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K. Fletcher

K. Fletcher

K. enjoys sleeping, thinking, shiny things... oh yeah, and art is good too.

Name: K. Fletcher
Nicknames: You may call me “Fletch”, if you like.
Age: 23
Birthday: November 26
Elfwood member since: July 2002
Mainly uses: pencil for drawing, CG for coloring, although I do enjoy trying out different materials.
Comment policy: I do appreciate comments, and most likely I will reciprocate the love (i.e. you leave a comment at my gallery, I'll probably swing by yours and leave one as well). Sometimes I get a little busy, so it might take me awhile to reply but it will happen eventually ^_^





UPDATE 1/7/06: Hey now, got a Fanquarter gallery. There's not much there, but two pictures are newer than any of this stuff (which isn't saying much...) Check it out, yo.


UPDATE 7/30/05: Still not an actual update (geez, I don't think I've had one in over two years!), but I did remove a few pics:

'Angel With a Sword'
'Angel With a Sword -- Color'
'Wounded Mage -- Colored'

Elfwood Artists:
Jen 'sukieo' Bamford Even though the Evil Undead Ninjaz has officially disbanded, she'll always be my personal Overlord ^_^ Her art is way cool too, so you should check it out!
Leah Coghill One of the nicest people you'll ever meet in Elfwood. Plus, her unique and beautiful artistic style totally rocks! If you're seeking quality work, look no further.

Guestbook for Fletchkat

25 Dec 200345 Jen 'sukieo' Bamford

*is crushed by the many congaing Orcs*


Merry Christmas Fletch! =D

22 K. Fletcher replies: "Oh, what a terrible fate, Jen! All those big fat orcs congaing on top of you... Allow Locke to tend to your wounds, he'll make you feel better ^_~ Thanks for the wish of a merry Christmas, Jen! I hope yours was just as merry ^_^"
6 Jan 2004:-) Emma O Reilly
Kletch, are you up for drawing a request?

My sister has a story in progress and she saw your dancing warrior and wants you to draw one of her characters. What do you think?

21 K. Fletcher replies: "  "Kletch"? That's a new one... ^_^

Well gee, I've never really been asked to take on a request before... But yeah, sure, I think I can probably do that. I should note that my Dancing Warrior is a rather old drawing, so the style might be a little different if that's what she was hoping for. Just have her e-mail me the details, whether she wants just a line drawing or color (I might have to think about it if it's color... it'll take longer) and I'll see what I can do. The more specific she is the better, or else I might start to abuse my artistic license ^_~"
18 Jan 200445 Lucy
I think it was a very coragious move to put these on the net, they appeal to some, but unfortunatly not to me.
I used to draw all squiffy and out of proportion but as you age you do see more and note more tecniques automatically. Hopfully you will and anime i feel is quite talentless anyway. I do not meen to be rude or offend you but i do feel you need to develop alot.

8 K. Fletcher replies: "Well, I suppose you're entitled to your opinion. But please, if you are going to "critique" me then at least be more specific. WHICH pictures are out of proportion, and how so? Also, while there are a few pictures currently in my gallery that do possess certain traits of the anime style, I do not consider myself to be an "anime artist" in any sense. Certainly not a realist, but not anime either. If you had taken the time to actually go through my gallery thoroughly then you might have picked up on that. I haven't put anything new up in nearly a year, but each time I start a new picture I am always trying to improve on my techniques and try out new things. It is important to be well-rounded as an artist, which might mean dabbling in anime just to get a feel for it. We can't all be Da Vincis or Rembrandts

Also, if you are as aged and wise as you seem to want people to think, it might do you well not to constantly misspell words. Goat Boy's been itching to start gnawing on some unwary typists, and I might just have to let him go on you."
20 Jan 2004:-) Emma O Reilly
Or Lucy might bump into the Undead Ninjaz. And then the odds won't look too good for lucy, will they? XD

1 K. Fletcher replies: "Ha ha! You make us sound like the Mafia or something! XD But what a wonderful thought ^_^"
20 Jan 200445 Jen *Evil Overlord* Bamford
Man what is it with people ragging on anime? Talentless?? Excuse me? I don't think so. And what gives this chick the right to say that about anyone? Fletch I have to tell you, you are far from talentless. That Locke pic you made me for x-mas is just awesome. Talentless my ASS!

