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Melissa O´Dowd

"Chapter 03 - Dryads, part 1" by Melissa O´Dowd

SciFi/Fantasy text 11 out of 30 by Melissa O´Dowd.      ←Previous - Next→
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Squee - this is coming up quicker than I thought. Okay, here as the title suggests is some new characters. There's more than meets the eye with these guys, but you'll have to wait and see...
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←- Chapter 06 - Deep in the woods | Chapter 03 - Dryads, part 2 -→



The council met the next afternoon in the Summer Hall. Each member sat upon a carven seat of stone. They had been waiting for some time now and fingers were beginning to tap against the stone.


Finally Peter emerged from a side chamber, pale faced.

“My apologies to you all for the delay. I was receiving word from one I sent to the foothills to keep watch. He has just returned with news that all should now hear.” Peter spoke more eloquently than he had in some time. Why?

“Well what is it boy? You always seem to begin by wasting our time. Just get to the point!” Patience never was one of Casuarina’s qualities.

“My point, Elder Casuarina, is that introductions are always best if done at first. So, I introduce to you all, Mistress ZeNeara of the Dryads of Acceber, to the South East, Emissary of Her own Tribal Leader, The Lady ZeRouge.” Peter bowed his arm and stood aside to reveal a small winged creature.

She was small, only standing two feet tall. Her wings were folded, hiding their true span, were of magnificent brown feathers – almost silken in appearance.

“My greetings to you all and my apologies for keeping you, Casurina Elder.” ZeNeara said exactly the way she had been shown, by the one called Peter.


The council fell silent. How could this be?


“The one, who I travelled with, taught me your manner of speech. It was well that our speech is similar or I would not have learned so fast. Explain to me why it was thought best that I attend your meeting?” She was purely curious.

All eyes fell on Peter, but it was Faber who answered.

“To me it is clear. ZeNeara, I am Faber, leader of the Elvish people. The Fey were building this tunnel to get to the woods where we the Elves desired to live. Yet now it seems there could be a problem.”

“I see. I am an emissary only, and cannot speak of how My Lady will react. Yet as it seems that none of your people, nor yours Peter, knew that my people existed and that we dwell in the land you had chosen to live in. I can speak only of what I know.” ZeNeara spoke as truthfully as she could.

“Indeed, and well said Lady. Come now, sit within the Council.” Peter showed ZeNeara a place between himself and Faber.

Elder Zacharia rose and began the Council, with Elder Fila and Elder Cara by his side.

“As you all now know, there has been a slight problem with the Elves plan to move. Now that each of the three peoples has representation a decision must be made. Lady ZeNeara, could you please describe to the Council your lands and how you feel the absent ZeRouge would respond, were she here to do so. Please.”

ZeNeara flew to the centre of the Council and hovered at about three feet from the ground.

“Strange and tall people, I will speak to you of my home, Acceber. Across the Towering Mountains (that is what we would call them in your tongue); our trees are the same as those here in your woods. Yet, ours are a lot larger and more talkative. The Great Waters flow loud and fast by my City. The Towering Water keeps the mosses moist and green. Across the Great Water are rolling waves of grass, which is never still nor does it die and turn brown. Indeed it is beautiful. I believe ZeRouge would understand why it is that the Elves desire to live there. Yet still you might, for Acceber is only small compared to this land here. For us Dryads do not take up much space. We live high within the trees, which we care for. Elder, Oak, and Eucalypt. We love all trees and we care for them, as they care for us. Acceber is very close to the Towering Water, which not so long ago stopped flowing as it used to. The trees told us so, for we knew not. We looked high and low for the reason of its stopping yet we found none. For we can not fly over the mountain and to walk is treacherous for us. So I was sent by ZeRouge to go about the Towering Mountains to see what I would see. So we did not know of your existence either. I learned much of your people as I came here. You are indeed skilled in your own fashion. But you see, it is clear that this tunnel must be completed so that the water can return, and my home survive.” ZeNeara lowered herself to the ground beneath a heavy stare. She had said all she could, without revealing her secrets.


The entire Council was quiet. Each thinking upon what was said.


A short, dark blonde Elven Lord, with crisp blue eyes, rose from his seat. “I am Masey, crafter of the gems seen within this tunnel. I perceive that you have not told all, yet you have said enough.” He paused for effect, and then continued. “I believe the works should be completed. True, I am biased on this, but it would seem the wisest course. To needlessly send this Dryad back and forth with messages to her home would be wrong. So why not use the path that has been created, for such a purpose I mean not to say that we, the Elves, shall use Acceber as a home, merely to open the way so that we may speak with these Dryads and so form a friendship between the three Peoples.” Masey spoke with hope in his voice.

Zacharia stood. “It seems that if both peoples involved would like the Tunnel to be completed, that it ought to be done. Peter how long will it take to complete the last stage?”

Peter hung his head. “My Lords and Ladies of the Council, I regret to tell all who are here that I know not when it will be complete, as some already know, we have been having a great difficulty with the design. Perchance ZeNeara, you may be able to assist us. Come all who must, Faber would you also join us?”

“Most certainly”




←- Chapter 06 - Deep in the woods | Chapter 03 - Dryads, part 2 -→

4 Apr 200645 Link
do you ever wonder if people realy read your storys? Did you know that for every, like, three people that read this only about one will reveiw?

24 Melissa O´Dowd replies: "Yeah I do! Its good to be reminded tho. Sometimes it can seem so lonely..."
2 Jan 200745 MikeyHC
First i would recomend removing the () from the dryard statement as its more likely to be a comma, as you cant talk in brackets. I like the way your devoloping the concept that dryard approved the tunnel soley on the baisis that they need it for suvival and could cause conflict later down the track as they are umaware of each others culture

21 Melissa O´Dowd replies: "Its been too long since I read that chapter properly. Why can't we talk in ()?? Yeah fair call, I'll check if I've edited that on my hard copy.Thanks for the comment"
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'Chapter 03 - Dryads, part 1':
 • Created by: :-) Melissa O´Dowd
 • Copyright: ©Melissa O´Dowd. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Council, Dryads, Elves, Fey, Found, Journey, Mountains, New, Travel, Water
 • Categories: Elf / Elves, Faery, Fay, Faeries, Mythical Creatures & Assorted Monsters, Romance, Emotion, Love
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