And I have yet to read that book...
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'Background Laughter':
 • Created by: :-) Emily Grist
 • Copyright: ©Emily Grist. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Gun, Happy, Laughing, Shoot, Shot, Smiling, Syll
 • Categories: Vampires, Zombies, Undeads, Dark, Gothic
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