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Jenny M. Heidewald

Jenny M. Heidewald

Jenny has been with Elfwood since 1999!

11.02.2013: Jenny Waz Here 
12.31.2011 Well, another year has gone by and I haven't loaded anything here! I do have news though, PSP Tubes of my art are now available through PSP Tube Stop  www.psptubestop.com  ! Most of this is Sketchfest stuff,   which is my addiction: www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/sketchfestartist.php?id=59  This is where all my new art is! I also have a Facebook Fan page:  www.facebook.com/pages/Jenny-Heidewald-The-Art-of/141951095880800
I wish everyone a happy 2012! (5/21/2012: I am currently having trouble updating my links here, it won't let me paste, and the link inserter makes them say" void java script"!  So I typed them in, if you have trouble with them (I might have typoed) do a search on my name and the pages will pop up. :) )

I've been doing a lot of work for Ellen Million's Portrait Adoption My gallery here .  2/7/04 and 3/20/04  I was artist of the day! 12/25/03:Another mod's choice ('Golden Faun')!

3/28/03 My picture is a sketch of me as an elf done by Larry Elmore! Yes, I got approval from the appropriate parties. :) Larry Elmore's Official Site  

2/22/03 The jokes are from here: Scottish Humor  Be sure to check out my other galleries! 

 August 19, 2000 My style...Elmore-ish Pini-ish Gibson-ish Celtic music & other things = Heidewald-ish. I would like to try and draw everything at least once, and try to keep my art inspirational, and original (most of the time, the occasional 'bikini clad warrior babe' sneaks in...:) ). I work in  Photoshop,mechanical pencil, watercolor pencil, colored pencil, black and colored Micron pens, markers,watercolor, absolute matte paint, a little bit of oil pastel and have done a few oil, and acrylic, paintings. I draw these things so that other people can see the beauty in art, and in turn become inspired themselves. I am inspired by Celtic music, and The Greatest Ever Artist: Larry Elmore: Who has painted/drawn/inked such beautiful things, making me want to put my characters in color too. And last, but *certainly* not least, my Love, and now my husband, one Alexander D. Mitchell IV, also known as Sandy.

Art, reading, fantasy, sci-fi, manga/anime, biking, camping, the beach, mountains, Celtic Music.
Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Movies and TV Shows
The Last Unicorn, Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail, Pretty Woman, First Knight, Mr. Bean, any of the Jurrasic Park movies ("and then comes the running and the screaming") Tripletts of Belleville
Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Books
Dragonlance, Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman, Andre Norton, Mercedes Lacky, Anne McCaffrey, Jo Clayton, Sherri S. Tepper, Patricia McKillip. One of my favorite books is God Stalk, though I can't remember the author's name right now!. My favorite Fantasy artists include Larry Elmore, Jody Lee, and more.
Favorite Music
Celtic, as well as techno ( my current craze) and stuff like Coldplay, and the Ting Tings. I have a wide variety of tastes.
Friends at Elfwood
Friends at Elfwood: Christine M. Griffin(Friend) , Rachel Anderson(Friend) , Del Melchionda(Subject of admiration) , Ellen 'the Alaskan' Million(Friend) , Katerina Koukiotis(Best friend forever) and Mitzi Sato Wiuff(Friend) .

Guestbook for Heidewald

28 Dec 200845 Anon.
i love dragonlance and actually know the man who helped publish it. its a great series i read over and over again. but i love your artwork. keep it up

:-) Jenny M. Heidewald replies: "Hi there, Glad you enjoyedthe art! I wish I had more to upload but I am afraid of the Moderators! I can’t recall the last time I tried to run the gauntlet."
29 Mar 2009:-) Jenny M. Heidewald
16 Noooooo...not this green! Normally I like this green, but not behind the pictures! Nonono! Please go back to the grey behind the pictures, or the leaves....and I can’t read the tiny tiny tiny font...what is it .02? *dies* I know it is in the moving and shaking stage, but still... I’ll come back in a year, I guess. 22

