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Melissa O´Dowd

"Chapter 14, Shadowy explanations pt 1" by Melissa O´Dowd

SciFi/Fantasy text 20 out of 30 by Melissa O´Dowd.      ←Previous - Next→
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um, more backstory and the setting of new plot lines (yeah I think I finally know where this is going)
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←- Chapter 13, Plots Thicken pt 2 | Chapter 14, Shadowy Explanations pt 2 -→

Shadowy explanations

A shadow moved warily among the deeper shadows, edging towards the dim light. The shadow hoped it hadn't lost its quarry. It had been hard pressed to catch them up. Now in the seemingly endless dark, the shadow knew something was wrong. Creep forward, silently, carefully. >>>>>>>>>>>>

"Ocean's Depth!" The shadow swore and ran across the tunnel mouth to the unsteady kneeling form. "Ocean's Depth! Are you all right? What happened?"

"Mirria! By the stars, what are you doing out here? Argh my head. You could have been hurt or caught!"

"Lawernce! Is Miss Sari okay?" Mirria, Sari's maid and companion knelt with her hand supporting Lawernce's lower back.

"Sari! I have failed her. We must follow them, they are not far ahead." Mirria firmly pressed Lawernce down as he tried to rise.

"LAW! Who are they? What has happened? Where is Sari?"

So Lawernce told her of Morgan's betrayal and the ensuing fight. He took a deep steadying breath and looked square into the frightened sapphire wyws of the maid by his side. "You haven't got any water with you by any chance Mirria?"

Before she had a chance to answer him, a huge shell fell beside them with a sloshing sound of water sealed within.

Still on his knees Lawernce's blade was drawn and ready. Mirria had also drawn the slender blade, Cracker, which Sari had gifted her, and leapt to her feet.

"Ripping Sails! Master Panwyn! You scared us half to death." Both companions lowered their blades. " My thanks for the water, it is fresh though, right?" Lawernce picked up the shell cautiously.

Panwyn nodded.

Lawernce drank deeply, and then offered the shell to Mirria. She shook her head, no.

"Master Panwyn, what brings you so far inland?" Mirria was as bright and perceptive as Sari.

Panwyn pointed to Lawernce's sword, and shrugged.

"You heard the fight then? Well I hope someone else did too. Right we should start then. Can't send you back alone can I miss Mirria?" She smiled innocently. "Don't give me that look of Sari's. My thanks for the water Master Panwyn, come miss."

Lawernce stood on shaky legs while Mirria steadied him.
Panwyn shook his head and stepped closer.

"So you want to come, is that it then?" Lawernce asked, looking askance at Panwyn.

Panwyn nodded and pointed in the direction of the caves and shook his head. Pointing instead to the forest some distance away.

"Oh ho, you know where they took her then? Very well my silent friend, after you." Bowing aside (carefully) Lawernce and Mirria followed Panwyn.

* * * * *

Lordel appeared on the 'Wave Mistress' just as the scouts were leaving. Lordel noticed Gabbie pacing anxiously along the foredeck, Leslie was staring out to sea.

He coughed politely.

Gabbie paused and looked over, seeing Lordel's _expression she resumed her tireless pacing.

"There's no word Lordel, nothing." Leslie turned to face his Capitan. "No ones seen hide nor hair of any of them. The Gulls have all fled to the woods without trace. Nothing."

"My Lord, this whole thing seems fishy to me. I've many soldiers in the keep, but there are these two… one has certainly been touched, but neither shows the symptoms. The attack didn't seem right either. They were on the walls; there was no reason for them to pull back. Now with Sari missing… there is just something amiss."

Gabbie drifted over, "An Acoolie…"

"What?" Leslie and Lordel both looked blank.

"An Acoolie in our midst, someone sold Sari out." Gabbie's voice faltered.

"hmm, no that's not their style. Besides there have to be more than one." Leslie thought aloud,

"Acoolie may not, but peole would. My Lord, who aside from Sair, Morgan and Lawernce is unaccounted for?" Lordel's mind raced.

"I'm not sure, Chrysalis is on her way here now. Perhaps with her help we shall divine some answers." Leslie looked out across the city.

Ceilia was glad that the docks were clear it had been like swimming a rip getting to the 'Maiden Voyage' when everyone was in a panic.

Now all had returned home and she was escorting the wide-hipped Chrysalis, Storm Caller to the Master, to his ship.

Chrysalis (or simply Chrys, she said she was too old for long names) h ad droopy blue eyes that saw more than any other. Her waist length hair, shone like amethysts in the sun. There was none more respected or feared, for Chrys could see every secret in you heart of hearts. She was the Storm Caller. Mystical and powerful and –

"Ceilia will you stop day dreaming!" Chrys snapped.

