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Samantha L. Papworth

"Guardian Of The Moutian (Chapter 1)" by Samantha L. Papworth

SciFi/Fantasy text 4 out of 8 by Samantha L. Papworth.      ←Previous - Next→
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Wow after 3 years (I first started this story in 2003) of this sitting in my computer unfinished I finally got around to finishing the first chapter, due to me having no tv to watch for 2 weeks. I even thought up the whole plot and everything! So expect Chapter 2 next time I upload more stories.
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Rohze sat among the emerald green grass, her long strawberry blonde hair blowing around her pointed ears in the wind. Taking a deep breath she sighed contently, her homeland was the most beautiful place ever seen, in Rohze’s view. She loved the fresh smell of the morning dew, the tickle of the small butter yellow flowers as she walked through the meadows on a summers afternoon and the soft feel of the grass between her toes as she lay out flat and soaked up the warmth of the sun. The vast land opened out before her, almost begging her to wander out through the meadows.

Peace had befallen Baclon, the largest town in all of Kentmere, for many summers now, and in fact not since The Battle Of Liliah had evil roamed the meadows and streets. The fight was so many summers ago, out of all the people alive that day living in Baclon none were old enough to remember to blood shed that day.

Still even though evil had not entered Baclon for such a long time, Rohze still had a guard protecting her if she ever got into trouble. The guard was in fact was the unicorn standing next to her Indigo, a very stubborn yet intelligent, middle aged unicorn. But to the surprise of the inhabitants of Baclon the long stretched peace had been silently shattered.

Though far in the distance there called an innocent voice for help and the scream of agony soon joined in, creating a chorus of frightening sound.
For an evil presence was rising and Indigo could sense it, his ears pricked up for any sound of danger and his nostrils flared, as he smelt the stench of evil. This stench was too faded for faerie like creatures, like Rohze to notice, but the unicorns could smell it with quite ease. Snorting he caught Rohze’s attention.

"What is wrong Indigo?" Rohze asked him as she stopped daydreaming and looked up at him fearfully.

"We need to leave now!" He declared to her. When Indigo shouted it meant business.

Rohze stood up and leaped onto his broad back quickly and Indigo lunged into a gallop, his hooves striking hard on the ground, his mane flying. They sped down the hill, Rohze perched upon his back, clutching his mane tight in her hands. When they reached the bottom she leaned forward in her seat, enabling Indigo to move faster.

As they travelled across the fields, dark clouds replaced the clear forget-me-not blue sky and heavy rain began to descend. Rohze swolled hard, "Indigo?" she paused and took a deep breath, "The reason we are running, is someone following us?"

"Yes and we must find somewhere to hide," he replied as they jumped over a fallen tree and landed in an overflowing puddle of deep murky water.

"But what or who is following us? Why do we have to hide?"

"Many things can happen and most can not be explained but in this case it is uncertain," he paused, ”Hiding will ensure your safety my Princess. We will reach Arillan soon, there we can hide in a small house or stable."

"What would happen if they find us?" Rohze spoke quickly, trying to take this news all in.

"For you my Princess are one of the few who have the true magic left and if they do find you they will wield your power into evil and then they can obtain everything and everyone. I must hide for I am one of those few too. We must keep hiding, as we find the others but it will be difficult and dangerous, for if we find that one has been taken by the evil... Well let us hope that that does not happen," Indigo said as he stretched his muscle packed body out more, gaining ground rapidly.

His mane soaking wet, it plastered to Rohze's face and hands. Rohze pulled her lightweight cloak hood over her head as it began to rain heavier. Indigo's hooves squelched in the thick mud, his coat slowly turning from a navy blue to a muddy brown. But slowly the thought came to Rohze, who were the other magical people or even creatures they were to find. How dangerous was this going to be and what of her parents.
“Indigo, where are my parents and aren’t they magical?” Rohze questioned still rather confused on the matter.

Sighing Indigo said, ”I will tell you when we reach Arillan.” Though Rohze couldn’t tell weather his sigh was an annoyed, weary or a sad one, and because of this she was uncomfortable and worried at the same time, all throughout the long journey.

They arrived at Arillan late in the evening, with all of the village either tucked away in bed or down at the local tavern.

“You should go and mingle in at the tavern,” Indigo said casually, “There if you are nice enough, they might offer to let us stay in their stable the night. Even if they are generous too, they will allow you to sleep up in the house. I would rather have it that way, then I would know you would be in the best of care that I can offer you at the moment, my princess.”

Rohze wasn’t rude, but she rather disliked meeting new people. She didn’t like the feeling she got inside when she had to explain her self, and be careful how she acted around them. It was uncomfortable and she preferred the company of those she knew, far more. Though she didn’t complain, for she knew that was the only way she and Indigo would be able to sleep that night in safety.

