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Matthew David Thelen

"Twilight Nightmare" by Matthew David Thelen

SciFi/Fantasy text 2 out of 5 by Matthew David Thelen.      ←Previous - Next→
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a tail that goes from cute and peaceful, to dark and horrible.

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←- Twilight Nightmare (pt.2) | What we've become (small portion) -→

Early night, the moon just beginning its majestic rise. A quiet suburb outside the city of Chicago, lawns neatly cut, street lamps illuminating the road. A single house, lawn gnomes guarding the house like lilliputian soldiers. A family, mother and father carrying their single son to his room for sleepy time. The boy, already sleeping, dreaming of his castle kingdom and the little prince running through the elegant, sunlit hallways. His crown, a size too big, falling over his eyes, temporarily blinding him. His father, chasing him around in the thrown room. The mother watches from her chair made of blue taffy, the princes favorite.

As the mother and father lay their beautiful child in his race-car bed and tuck him in, they each lightly kiss his forehead. The father begins to walk out but stops as the mother stands still, watching her child. The father walks back. He wraps his arm around her waste and she rests her head on his shoulder. The boy laughs and screams with joy as his father catches him and lifts him into the air, and rests him on his shoulders. The boy clasps his fathers majestic gold crown, topped with silver spikes that poke at the child"s hands. The father runs around the room, making car noises as he turns and spins.

The mother and father slowly walk out of the room, leaving the door open just a crack so a small sliver of light can shine into the little boys room. The boy shakes and makes small noises as his dream continues. The father stops, lifts the boy down as the prince continues to laugh. The king walks up to his red jollyrancher thrown, the princes second favorite candy. The boy is confused as to why his father has stopped playing with him. He climbs the stairs and tugs on his fathers pant leg. The father remains motionless, starring forward. He runs across to his mother and tugs on her blue dress, glittering like the ocean. She remains motionless as well, starring forward like the king. The boy lightly pushes on her leg, she never even blinks.

Quarter to midnight, when the demons come out. The boy twists and turns in his bed. The wind blows into the room, spreading the summer night air. The boy runs back to his father and pushes his leg, bitting his lip, he hits his father where he knew he wasn"t supposed to hit anybody. The king doesn"t even make a sound. As the prince is about to run back to his mother, the boy sees a door behind a curtain blown aside by an invisible wind. The boy, as curious as any boy his age, walks behind his parents chairs. He lifts the curtain, revealing the black door. The prince fumbles with the handle, but eventually turns the handle. As he opens the door a cold draft envelops the boy, making him shiver all over. Torches light the dark and dank stairway leading downward. The boy hugs the wall as he transcends the stairs, one at a time.

The door leading from the boys room to the hallway slowly opens flooding the room with light. The boy"s eyes clinch shut. As the boy walks down even farther, a door opens at the bottom of the stairs, shining a blinding light in the boy"s light. The boy reaches the bottom of the stairs and peaks through the doorway. Cells line the dark hallway, torches brightly lighting the way. The boy walks down the hallway. He looks in one cell and sees a man sitting in a corner.

"Mister, why are in there?" the boy asks the man. The man jumps up and hurriedly crawls to the boy gripping the bars.

"It would be wise for you to leave now prince, otherwise you"ll be imprisoned here as well." The man says, his eyes darting back and forth down the hallway.

"But why are you here?" The boy presses the man. The dirty cloth-less man thinks about how to answer a complicated question to a child.

"I am here to insure the protection of others." The long haired man stairs into the small boy"s blue, sapphire eyes.

"Protect people from what?" the boy asks to the man. "why do you lie to me?"The man shakes his head.

"A child such as yourself can never understand the true nature of a man." The man says. The man"s brown eyes shine with a new glamor. "Boy, can you help me?" The boy nods. "There is a key to my cell at the end of the hallway. Get it then give it to me so I can get out of here. Do you understand?" The boy nods. He stands up and starts walking to the end of the hallway. As the boy continues down the hallway, men in other cells stand up and stare at the boy. He counts seven other cells other cells. One at the very end is double locked.

"Do not pay any attention to them, they only wish to do nothing but bring you grief." The man shouts at the boy. The young prince walks over to the wall. He sees a black key and takes it off the peg. "Good boy, now come back over here and release me." The man says, smiling at his own genius and the boys stupidity. The boy begins to run back to the man but the men in the other cells walk over to the bars and reach out to the boy. They each look into his eyes, their looks alone beg the boy to release them. The boy wants to release all of them but the man had asked him first. He walks over to the black man that is imprisoned. "NO, YOU STUPID BOY, COME AND RELEASE ME!" the man shouts to the boy.

"Please young prince, release me." The black man"s voice is nice and safe to the boy. He raises the key to the man. As he grasps the key his kind smile turns evil, his eyes turn to slits. He jams the key into the door and turns it. Darkness fills the cell behind him and slowly spreads throughout the cell. The boy screams and runs to the door. The black man steps out of his cell, the darkness following him like a dark cape.

