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Regina Biffle

SciFi & Fantasy Artwork by Regina Biffle

Regina is a full-time missionary, student, daughter, friend, and Arts enthusiast

1001 Elven Nights
Aidee, servant to the Mistress of Winds
Ancient History
Awaiting Redemption
Balance Incarnate: The Arbiter
Dark Mage
Gideon's Sword
Goddess of Love
It's a dragon
Rhiann Dances
Shades of Black
The Dragonshard Saga
The Forest's Child
The Goddess of Magic
The Gypsy Life (Incomplete)
The New Arrival

18 Oct 200345 Anonymous
Hullo ! Nice stuff here. Whoever said that dragon's shouldn't have horse's heads anyway? You go girl!

60 Regina Biffle replies: "Hee . . Thanks! ~chuckles~ I'll keep that in mind . . . "
4 Nov 2003:-) Gerrit Colin Campbell
I think you've got some nice stuff! I really like "consumed." I think you should do more human posing stuff that expresses intense emotion. I think that you're working with colour pencils...my suggestion is that for crisper color definitions (and this is just my own method speaking) you should make a drawing in pencil...but then ink the lines, erase the pencil, and color with colored pencil. It makes bright contrast. People say "ohhh, ink, I'd be afraid to mess up" but if you know where the lines go first you've got nothing to lose.

60 Regina Biffle replies: "Heh . . I actually tend to do that . . but I didn't in 'Consumed' for an unknown reason. And THANKS so much for leavin me a comment . . .I was begining to think I was invisable again. ~chuckles~ I'll try to figure out some more poses . . though they'll probably be humanoid, and not straight human ~grins~ I have a slight obsession with halfbreeds. Anyway . . back to work, yes?"
20 Dec 200345 DJ
Our mutual friend Cam sent me here to look! All you need to know is: art lives in you! Do what you feel and you will do it properly. (self taught artist here) I like your work! Your colors are great! keep up the work! grab a book if you need help it has worked wonders with my dimensions!

60 Regina Biffle replies: "Hey cool!!! Thanks bunches for the visit, and the tips. ~grins excitedly~ . . . ~laughs at herself~ You've actually rendered me speechless!! Hee . . This really made my night . . thanks for coming by again . . . . ~chuckles delightedly some more~ Oh this is great"
4 Feb 200445 Josj

60 Regina Biffle replies: "~blink blink~"
18 Feb 200445 Charlie Brooks
I would just like to say WOW!!
Your art is amazing! The best iv seen in a long time *Looks around to see if any other Elfwood artist is listening!*

Could you give me some tips??

I am (Like u once were) an artist in the making and i wold like to know if you could help me in any way possible??

It'll be good to hear from you soon!!

Charlie x

60 Regina Biffle replies: "Uh . . gosh . . .golly gee whiz even. That's really cool of you to say so. As for tips, learning how to draw is not all about talent . . I swear. All you have to do is look at the things around you, like really open your eyes and study the world around you. Figure out what kind of lines make what kind of shapes,and what colors are in shadows and bright spots and such. Half of drawing is knowing those sorts of things, and the other half is practicing and making your hand replicate them. ~chuckles~ thanks for the comment . . It was great!"
6 May 200445 Goooooooooooood
why say rudimentary? *color the dragon in* i think he'd look neat. you're a fine artist, just work on coloring for a while and go back to the drawing! (if you D&D your awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

60 Regina Biffle replies: "~chuckles~ if that's all it takes to be awesome, then I am lucky indeed ~grins~ Thanks for stopping by the page an all"
6 May 200445 Goooooooooooood
Rudimentary?!?!?!?! you are sooooo gooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!

60 Regina Biffle replies: "Uh . . thanks . . . ~blink blink~ who are you? Good is an odd name . . ~grin~"
18 Dec 200545 Voice_in_the_night

60 Regina Biffle replies: "Patience my midnight lurker. My computer, most unfortunately, has crashed completely, taking with it my next set of drawings. Still trying to get them back. We'll see what the techies say"
20 Apr 200645 Voice_in_the_night
Going now. I wont be back. Good luck.

60 Regina Biffle replies: "That's too bad. I realize I don't post often, but as it's only a hobby, and not my lifestyle, I'm not too worried about it. Good luck in life."
11 Jun 200645 Maddy J.
*gives you mint chocolate and a bouquet of black roses* woot nice art, post more!

60 Regina Biffle replies: "Oh heavens above, someone else actually found me! Will wonders never cease? ~smile~ I'm glad you enjoy my art. Thank you so much for the visit!"
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