Taking a deep breath, Rohze pushed open the heavy wooden door, and was over whelmed by the stench of beer, sweat and over cooked meat. She blinked quickly as her eyes started to water from the strength of the smell. Finding the only unoccupied seat in the place, she sat her self down and ordered a large beer. Though she had no intention of drinking it.

“Do you have any spare rooms up in your inn?” Rohze asked the barman, as politely as she could.

Grumbling the man took out a piece of parchment and scanned the writing then shook his head, “No rooms tonight. Shame for a pretty girl such as you self,” he said as he observed her face under her hood. Then he turned away and went back to serving people.

Rohze sighed, then she understood that getting a room wouldn’t be as easy as she had once thought.

Looking around at all the unfamiliar faces, Rohze realised how alone she was for the first time after walking in. Indigo had stayed out the front, for a unicorn had no way of squeezing into the already overcrowded tavern, and he didn’t remember any unicorns being treated as equally here as they were back in Baclon.

While back in one of her daydreams Rohze didn’t even notice the man walk up to her and start talking, until he gave a somewhat rude jab with his pointy finger in her shoulder.

“If you haven’t noticed me telling you before you are in my seat,” he mumbled gruffly to her. Rather surprised at the fact she didn’t realise she might have taken someone else’s seat, she jumped up quickly. Though equally surprised that someone had talked to her like that, she had always been respected back at home. But she then remembered that this was not home and the man in front of her had no idea she was a princess, for what princess would wander around a tavern anyway.

“I am deeply sorry,” she said automatically with a slight curtsey like her lady in waiting back at home often did. Barley noticing the movement, the old man sat on the seat, and smiled a sweet thankyou.

“I am sorry too,” he began, “For I was rather rude to you, but I don’t like it when people ignore me.”

“Oh I wasn’t ignoring you,” Rohze said too quickly for her liking, “I was just off dreaming, I didn’t mean to offend you in any way.”

The man smiled again, making her feel nervous. At this she looked down at the wooden floor and noticed the mans feet were dangling helplessly about an inch above the ground. On the seat he came to Rohze’s hight, but when standing next to her he must have been well more then a head shorter.

Pulling her soaked hood back to reveal her face, Rohze began to wrap her wet stringy hair around her fingers at the silence. Rather shocked at her sudden reveal of identity the man sat there shaking his head slightly, his mug of beer half way to his mouth. But then seemed to decide against that and began to introduce him self.

“I guess you would like to know my name?” he asked her not pausing to receive an answer, “Well its Wye, short for Wiatt, but don’t ever call me that unless you want to hear a mouthful.” He finished off with taking a large swig of his beer. Which reminded Rohze that she had ordered one herself and it hadn’t come yet.

Later her drink came, and the old man was still talking to her, but the subject had changed from before. Now he was talking about how it was like to grow up in a peasant family on a small farm. Rohze listened but never added in how her life growing up was the complete opposite. She never mentioned she was a princess and she never mentioned that she had a unicorn for a guard, or that he was waiting outside in the rain for her.

But as she stood there still due to the all the seats being taken, her legs beginning to loose feeling and ever so slightly she began to sway. She didn’t want to interrupt Wye to tell him this, and he didn’t seem to notice. But she was grateful when the man sitting next to Wye, became so drunk that he fell of the seat backwards, unconscious. Three men waiting near the door leading outside, walked up to the man and carried him up the stairs to the inn overtop the tavern.

For this left to seat free for Rohze to use. Sitting down gratefully, with still a full mug of beer in her hand she continued to listen. Finally Wye stopped talking and looked at her with his big blue eyes full of concern.
“You don’t have anywhere to stay tonight do you?” he asked her while he eyed her mug of beer.

Noticing this Rohze said, “No I don’t. Though I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind letting me stay in your stable tonight.”

“Alright then,” he said, “I will let you stay in my house, for the stable gets cold at night. But for a small price.”

“I am sorry sir but I have no money,” Rohze said as she remembered that she had not thought to carry her small leather pouch full with coins, when she left the castle that morning. The only money she brought she had used on the mug of beer, which she now regretted buying.

“Well in that case, that beer in your hand will do fine,” Wye said as he nodded towards her hand.

Noticing the empty mug in his grubby right hand, she handed hers over, quite glad to get rid of the foul smelling liquid.

←- Dangerous Honour | Poem Of A Storm -→

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'Guardian Of The Moutian (Chapter 1)':
 • Created by: :-) Samantha L. Papworth
 • Copyright: ©Samantha L. Papworth. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Storm, Tavern, Unicorn
 • Categories: Faery, Fay, Faeries, Magic and Sorcery, Spells, etc., Mythical Creatures & Assorted Monsters, Royalty, Kings, Princes, Princesses, etc
 • Views: 326

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