:-) Jenny M. Heidewald replies: "Update: I notice that when I save an image of mine (I don’t have it on my computer and I want to rework it) it comes up "untitled", which really bothers me. I should save with the name I named it and my name or something, not just "untitled". I hope this is something in the works to fix."
14 May 200945 Chris
I ’ve gone through your gallery and it seems to me , you have many different styles ie Portrait, cutie and comic book to name but a few, is this intentional? Or have n’t you found the style which suits you best? I think some of the Portraits are excellent but other of your Art Work ,( for me any way) doesn’t work,I think you should stick to what you’re best at, and that is Portraits, well thats what I think. You can agree or disagree, it what makes the World go round.

:-) Jenny M. Heidewald replies: "Thank you for taking the time to go through my gallery, I know that 99 pictures can take some time to browse through! To answer your question, yes, I like to try out different styles I like trying different things. Sticking to what one is good at is usually a good idea, but if I don’t try new things it gets kind of boring, and I can’t get better at them. Some of the older works are a little awkward ( like "Legolas" which I did in 99 in my ElfQuest phase), but I like to leave them up so that folks can see how much my work has changed.

With that said, portraits are normally what I do these days, and you can see a lot of my more recent work on Portrait Adoption: http://portraitadoption.com/paartist.php?profile=59

or on my DeviantArt gallery: http://celticwren.deviantart.com/

17 May 2009:-) MT Starkey
Great pics.

:-) Jenny M. Heidewald replies: "Thanks! 2"
24 May 2009:-) Christine M. Griffin
Hey, Jenny! I SO seldom get to Elfwood these days. Thanks for all the awesome comments! I’ll have to tour Elfwood again; so much has changed...

:-) Jenny M. Heidewald replies: "*waves* You’re welcome. 2 You can see how much I have been on Elfwood by my reply to this comment! I like to reply after chunks of time. 2 I also have a hard time rtreading the font on Elfwood these days, so that cuts down on the time I spend here."
23 Jan 201045 Viperwolf
Love your art. Like kind of Na’vi but with Earth animals....Hey! If you loved AVATAR and want even more then take a lookie here;


or just Type "Tairlanga" into you search box--that’ll get you there too!

It’s the very first ever prototype drawing for the Thanator & Viperwolf! Critters 7 is just below it and is the original design concept for the ikran--Mountain Banshee"! Why Tairlangas didn’t make the cut I’ll never know--well, they sort of did--in the form of the Na’vi themselves! Go see them, you’ll see what I mean!

:-) Jenny M. Heidewald replies: "Glad you enjoyed my gallery, but wait, how many earth animals did I have on here anyways? *can’t remember, goes and looks* A cat, a bird and a mouse? 2 I didn’t see Avatar yet, only the commercials for it. I think I would see it more for the graphic effects rather than the story, since the story sounds like it is predictable. There are soo many good books out there they can make into awesome movies these days. "
8 Aug 201045 Mary joe Robl
Beautiful and fascinating, I’m going to send a copy to my grandaughter so she can see them before she leaves for art school.

:-) Jenny M. Heidewald replies: "Hi Mary Joe, thank you so much! I don’t get on this website so much. "
30 Dec 2011:-) Katerina Koukiotis
beautiful gallery jenny !!! love all your work xoxo

:-) Jenny M. Heidewald replies: "Thank you, Katerina! This gallery is a trip back in time! 1 1 1"
16 Sep 2013:-) David N Chmelik
I just found my gallery’s old comments on archive.org, and I see you commented. I uploaded several new pieces since then, so take a look if you are interested, and I will try to look at some of your pieces, especially if you comment again.

:-) Jenny M. Heidewald replies: "Er, ok... You could have just looked at some of mine anyways...*laughs*"
2 Nov 2013:-) David N Chmelik
and I did look at some of yours, again after you commented on mine years ago...
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Jenny M. Heidewald

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