Fletch don't worry about what Lucy said, anyone that comes up to another artist and practically says "Oh gee, your art just isn't up to my standard, let us hope that one day in the far off future you will learn of your evil artistic flaws, and eventually become just like me! HO HO HO HO!" is more interested in patting themselves on the back for being so wonderful then actually helping anyone.
I can't stand it when people come in saying crap like that. Every artist learns in their own way in their own time, we all have our own vision. Only someone that wants to offend will leave comments like "You need to improve a lot" instead of sitting down with the artist and going through both the weaknesses and faults of their work.
And remember people, when you're telling someone they need to improve, you're enforcing YOUR opinion on THEM, don't expect the world to shudder and drop to its knees in compliance with you.
"You need to improve" is a cop out left usually by people who can't even draw themselves!

In closing, Lucy I leave you this message: I used to be narrow minded and quick to step on other people too, but as you age you learn that people have feelings, and that it's more important to encourage then discourage. Hopefully one day, you'll walk into a pit, of man eatting leetches. =D

Sorry for the rant Fletch ^^;

:-) K. Fletcher replies: "No need for apologies, Jen. I ramble on around here enough as it is, 'tis high time someone else has a go ^_^ I really appreciate you coming over here to give me some support, although I rarely take completely to heart what anyone says about my art, good or bad. Lucy has her own issues, it doesn't mean anyone has to listen to them. It's hard for me to picture you stomping on peoples' spirits, Jen, you're usually so nice! Er, I mean, Jen is a fearsome and wrathful Overlord who all must bow down to and obey! There, wouldn't want the image to get tarnished ^_^ You know, I really like to read what you have to say, especially when you get passionate about something. Feel free to come back here and speak your mind anytime, Uberlord. Thanks again for coming in."
12 Feb 200445 Leah Coghill
Oi, Goat Boy! Make Fletch update!

...Or rather, stomp on Lucy first. THEN make Fletch update with your goatish good looks and persuasive powers. I'll give you goat treats. ^-^

1 K. Fletcher replies: "Ach, I know, I'm so freak'n slow on EVERYTHING! I'm not seeing an update in the very near future, but I'd really like to get something up in the next couple months or so. Especially since Goat Boy's "persuasive powers" mainly include biting my @$$ until I get anything done ^_^ Well thank you for giving me the occasional kick in the butt, Leah, it actually does help (even if it doesn't appear to be doing anything ^_~)."
15 Mar 200445 Nate
Hey, I see you added some new drawings but I am still not seeing the one you were going to do for me in psych class. 2 I will talk to you later.


17 K. Fletcher replies: "Heh heh... actually, I didn't really add anything "new". Elfwood just had a merger of the Zone and Loth galleries, so those are all my old pictures from Zone. You can bet that when I finally DO get around to an update your picture will surely be in the mix ^_~ Sorry I've been so slow about everything. "
9 Apr 200445 Mavis Irwin
*grumble* I hadn't noticed this gallery before! I mean...I sometimes randomly bounce through other ninja's gallerys. X_x I better keep this gallery in my head from now on.

By the way...UPDATE this place!

12 K. Fletcher replies: "Aw, don't worry about it. I am a Ninja of much secrecy and hiding in the shadows. 'Tis only natural for folks to skip over my gallery because I lurk in the darkness away from their sight! At least, that's what I tell myself. Why else would I only update once a year -- it is to remain out of the spotlight!

But seriously, thank you for stopping by in my gallery and leaving such nice comments. I will be sure to update the joint... someday..."
17 Dec 2004:-) Rachel A. *~*Wolf Eyes*~* McCausland
At second glance I realize how incredibly awsome your art is! *thumbsup* YOU ROCK DUDE!

1 K. Fletcher replies: "Well, thank you very much. That means a lot coming from you, I ran into your gallery real quick and it looks like you've got some great stuff. I've gotta remind myself to come back and leave some comments for you. Give me a kick if I take too long ^_~"
17 Dec 2004:-) Rachel A. *~*Wolf Eyes*~* McCausland
My numbr....is 42..I think...and my name...is...

*deep breath*


*silenced by a snowball*

mm...*eats it*


22 K. Fletcher replies: "Dang, you got some pipes, gal ^_^ Haven't heard that song in a long time. 42, eh? Do you not come around the forum much? Been gone awhile myself and the brain's gotten squishy, so maybe I'm just drawing a blank on you right now... But thank you for the Christmas greeting, I hope yours was very merry too ^_~"
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K. Fletcher

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