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Emily Grist

"Numb Chapter One" by Emily Grist

SciFi/Fantasy text 16 out of 31 by Emily Grist.      ←Previous - Next→
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Uhm. I gave it a new title and decided to write more about this. Bwha.
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My brain feels blocked. I feel numb. What's going on? Am I drunk? Drugged? What's happened?

I can think and I can see straight. I just... my emotions are off the charts, what I was doing before even thinking was stupid. I am numb. Absolutely numb.

I need to think, but I can't. O hellish nature...

He's in a room, and he's bleeding. So what? Where am I? Am I bleeding?

So many questions... I don't like asking all these questions. They can't be answered, I'm all alone. Why am I alone? Wasn't he with me? Oh yeah, he's in that room. He's bleeding.

Am I doing this to entertain people? Are they doing this? Who is 'they'? What am I talking about?

Okay, I'll try this again without asking questions. He's in a room, and he's bleeding. I am not in the room with him, not physically, but spiritually, I am. I am with him. He doesn't know it but I do.

But where am I? God damn it! Where am I?!

Alright, I'm in a room too. I'm numb; I don't know what's going on. I'm checking my arms... no holes. I wasn't drugged through tissue. They could have given me something in my food.

Have they given me food? I don't think so. My stomach is growling. I think he's in the next room, but I'm not sure.

I need to save him, but there's... Where am I?

It's like a big cloud. No, it's a room. A dingy, molding, little concrete room. Typical for "masterminds" to keep their kidnapped victims in rooms like these.

Hmm... What's on the ceiling? I don't care. Where am I?

I bet this is one of Michelle's tricks. She's always playing tricks like this.

Ha, she really went the limits. But it can't be a trick, I'm seeing things. I'm hearing things. I'm feeling things. I can't look up.

There's a window, I think I'll look out at the window.

The sky's blue. That's a good sign. At least it's not raining, and then it would be bad. Rain is bad. Rain is acid.

No it's not! Rain is water, not acid.

Not in this world. Oh no, rain is acid in this world...

Then how does anything survive?

They're immune to it. But people like me, like him, we're not. We're not immune to acid rain.

That's so typical. Ha, acid rain? How cliché is that? There's... There is such a thing.

He's in the next room? How do I know that?

Okay, I'll tap on the wall.

Hello? Are you there?

Funny, I can't talk. Why can't I talk? How come I'm asking all these questions? I think I'll look out again; the sky is a nice shade of blue... It's translucent, sort of. Very diamond-like. Blue with little specs of the rainbow... wait, the clouds. Look at the clouds! Oh!

They look... no, they look the same as in my world. Our world. There's nothing different about them.

But there is.

The clouds... the clouds don't move.

The clouds aren't moving. Is that normal?

Is there wind? I can't feel that. I only feel emotion...

I know they're supposed to move. Sometimes they don't in my world, but in this one... I know they're supposed to move.

The clouds don't move.

I'm dreaming.



She wakes up, looking at the holey ceiling. What? What's happened? No, don't repeat the dream...

It's so fresh in her mind. She looks around, horrified. She's in her room, her bed, her pillows, her pajamas.

"Ugh." She gets up and runs to her bathroom, matching her room. She looks at the mirror. It's oddly clear. She lifts the toilet seat. She vomits.

She's standing in front of the mirror, brushing her teeth. Her toothbrush is white. Her bathroom, bedroom, and pajamas are soft pink. Pink is such a girl color.

It fits her. She's such a girly-girl. She's an honor-roll student, a cheerleader, popular. Nothing is bad for her. Yet she is so ignorant. She knows nothing.

She forgets the dream and climbs back into bed. She gets under her covers and looks out the window, thinking how she shouldn't have eaten chocolate before she went to bed. This upsets her and she gets up and goes back into her bathroom. She looks at the mirror. Why is it so clear? Mom probably washed it when I went to bed. But that would be odd.

She washes her face and forgets it all again. She stretches a little before she gets back into bed. She can't be stressed or she'll break out, then she'll get depressed and gain weight. No one wants that, especially the lead cheerleader. She has a rep.