"Yes Chrys, sorry Chrys."

"Don't you sorry me when you don't mean it. Sinking ships girl, focus on the present. Don't worry about the future and learn from the past. Remember your lessons, from us and from your father. No don't say a word! Ah here we are, hoy up there!"

Yes a character was old Chrys.


Chrys labored up the gangplank to the deck of the Wave Mistress; as soon as she found her footing she took control of the situation.

"Right, Gaberellien will you sit down! Don't waste your energy on pointless pacing, you will be needing it later. Don't stand there gawping Lordel, get Gaberellien and myself a stool or something. Quick now, I'm only getting older with waiting. Now Leslie, you'll be wanting answers yes? Well you'll not like them, nor the order I will give them. Thank you Lordel." She sank down gratefully onto the barrel Lordel had dragged over for her. Gabbie sat on a nearby trunk.

"Now as to your concerns over Acoolie, don't. There are none and were none, save for the unfortunates in the Holding cells of the Keep." Chrys closed her eyes as she spoke, her rapid speech slowing as she slid into trance. "All here on this ship are pure of heart and mind. There is doubt and fear among you, and there are some who would use this to further their own gains." She gasped "A bargin has been struck, a great evil grows. It is a time of turmoil and change." Chrys turned white eyes on each of them in turn, seeing and not seeing. "You will all be tested, the outcome I cannot foresee. Some must not fail, others…" She trailed off.

Everyone waited with bated breath. There had to be more than this.

"Ah, there they are." Blue flickered in the cloudy pools that were Chrys' eyes. "How interesting, but who did it? Ceilia," Chrys thrust out her hand. Ceilia took it swiftly and felt a jolt ripple through her. She gasped in shock.

"Whom so ever struck this baring has one with the Training with them. They are veiled, hidden. They also shall be getting more than they bargined for." Chrys blinked as the last words left her lips.

"What of Sari?" Leslie demanded.

"Ah, there see, now I told you, you wouldn't like it. I have seen her, she is well, but… restrained." Chrys squinted. "There are three who chase her, you want these three to catch her, mind. A haze surrounds those she is with. I cannot tell you more yet." Chrys sighed and wilted visibly. "I'm too old for al this. Gaberellien, might I lie awhile in your cabin? Thank you dear." Without waiting for an answer Chrys, with Ceilia in tow, proceeded to Gabbie's cabin, leaving everyone baffled at her abrupt departure.

 Once inside the Cabin Chrys slumped against Ceilia who was ready and waiting. "Oh Ceilia, oh we are in for an awful time. The wind is against us, but we must weather the oncoming storm. I hope you taught young Sari more that you should have. She will need it, though she has strange fortune in unlooked-for aid. He-hmm. Oh I must rest, help me Ceilia."

So Ceilia sat by and watched Chrysalis sleep, whilst running the words of vision over and over in her mind.


*        *        *        *        *


Ceilia wasn’t the only one to be pondering over the Storm Callers words. Leslie, Lordel, Dowen and Gabbie all sat around the helm discussing and debating.

“‘Some must not fail’ that doesn’t sound good.” Dowen mused aloud.

“Turmoil and change, a bargin struck, Sari missing – they’re connected. It must all be happening for a reason.” Gabbie spoke what seemed obvious.

“What I want to know is who is helping to hide them from Chrys. Wen, would you go to the Vault and check the names of any Storm Callers who failed in they’re training or dropped out. I want names, I want answers and I want Sari back!” Leslie ached inside. What if Sari was… no, he mustn’t think like that.

Dowen nodded and set off at a run.

“My Lord, who do you suppose is tailing Sari? ‘Three who chase her’? Who and why do we want them to catch her?” Lordel had an idea who at least one may be, perhaps even the second, but as to the third?

“Well, if she is alone and ‘restrained’ I’d say there’s an injured Lawernce on her tail at least.” The others nodded at the sense of Leslie’s answer. “As to who else… we don’t know who was with Sari at the time she left with Morgan. We simply are lacking information. When Chrys comes out, I want answers, not more questions!”


But would the Master get what he wanted.


←- Chapter 13, Plots Thicken pt 2 | Chapter 14, Shadowy Explanations pt 2 -→

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'Chapter 14, Shadowy explanations pt 1':
 • Created by: :-) Melissa O´Dowd
 • Copyright: ©Melissa O´Dowd. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Dreams, Mystery, Protection, Rescue
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