"YOU FOOL, YOU HAVE RELEASED YOUR DEMISE!" The man shouts at the boy as he runs by. The man looks at the black man with disgust as he walks by his cell. The boy takes the stairs two at a time, he can hear the scary man following him up the stairs. As he reaches the top of the stairs, he shoves open the doors. A terrifying hot blasts the boys face. He looks around in horror as the thrown room is fully enveloped in flames. The boy runs up to his mother and father"s thrown. His parents are still in the same position, flames licking up there faces. The boy screams and runs as the black man immerses from the door.

The flames turn a death black. As the boy runs down his parents steps, he trips and falls. He looks up and the black man stands over him, his trail of darkness laying over his shoulders. All that the boy could see was darkness enveloping his sight, he couldn"t breathe, couldn"t see, smell, hear, anything.

The boy vaults out of his bed screaming and gasping for air all at the same time. He holds his shirt, soaked with sweat. He cries endlessly, waiting for his parents to come running down and telling him that it was all just a dream, that everything will be okay. His mother will get him a glass of warm milk while his father pats his back and hugs him. But his parents never come, he waits for seems like an eternity. He looks at his Scooby-doo alarm clock. The numbers say one, two, zero, zero. He didn"t know how to tell time just yet, but he knew enough to know it was very late.

The boy climbs out of his car bed and slowly walks out of his room and into the still lit hallway. He walks down the hallway past the living room where he spots the pillow where Max, their black dog, always slept, but Max was no where to be seen. The boy rounds the corner and slowly takes the stairs up to his parents room. When he reaches the top, he looks down the hallway to the room where they slept, their light was on. As he walked closer to the door, a quiet screaming noise came from behind the door.

He slowly turned the door handle, pushing the door as quietly as he could, he stood in the door way, horror stricken. Blood caked the walls, the bed torn to shreds, a lamp lays on the floor aiming a beam of light at him, the tan curtains lay in shambles on the floor. His father lies facedown on the floor, blood covering his entire body, holes everywhere on his body, still oozing the life giving liquid. An arm lies in the corner, a leg rests at the man"s feet. The same black man from his nightmare holds his naked mother by her shoulder blades, sucking on her neck.

Tears run down the boys face and into his open mouth. The boys mother sees her son and reaches out to him with a trembling arm. The man"s cape of darkness quivers and shakes as he sucks the life out of the boy"s mother like a human leech. The black man drops the mother and stands straight. He slowly turns his whole body to the boy.

"My prince, I owe you thanks for releasing me from that terrible prison." The man bows before the child. The low scream the boy had heard became a loud roar. The boy screams and runs as the lamp light shatters and throws him into darkness. He runs back down the hall but before he can escape the darkness grips him and pulls him back into the room.

The black man holds the boy against his chest and pets the boy"s hair. The darkness grazes the boys skin. The boy cries loudly as he stares at his dead parents. The black man rubs his hand down the boy"s arm, grasps his pinky and jerks it back to a gut churning angle. The boy"s lungs seem to burst as he screams. The man laughs with pleasure.

"Yes, give me your pain, your suffering, your sadness, it feels so good." The man coos to the boy. He throws him, slamming him into the wall. The man breaths in deeply, drinking in the boys pain as he clutches his side. The man picks up the boy by his collar with one hand. A shard of darkness cuts the boys skin and digs under it. The boy doesn"t know how much more he can take. He"s on the verge of passing out. Why is he doing this to him? Why did he have to kill his parents? Why can"t this man just leave him alone?

"Because, this just feels too good." The black man says, reading the boy"s mind. So he couldn"t even have his own thoughts to himself. Another shard from the man"s dreaded cape impales the boy"s stomach. Blood filled his mouth, he spat it in the man"s face. The man hummed with delight. He licked the blood around his mouth. The man grips the boy"s ear and rips it off. Blood spews out of the stump and lands on the wall. The boy didn"t scream, he opened his mouth to scream but his throat closed up and no sound could come out.

"Ooh, I have a wonderful idea," the black man said with delight. What could this monster have in store for him. "I will not kill you boy. Instead, I will keep you as a pet, to satiate my hunger." So this man was going to eat him. "No you silly boy, I have no need to digest in a human"s ugly tradition of filling his mouth with disgusting items from the earth, I feed off the humans in an emotional way, I feed off of their despair, their sadness and anger." The boy understood now, the man would keep him just so he could use him for his feelings. "You see boy, that man that wanted you to release him first, was hope, a power that the goddess Athena locked inside the mythical Pandora"s box. I am the sin before the one that destroys the world. You will be my special pet. The child is so tired, he wants to fall asleep and never wake up.

"Oh no, we don"t want that to happen now do we?" The man says. The boy feels the man"s presence in his mind. Suddenly the boy"s mind jerks with pain, feeling like it"s about to explode. "There we go, don"t want you to fall asleep." The man wraps the boy in his dark cap and walks out the door with him. Into the dark night the man walks, with a small six year old boy wrapped in his cloak of darkness.

←- Twilight Nightmare (pt.2) | What we've become (small portion) -→

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'Twilight Nightmare':
 • Created by: :-) Matthew David Thelen
 • Copyright: ©Matthew David Thelen. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Dark, Evil, Gore, Castles, Kings
 • Categories: Demons, Imps, Devils, Beholders..., Dream Imagery, Humourous or Cute Things
 • Inspirations: Other Author
 • Submitted: 2011-04-17 21:03:19
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