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Evren W.

SciFi & Fantasy Artwork by Evren W.

Evren will rule the country no! the world! no the UNIVERSE with her cataclysmic powers!!!

A Vampires Reach for Life
Calypso (Somewhat colored???)
Crystal of Thoughts
Dagger Wish
From the Razor to the Rosary - Angel Assasination
Happy Little Angel... awww!
If you open your eyes, you will see through the darkness.
Never Alone
Our Generations Faery
Silk Scars
The Star Chooser
Will You Accept Me?... Please!

31 Oct 200645 Katie and GG 3x6
Nivity= CANDY!^^!!!!!! * sits eating on floor*
me= ha ha ha ha.... Nivity stop eating it all, you will be sick... and where is it all goin? I mean you dont actually have a stomach...
Nivity= I know, but i love the the candy...
GG 3x6= shut up Niv.... anyway... every one is fineshed spray painting, Julia drew a picture of all of us as fantasy things, well not me... but oh well... and now its about 7:15 and we are leaving to go get some candy... yum... and we wont be back till about 10:00... and we will write to you and tell you how many sweets we got... ^^!... Its gona be alot coz we are walking about a mile to all the hoases... and then back again... good exercise...SO C YA!^^
me= C YA!^^!

22 Evren W. replies: "Hehe... well I hope you have/had fun. I went around a little bit myself and got some treats... not too much though since I don't like candy that much. I hope you guys got alot of candy, you should have since I bet you all look awsome in your errr... painted costumes heh. Catch Ya Later! =) "
2 Nov 200645 Katie and GG 3x6
me= dam... the paint is really anoying!!! it stains every thing!!!! OMG!!! stupid tesco paint! Curse you TESCO!!!! CURSE YOU!!!!! ha ha ha! ok... yes we did have fun thanks! now halloweens over and its back to simply buring things... ha ha ha... by the way... i have been looking for films that make you cry... I made a bet with GG I could find a film that would make him cry but i cant! its very anoying...
GG 3x6= you cant make me cry... your useless! ha ha ha...
me= shut up... so any help would be very helpfull!!!!^^! C YA!

56 Evren W. replies: "  HEHEHE curse the paint!!! Yea now that holloween is over I am back to normal. *sigh* *stabs random person with pencil* Oh well... too-del--ooo!!! =)"
9 Nov 2006:-)
me= im sorry I havent writen.. me bad... very bad... me been busy... but as youshould of noticed... YAY!^^
GG 3x6= NOOO!

13 Evren W. replies: "Hmmm no prob at all... busy busy... I've been busy myself... YAY! =) Bye Byes! =)"
11 Nov 2006:-)
me: no saw? arrrr... poor you... 10... doesnt matter... I will just dance in a circle in stead...^^

1 Evren W. replies: "*dances in circle* woooo!"
21 Nov 2006:-) Emily D. Hill
GAHH!!!!!!!!! OF CORSE I LOVE MCR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA i love you too!!!!!!!!!!! okie dokie, ill do one of gerard, i love him too, but frank iero, hes my love slave... I MEAN... heh... yeahhhh lol <3!

14 Evren W. replies: "Awww thats cool, I'm not sure I would want Gerard as my loove slave... but if I could mount him on my wall to look at and admire everyday... I would be oh so happy... wow... that sounds sick! LOL. MCR FOREVER!!! <3 <3 <3 º¿º "
28 Nov 2006:-) Marcus W. Ager
hey remember me? ^^. I gots some art updates, yay! Still no progress on my story though...gah, I gotta sit down and force myself to finish it one of these days >.<

13 Evren W. replies: "Hey you... of course I remember you... you gotta let me read your story when your finished... I bet it kick butt! ... don't rush it though... rushing and forcing shows in writing... imo... I shall check out yo gall... toodles! =)"
23 Feb 2007:-) Mateusz 'Impostor' Poblocki
I've been watching you for some time now.
Your progress is more than visible. Especially the latest works. They are great!
I see that you practice a lot. Keep it up!

:-) Evren W. replies: "Rawr!... thanks so much... er now i must go draw er paint er SOMETHING!... but not until I look at your piccys! TOODLES! GRR!"
30 Jul 200745 Beth
I LOVE GERARD!!!!! sorry again, i forgot to say it last time..........ill shut up now....

:-) Evren W. replies: "Yes yes, Gerard is pretty spiffy! =)"
30 Jul 200745 Beth
WOOOO GO MCR!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO WOO HOO WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry....i kinda had a moment there....anyway your a really good artist....*whispers* mcr rule!!!!

:-) Evren W. replies: "YAY for MCR... thanks for the comment!"
23 May 201145 Benjamin Calderon
Maria, we want to see your pictures in Face book. Your father told us about it. Please tell us what to do.
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