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Elizabeth A. M. Burns

SciFi & Fantasy Fanart by Elizabeth A. M. Burns

Elizabeth has gone to the Shadow Realm. She'll be back in five minutes.

'Looks like you got a size too big Ryou...'
Angel of my Nightmare - *SPOILER*
Bakura Ryou (colour)
Bakura Ryou Adoration Page
Bishonen: gotta catch 'em all!
Blind Obediance
Gryffindor Girl
Hermione and Crookshanks
Loony Luna Lovegood
Marik - Fluffy Style
Marik Ishtar
Neko Girl
Raven - Teen Titans
Smile for the girls...
Split Personality
Victoria Potter - 'Roses' Chapter Three
Victoria Potter - 12 years old
Victoria Potter - Quidditch Practice
Victoria Potter - School Uniforms
Victoria Potter - Sword Gazing
You know you're obsessed when...
Yu-gi-oh Design

6 Feb 200545 Bla
Whose your favorite Titan?

:-) Elizabeth A. M. Burns replies: "That's a tough one. I'd have to say raven, because she has telekinesis which I LOVE! and has a cloak and the whole dark and mysterious thing going... and she has a cool belt! 'grins'"
11 Aug 200545 Anonymous
What the crap is this? It sucks really it does so DIE

:-) Elizabeth A. M. Burns replies: "AGAIN with the anonymous? And what are you reffering to? Do people who sign anonymous just use this system as an outlet for their pent-up frustration? Well, susspose it's better than calling up random people and yelling down the phone at them. Hope you enjoyed commenting."
8 Sep 200545 Jo
Cool art work

Nice and bright

Keep up the great art work

Luv Jo

:-) Elizabeth A. M. Burns replies: "Jo? 'blinks' As in Bio Buddy Jo? Or as in random Jo? Ah well, anyway: Strange that my pictures are all nice and bright when my mind can be so dark... thanks for commenting!"
13 Sep 2005:-) Joanne Louise Sheard
Oh no it's another random Jo.

Well if it helps I have joined elfwood now. Then I can say how pretty your art work is .

Hope you can comment on my work. But you will have to wite since my art work is not up yet. 2

See yeah

Luv Jo

:-) Elizabeth A. M. Burns replies: "Congratulations, and welcome to the woods! I look forward to seeing your art. Drop me a comment when you art is up. Thanks for replying!"
5 Oct 2005:-) Joanne Louise Sheard
I thought I would comment again and just tell you I am now up and running and when you have time tell me what you think of my art.

The art what is up is a couple years old some I will be uploading new ones very soon with much improvement.

Thanks Jo
24 Dec 200545 Light_Suicune
GYAH I know exactly how MissingNO v.3.0 feels. I 'M DEFINITELY NOT A FAN OF BAKURA OR MARIK! In fact, I'm more of an anti-fan!!!!! GRR ME HATE THOSE FREAKS!!

*Huggles Ryou Bakura*

*Snatches Millennium Rod from Marik & breaks in half, then melts*

*Slams Yami Bakura so hard that Millennium ring breaks in half*

I hate them more than I fear them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRR!!
OK now that I got that out of my system; Good pictures!!
15 Jul 200645 C.D.T.
I see you must be a Yu-Gi-Oh fanatic. I read the current comments and I finally understand what yaoi is. Anyway, I am thinking about creating an anime crossover story on fanfiction.net. It has Yu-Gi-Oh and Inuyasha characters, and I was wondering if you could give me some ideas. Gracias! ^_^
17 Jul 200645 Joanne Sheard
Yo love how are you??????

Just checking in.....

Hope all is well....

26 Sep 200745 Sailor Happy
(Big smile) (Looks left to right with sneaky eyes) I got you a present (You open it and a big smily face balloon pops out, along with some sand) YAY! I gave you the two most random things in the world ^_^ Sorry, I feel a little... 'happy' right now. Let me say that I love your Yu-Gi-Oh artwork! Now, more randomosity: SPONTANEOUS TACO!
30 Jan 2008:-) Alexis Nicole Trobis
you should visit me some time
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