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Sierra Grillot (Raven Scarlett)

SciFi & Fantasy Fanart by Sierra Grillot (Raven Scarlett)

Sierra thinks DJ Qualls has a sexy nose.

Avatar: The Last Airbender- Doing It Wrong
Ginny... Quidditch
Harry Potter- Hogwarts Girls
Harry Potter- Thank Merlin Its Friday (colour)
HP- Weasley Boys Part 1
Kingdom Hearts AU- The Right to Exist
Kingdom Hearts: AU Fuu
Kingdom Hearts: AU Kairi Forms
Kingdom Hearts: AU Twilight Town Designs
Kingdom Hearts: AU- Keyblade Master Kairi
Kingdom Hearts: AU- Melee Soldier Selphie
Kingdom Hearts: Divergence- Kairi
Knights of the Old Republic
MSPA- Fashion
MSPA- Hey Baby, How You Doin?
MSPA: Acts of Courage
MSPA: Impossibly Cool Dude
MSPA: The Final Hour
Narut- Twenty-Two Years in the Making
Naruto- 40K Hit Ninja
Naruto- Gonna Be Alright
Naruto- Well, That's Humiliating
Naruto: Haruno Sakura
Naruto: Things Ramen Can't Fix
Portal- GLaDOS
Psychonauts- Head Archery
Psychonauts: Nightmares
Raulf Batiano
TouyaxYukito CCS Fluff

23 Jun 200745 Anonymous
Hi it is my i am the anonymous person that just left a comment please e-mail me!!!
23 Jun 200745 Anonymous
O my gosh !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where did you learn to draw like that!!! I have been trying and trying to draw in that style for so long and i just cannot get it. I love the way you drew the naruto charactors!!! Naruto is the best show ever!!! But please tell me how you draw in that style!! I wold really like to know!!! Is there some secret to it !! Please tell me i have been trying to do that for so long!!!!
20 Jul 200745 Anonymous
I have a question for u and i hope that u can answer it. But ....Um... Well i always hear people talking about "elevin or elein girls" i am not really sure wat they are ! Can u please help me !!!

16 Sierra Grillot (Raven Scarlett) replies: "Um, I'm afraid I haven't the faintest idea."
11 Oct 2007:-) Matthew W. Gonzales
I maek marco dance on ur paeg
12 Nov 2007:-) Matthew W Gonzales
Gah! Marco turned into Delia again!

:-) Sierra Grillot (Raven Scarlett) replies: "He really should stop doing that..."
25 Mar 200845 Anon.
WOW! i never seen drawings lke that before the r cool i can draw some but i can only draw cartoon things
4 Aug 2009:-) MT Starkey
Great work.
15 Feb 2010:-) Cory R. Sparks
your profile is very depressing and yet your comments are not, I find that interesting

please excuse my bluntness but your very blunt on your profile so I hope thats ok

please do not be so critical of every one we all have are flaws

but of course I love star treck and the Harry Potter books so me not so much1111312 LOL1
10 Sep 2012:-) Rae Elizabeth Baker
i LOVE you gallery! your sketches are lovely 18
12 Nov 2012:-) Camilla Blomdahl
It seems you havn’t been online in over a year... I just wanted to say that you’re amazing. And that I think the woods needs more people like you. You’re not rude, you just draw the line somewhere.
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