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Cari J. Garafalo a.k.a. ´Draco´

SciFi & Fantasy Artwork by Cari J. Garafalo a.k.a. ´Draco´

Cari She likes to draw when she is board and always keeps here megatone hammer handy just incase she runs across a bad video game. ^-^

A Living Gargoyle In The Night
Anatomy Of A Monster
Demented Dragonlike Rabbit Thingy...
Dragon Wave Master...
Flame Dragon...
I Wish I Had Thumbs
my mysterious tigar constellation...
water colored dragon
Yet Another Dragon... but this one's kuwl 2!

17 Dec 200245 Paige Lee Gray *Pyro Kat*
Gah I loves your work! you draw the coolest dragon/evil rabbit things!!! I rreaaally hope to see more! soon?!

:-) Cari J. Garafalo a.k.a. 'Draco' replies: "yea, wel of course! jus dunt wanna make the mods have a nevous breakdown from 2 many thingys 2 do."
18 Dec 2002:-) Fernando 'Aegiso´Fer' Calabró
Sory for annoying you with this...but i cannot send you any mail...i think that your AOL account hates me 10...Anyway, send me your hammie and congrats for the retrait, very cool ^^

:-) Cari J. Garafalo a.k.a. 'Draco' replies: "GAH! I HATE AOL!!!! well ill try 2 get it scaned... but i dunno y it wudnt work... it USUALLY does *glares @ aol inventer* but yea, i just got back from vegas.... even ask raun... yes raun i saw u in P.E. 2day.... i WAS @ school 2day! ....... no u never annoy me.... even fletcher hasnt been annoying 2 me lately! ha-HA! i am un-annoy-able! ^-^"
24 Dec 2002:-) Trevor j. hirschhauser
Hey, I really like the effect that you've given your pictures that make them look like negatives. Keep it up!

:-) Cari J. Garafalo a.k.a. 'Draco' replies: "Hmmm... negatives? *grabs a websters* Hmmm... O THAT! ha-ha. that. yea, i dug^ an OLD photoshop on my moms comp.... heh- its so old it has like 5 filters and thats it. but it works. ^-~"
8 Jan 200345 Fernando Nalvarte Jegerev
Yay updates...Veally veally cute dvagons...

:-) Cari J. Garafalo a.k.a. 'Draco' replies: ""VLA, VLA, I VANT TOO SUCK YOUR VLOOD!" im the goofy vampire! (note the rounded fangs on my smily) O FERNANDOoooo...! i have the killer hammie! *stuffs him in an envalope as he kicks, bites, n slashes* GET IN THERE!!! *clears thorought* ill have 2 send it 2 u wit my dad's account though... myn wunt let me send pickies... u_u *sniffle* o well... by the way as soon as i get that 100% comp prog pickie i made (monday or tuesday) im gonna send in a ticket 4 my gallary! (i already sent in the 1 4 my sci fi 1) ^-~ byes!"
24 Jan 2003:-) V. 'Ravenskar' Bui
Eyy, Cari. ^______^

Foistly, thankee for commentin in mah galla!! ^^ Muchly appreciated, doncha knoe. XD

I love your artwork here.. so.. well.. KEWL. n.@;; *lack of vocab use* What i especially adore about dis galla is dat dere are a lotta.. dragons.. DRAGONS, i tell you~!! DRAAAGONNNNNS~!! @_@ *claws at screen*

*aHem*.. keep up da great work. ^______^ *confetti*

:-) Cari J. Garafalo a.k.a. 'Draco' replies: "NO! THANK U! i reeely liked... err... LOVED ur pickie of legolas! *GOOSH!* *squeeshies leeie's pickie* love it! ^-^ im gonno go inspect ur tight lill galry 4 new pickies k? *WooosH!*"
30 Jan 200345 Amanda (Kumari) Partelow
You like Zim too! Yayyy! That rabbit creature kicks!.....butt. Yay! MORE!

:-) Cari J. Garafalo a.k.a. 'Draco' replies: "YES! MORE PIX!.... i have 1 im jus not sure its gonna b accepted. Hmmm.... i think its okay but ho knows... eh. o well... ill ask robin & raun what they think... there pritty good @ that! ^-^ ha-HA! u can always trust twins! *tears a pick of the evil twins marykate + ashley* preHEM... sept 4 them.... eViL i tell u... @-@"
22 Feb 200345 Cari J. Garafalo a.k.a. 'Draco'
~*~*~*~*~*~HEY EVERY1!!!~*~*~*~*~*~
*jumps round* LOOK HERE!!! my email was Ummm... hacked again by those yugeo (?) ppl... yes, me of all ppl... >
13 May 2003:-) Cari J. Garafalo a.k.a. 'Draco'
hey... Ummm... syr 4 bn gone 4 so long... i kinda moved 2 kendokarma.deviantart.com jus go look me ^ there.... its jus that this place isnt that.... Ummm... good. well ne way, i lost the account info 4 this place so i u wanna chat all my info's there (email, etc.) so Ummm... *blushes n runs away* syr 4 abandoning u EF.... but u kunda r 2 slow n stuffs.... i think ill jus keep this here so ppl will have a link 2 me... if they even find this here.... Xp *dies* this stuff is soooo old! lol its like reading ur old diary or sumthn! spooky! lol byes! ^-~
28 Jul 200345 Steph
You draw great! I love dragons, but I can't draw any! *cries* Anyway you need to cut back on the sugar.
14 Oct 200445 ...IDaNiKaI.... Not registerd XD
I LoVe YuR aRT iF Yu WaNT To ExPlAiN Me AnY TiP....
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