No matter how much or how many of the teachers say popularity doesn't matter, they're wrong. It does.


Okay, I'm dreaming again. Why am I dreaming this? I don't want to dream this! Let me out!

Who's keeping me here? Why? I don't understand it. I just want to sleep peacefully. I just want to go to school, be with my boyfriend, I just want...

Okay, I won't talk about my other life. Wait, this really isn't my dream. I know this isn't. I don't dream things like this, and now is a bad time to start dreaming like this.

I know they gave me the wrong dream. I'm not really in this room. I'm not thinking these things, someone else is.

Hmm... What do my fingers look like?

See? Those aren't my fingers. I have a ring on my left hand. I'm engaged. My nails don't look like this. These nails are horrible. Mine are manicured.

Why is it so hard to sleep? It's hard to stay up too... Seems like I'm stuck.

Listen, whoever's out there, you got me in the wrong place; you got the wrong person!

I'm popular, I'm smart, and I’m a cheerleader!

You don't need me. I'm not even good enough to be taken away from my family.

Wait, was I ever taken from my family? No, I wasn't. What am I saying? Man, I just want to go home.

Why am I here? Where am I? Let me out!

The clouds don't move. I see that.

I know this isn't my world. So let me go, I learned my lesson.

Oh... he's in there isn't he? He's next door, right by me. Even from here I can hear him gasping for air. It's getting so hard... so tough to... to stay awake...

Why... why is he there? How come no one is saving him? Shouldn't someone save him?

Why is he bleeding? Did he hurt himself? I can hear him gasping. Oh God, I can hear him gasping! Make him stop; he's going to kill me! Please!


She wakes up again. She goes back to sleep again. She dreams no more.


←- Project KAGJ | She Swallows Tears -→

18 Feb 200445 D Joelle Duran
*grins--yet another first comment dance!*

This is incredible. The narrative voice you use here, the confusion, the description--all outstanding. The ending was quite chilling. Another great piece. =)And yet... 'tis so hard to get what I really wish to say down.
26 Feb 2004:-) Dtauri
Ah yes, the wonderful Mz Duran is right - this is incredible! I love the disorientation and the confusion of the dream, then the little break as she wakes up - very well written that piece - then back into the dream with a nasty reveal. Sent chills up my spine, that bit about it being the wrong dream (see? I was so caught up that I forgot it was the title until I saw that part 1 This concept has a lot of potential imho - I very much liked it! If you haven't already, I strongly recommend you read Franz Kafka's "Metamorphosis" (available free on the web in many places) - judging by some of your writing you may like some of his work 1 I'll definitely look into that, mein hamburger. I so appreciate this comment! Eee you're the best commenter -huggles you and the comment- I sort of write it when I was super depressed. I like it that you enjoy my writing style!
25 Mar 200445 Felicor 'Rekesah' Bongolan
What i'm wondering is.. If the dream wasn't her's... Was it the guy's??Well, I was planning on extending this/making a second chapter to say it's supposed to belong to another girl... -sweatdrop-
4 Apr 2004:-) Scott C. Schubert
Yet another amazing piece. The confusion and sense of being lost were very well created. It's hard to put dreams into words, but I think you did a pretty nice job of it.

The thing I especially liked was the ending. It was so simple, but I still loved it. What it said to me was even something horrifying and disturbing doesn't stop people from continuing on with their lives. Dunno if that's what I was supposed to get, but it's what I did.Whatever you got out of this is whatever I intended. I just wanted the reader to enjoy it, and get my fumes out. Glad you loved it =) Thanks for commenting so much... ;_;
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'Numb Chapter One':
 • Created by: :-) Emily Grist
 • Copyright: ©Emily Grist. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Bad, Dream, Girl, Sleep
 • Categories: Romance, Emotion, Love, Urban Fantasy and/or Cyberpunk, Vampires, Zombies, Undeads, Dark, Gothic, Celtic
 • Views: 612

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