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Emily Grist

"Vision of Depth" by Emily Grist

SciFi/Fantasy text 13 out of 31 by Emily Grist.      ←Previous - Next→
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This was one of my first pieces, and I'm still very proud of it. This is a riddle, by the way. It's already been guessed, but you can try and figure it out... it actually varies in answers.
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Blue silver, yellow ring, ups and downs, seeing people... but they're dead, hearing voices… but they scream… stop and think, the ground is sinking, life is slipping, I watch everything, always paranoid, not just one sense, but seven, eight, nine ways to kill you.

Blue eyes, silver gloss, yellow ring, around the pupil, falling fast, screaming lungs, makes no sound, popping eyes, running down, crawling up, talking trees, bellowing babies, losing sight, gaining light, coming back, showing teeth, bloody fingernails, cold feet, shivered back, scaring you.

Blue, silver, yellow, black, red, darkness, light, gone, away, church, building, falling, losing, shouting, shrieking, hitting you.

Blue eyes, silver specs, yellow ring around my pupil, letting me see, seeing the dead live, hearing the voices scream, far, far away I am. Falling… falling… guts splattered across the cement, the dull gray cement; I live on, I shall not die: I’m not finished with you. I’m waiting… waiting in the dark, as the bellowing baby goes on. I will hurt you for this.

One knife, pair of fangs, ten fingernails, one rope, five ties, one trunk, one chain, one gun, eleven bullets, one bottle of pills, nine ways of killing you.

One wooden stake, one wooden cross, one dawn, I’m outside, I feel no burn, I am not what you think… killing you slowly, the pain not torture, there’s only one way to kill me.

Slipping feet, across the alloy, falling… falling… falling… loosing my mortality. I’m mordacious, I will… I can’t… I love… why? Far, far away, loss, concealing, I hate… what?

Depth of vision within my blue silver eyes, falling fast, crumbling past, falling far, slaughtered for my monstrous actions, I live on, violence and fangs, blood or candy, which tastes better? I shall perish in thought, no, in killing. Born not only of depth but also of assassination; homicide; murder.

Nine ways to kill you, and only one way to kill me. I see you try and find it; I am not what you think. Could you… will you… can you… guess what kind of mordancy I am?



←- I'm Simply Dead | End of Imagination -→

9 Nov 200345 Saara 'Fairy' Aitakangas
Waaahh! Psychedelic! *a moment's silence while the commenter is trying to collect the pieces of her mind* Whoah. This sure puts your head upsidedown... Whah. Great... o.O-Laughs evilly-
10 Nov 200345 Alex McAlvay
Man, this one is one of my favorites. I think you should be a beatnik. Spoon in the rain *hits bongo drums* bunka bum bumma. Bunka bunka... bum bum bumma bunka! ARREEEBAAA!!
13 Nov 2003:-) Sharon Kelly Adams
Hmm.. Intresting very intresting. I like it.Care to explain why you like it?
16 Nov 2003:-) Amber Silver
Woah... this is totally awesome! The imagery is strong, yet confusing, and I think that that is what you were going for. I dont quite get the story, I think this is supposed to be a riddle though (either that, or I need more caffeine), so I think its okay that I dont understand 'what kind of morcandy' the narrarator is. I would sure like to know, though *hint hint*. By the way, should the line 'but their dead', read 'but they're dead'? Are you sayinmg 'they are dead', or are you saying their dead, as in someone's posession? It was a little confusing, and I probably didnt help with my ever so clever grammar critique... o.O;... pretty story! *runs away*No, thank you VERY much for pointing that out ^_^ This is the fourth time I'm saying this but... go with it ^_~ I've just recently cleaned all my stories up, and yet, I CAN'T UPDATE!! GRR!!
Thank you though -- yes, it's meant to be a riddle ^^ In my terms it's evil...
27 Nov 200345 David Joseph Bloch
OOH! ooh! I have another answer now too, I think it could also be dispar(sp?)! Dispar? -Gets out dictionary- Hmm... Do you mean disparage? But that's means to marry below one's class O_o... so you must be meaning degrade? Urk... I ono...
26 Jan 200445 Artemis Arisen
Dispar...despair?Yeah, that's it!*punches arms into the air*I don't like it because it's so morbid, but I love riddles....ah, I'm torn!-Laughs- O such bittersweet irony of life, what art thou to do?
19 Feb 2004:-) Dtauri
Yes, strong imagery, deep twisted thoughts - unfortunately I was too stupid to work out what it was. So I checked the previous comments 1 Naaaasty - evil even! ;-)Bwhahaha!
11 May 2004:-) Tyrel Taylor
The definition of evil ...By me ^_^: Evil is based on perspective. For example, we think of the acts of Hitler as evil, yet, had he not thought they were the right thing to do, would ha have done them? I doubt it. Evil is an attitude or behavior contradictory to what is assumed by the general population as good.Nice, messire.
25 May 2004:-) Simon Allan Furlong
This is coowellll. I was wondering: Did this start out as a riddle(when you first sat down to write it) or did it originate as a bunch of ideas and then come out that way? It was very dark, anyway, but I liked it.-Tries to remember- Well... I do believe I intended it to be a riddle, I just didn't know what the answer was going to be. Turns out, there was no real solid answer...
21 Sep 2004:-) John Teall
Not need to kill when we live by will
that space inbetween that goes unseen
ships in the night no pause to fight
a second home in the bardo
modest shack
come in for tea
always letting straingeness be

but for those who wished us harm in the only life THEY know
no rest from the dropping plates, the closet door that shakes
the chilley spot in the corner of the room

and sooner or later they have to sleep

.../\...I bet if I tried, I could find the hidden meaning in that.
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'Vision of Depth':
 • Created by: :-) Emily Grist
 • Copyright: ©Emily Grist. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Dead, Death, Depth, Killing, Vision, You
 • Categories: Angels, Religious, Spiritual, Holy, Vampires, Zombies, Undeads, Dark, Gothic, Celtic
 • Views: 567

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