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Stephanie a. j. king

Stephanie a. j. king

Stephanie is surprised she doesnt have cat ears and a fluffy black tail.

welcome to a glimps into the world in my head!  look around, please feel free to coment.  will be trying to get more verity to my gallery but for now you will just have to make do with my many backgroundless nekojin. all are welcome to email me with any questions.... or maybe even requests (:D).   and maybe you could visit my buddy-  Emma .C. (''Bloodhawk'') Shave though you have to watch out for her turnip warriors and the satanic cows ^_~

Collaborations are welcome. 

 And now i have some art that isnt really SF&F or fan art, or writen works.... or drawn for that matter,  So i have started a deviantART account (which i swore i'd never do but w/e) http://kitsunes-frozenflame.deviantart.com/ .   mostly photography (all artistic and NO people) on there right now, but i will be putting all my character profiles on this site because there will be 160 all told.  i also have a Y-gallery account, no smut(yet ^_~) http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/user/frozenfirekitsune/

Guestbook for Firewolfyuki

27 Jan 2006:-) Bloodhawk
Hey, thanks for the mail and link Steph! I feel obliged to return the favour...I'm off to see your new stuff!

1 Stephanie a. j. king replies: "its the lest i could do! enjoy!"
24 Feb 2006:-) Bloodhawk
Update my way! Interested?

37 Stephanie a. j. king replies: "ofcourse!! *pounces in the direction of emma's gallery* im off!"
13 Mar 200645 JazzDragon

Ok more than that. What can i say? Other than that im so stoked i have a character *points at "Yonaka" and grins evily*
The improvements are awsome! Maybe you should post your first pic so that up and coming artists see that you weren't once so freakin hot! (though it was still better than my first..)

Anyway, DIE! ^_^

:-) Stephanie a. j. king replies: "daisuke mo aho-chan"
13 Mar 200645 夢月
Well I've seen it develop over time, your art that is. It's definatly improving, particularily with shading and pencil work.
(There happy? lol)
13 Mar 200645 Shanon Marie silver_ryder540@hot...com>
Hey steph remember me!! only ur bf like forever, your art is awesome and i havnt seen it since gr. 12 but i must say u are very talented. i dont get on the net much but when i do ill stop in to take a look at all the new pics..keep up the good work and oh yea....we ARE going for lunch next time im down. See ya soon
Nan xo

1 Stephanie a. j. king replies: "  *POUNCE* SHANON!!!! *tackles* its about time you came on here! yes i will have to kidnap you for the day next time your in town!^_~ heehee glade you like it though^_^*pounces again*"
13 Jul 2006:-) Bloodhawk
Hi Steph! Sorry it took me so long to get here...It's been a while, no? I'm off for nose, and to chuck a few comments around. See you in a bit! ^.^

1 Stephanie a. j. king replies: "and sorry it took so long to reply but i have a few new pics up now. ^_^ and if you take the deviantART link though my main gallery is mostly photography im putting the character profiles there (i didnt change the bio in time for it not to say in scraps)"
26 Sep 2006:-) Bloodhawk
deviantART eh? I've always wondered, so might I ask, can you actually leave there and wipe your account once you've joined?

But on a more relevant note, I just followed the link. Some really, really lovely photography work there! Very nice colour, and real atmosphere.

Your character portraits are great too! Your pencil work's looking very good indeed - but do keep an eye on the lay-down, you know: no white gaps, lines in the same direction etc...I really like the range and use of colours you've given them. Makes for a really nice collection. Yup, keep up the good work!

Couple of updates my way since you last visited...oooh, and I've got myself a library now, if you're interested!

Cheers Steph! =D

:-) Stephanie a. j. king replies: "^_^ thank youand for deviantART though i find the new set up fustrating you can leave when ever you want. though i dont think you can till after you delete each picture one at a time (lest I havent seen a way, not that ive looked) "
28 Sep 2006:-) Bloodhawk
...and leave an empty shell behind? Okay, cool. Thanks! I'm not actually thinking of joining right now, but there's always the possibility... ;D

:-) Stephanie a. j. king replies: "well i do like that you can "watch" an artist. when ever they update it tells you and gives a link right to the picture... but you have to sift through a lot of junk to find the good artists. there isnt much in the way of quality control"
4 Oct 2006:-) Bloodhawk
10 Jan 2007:-) Bloodhawk
Hi! Just so you know, I *have* answered the comments you left me earlier, but I've received a mail of sorts telling me the mail couldn't be delivered - and it looks as if it's something to do with your end, because I don't have a bounce log (or whatever it's called) on the Extranet...

Thanks for dropping by anywho! =D
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Stephanie a. j. king

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