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Gretchen GretS Sielaff

Gretchen GretS Sielaff

Gretchen A gal who is a so-so artist that does artwork as a stress relief.

 What to say? Well for starters, my name is Gretchen Sielaff. Yet, most people just call me Gret. I am a twentysomthing old college gal who tends to dabble a bit in the world of art. My inspirations are as various as my taste in music. However, the most influential would be various comic books, novels, movies, and at last, my own imagination.

Both my Elfwood and Deviantart galleries are dedicated to my mother Carol. She never stopped encouraging me. Her hospital room was my first gallery showing. 

Most of my work is based on a story I have been working on for years, but haven`t gotten off my butt to write.  

Art for me is a stress relief right now.  So if any-buddy has a suggestion on something to draw, feel free to express it.  

Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Books
The Dresden Files, Vampire Earth Series, and Noble Dead series.

Guestbook for Grets

16 Jun 200545 HumblePie
Oh my word I can't believe it, you're stuff is aboslutely awsome! *does first comment dance* I can't help but notice your last name... there aren't that many Sielaffs around and that's my mom's side of the family's name. I wonder if we're related... hmm... that would be weird. Oh and I'm not one of those people that did a geneaology search don't worry lol. I'm on elftown and I browse through here a lot and I really think that your stuff is great. Wish I could draw like that, wow!

13 Gretchen GretS Sielaff replies: "No, there are not that many Sielaffs around. Thank you for wonderful comments. "
17 Jun 200545 Anon.
Your work is truly impressive. I hope you'll post more. My favorite is the color of Clodagh, a character who I know you've put a lot of thought into. Thank you for letting me view your gallery. You should be proud of your drawings.

22 Gretchen GretS Sielaff replies: "View all you want.Yeah, I am one proud creator. I hope things are going well for you JW. You already know how my day went. So, to finish some more drawings may take longer then expected. However, here`s praying. "
10 Sep 200545 Anon.
I really like the new pics. I was really surprised by the new one of Clodagh. Any more werewolf pics or weapons? *is hopeful*
Really, Phalyn's a great character. *Enjoys immensely*

21 Gretchen GretS Sielaff replies: "Sorry J. I had forgotten to add some Jagger (werewolf) pics, and idea drawings of weapons are still in the works. "
6 Apr 2008:-) Katarina Ora Baralic
WOW! Your gallery is great! Really love it!

:-) Gretchen GretS Sielaff replies: "Thank you! "
13 Jun 2008:-) Astrid lian
awesome gallery, i like the style you have12

:-) Gretchen GretS Sielaff replies: "Thank you!!!!"
25 Sep 2012:-) Faith Gerhardt
Hello! Do you like dragons or werewolves? If you do and have time can you please look at my gallery!

:-) Gretchen GretS Sielaff replies: "I will be sure to check it out. "
29 Dec 2012:-) Gretchen GretS Sielaff
I haven`t been visiting nor updating my Elfwood gallery in years. I have been uploading new stuff on my Deviantart gallery the last few years. However, life has been up and down lately so I hvane`t been updating much.
29 Dec 2012:-) Maria lombide ezpeleta
Beautiful - and has "personalidad"

:-) Gretchen GretS Sielaff replies: "Thank you. I have been trying to work on my own personal style the last few years. However, I still have a long way to go. "
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Gretchen GretS Sielaff

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