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Melissa O´Dowd

"Chapter 17, Half truths" by Melissa O´Dowd

SciFi/Fantasy text 8 out of 30 by Melissa O´Dowd.      ←Previous - Next→
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Sort of a chopped up chapter. It's been moved from its original place, and I need to do a rewrite. But its back to our Elven friends for a while
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←- Chapter 16, Knife of Obsidian | The Kings Record - Coming to Yonbe -→

Half Truths


ZeNeara groaned. Peter released the breath he did not know he was holding.

“Peter, would you hold her still? This is going to hurt.” Wilhelm told everyone.

Peter gripped ZeNeara’s shoulders. She closed her eyes tighter. Sorrel took hold of ZeNeara’s injured wing.

Wilhelm gripped the shaft in one hand, the other rested on the injured elbow. Just as he went to remove the shaft, Masey cried out.


“Wait! She can help.” All eyes swung to where Masey stood by the river, and gasped!

For standing in the centre of the river was something no one had ever seen before.


She had green-blue hair, which floated about her on the waters surface. Strange eyes stared back at them; round pools of never ending blue, with no whites to be seen.

She beckoned to Wilhelm, to bring ZeNeara to her. Sage looked uneasily from Wilhelm to ZeNeara, then to Peter.

Peter nodded.


Wilhelm, Peter, Sage and Nala carefully lifted ZeNeara. Amazed at how light she was, they manoeuvred her to the riverbank.

The creature moved closer, till she was half kneeling, half sitting above the water, and those near could see her lower half was covered in small green scales.

Softly Peter spoke “She’s the one who told us you were near, and in danger. She said her name was…” Peter squinted as he tried to remember.

“Melliodora.” The creature spoke; oh the word was music such as they had never heard. “Slp y f th lnd. Y f th lnds grn. Fl nt thng. Slp.” She intoned. ZeNeara’s eyes closed. Everyone tried to puzzle out what was said.

Melliodora began to sing again. Though the words were not understood, the entire company felt refreshed. Faber and Teop felt their old strength return.


Sage gasped.


All looked to where she was staring.


The arrow was lifting from ZeNeara’s wing of its own accord. Wilhelm and Sage leaned closer. They could see the damaged tissue, and were amazed as it knit itself back together.


The singing finished. ZeNeara opened her eyes, and stared into those round pools.

“Iust hankou, fotor ouioul everly gain.” She fell into her native tongue. (I must thank you, if not for you I could never fly again.)

Melliodora inclined her head. “Bwr, lnd bnd. Yr nmy hunts y. Sn ld dds wll b rpd.” {Beware land bound. Your enemy hunts you. Soon old deeds will be repaid}

“Inderstand Eead outhlong heiver. Ouldou ellhe oots hiseed oration? Suing heater hannels.” ZeNeara asked {I understand. we head south along the river. Could you tell the roots of the need for caution? Using the water channels?}

Melliodora nodded then she bent back at a painful angle, and slipped beneath the water, without a single splash or ripple.

“What was that all about?” Nala whispered.

“Are you all right ZeNeara?” Faber asked carefully.

“I am. As soon as possible we must leave this place. Melliodora” She said exactly how the creature had pronounced it, “Melliodora said we should head south. There is a spring fed lake there, where we can rest. But we must depart from here no later than midday.” ZeNeara twisted the truth, and left out much.


The Elves, unnerved by the entire experience, moved swiftly to strike camp. They began to move south in little under an hour after the morning incident.

When they had been walking for well over an hour in utter silence, the questions began to bubble out in rapid succession.

“What were those things?” Alex blurted.

“Why did they attack? What did we do to anger them?” Sage asked.

“Were they sent by ZeRouge?” Teop asked carefully.

“Why did they only attack ZeNeara?” Tara said softly.

“Peter how came you to be here in time? How did you understand that Mell… Mellhidora? Or what ever her name was.” Faber asked swiftly on top of Tara’s question.

“We…” Peter was interrupted before he began.

“Jalithe, how did you know?” Nala asked the child smoothly. Then apologised to Peter for interrupting.

ZeNeara’s eyes swung to Jalithe, “Nala what do you mean?” Jalithe shrunk back before her gaze.

Nala shrugged “Well, she came to Covus and I and said something was wrong. I wondered how she knew.”

“Well child? How did you know this?” ZeNeara was behaving oddly. She seemed cold.

“I…” Jalithe cast about her. Her fears of being cast out and alone rose within her heart. “I…”

“Oh let her be! It makes no difference if she heard them or not. Done is done, and cannot be undone.” Faber used every inch of her natural leadership to distract the others from the poor child.

Jalithe looked to Faber, thanks pouring from her eyes.

Peter spoke up “We are still too close,” He did not need to say to what. “ZeNeara how far is it to this lake?”

“Two, maybe three days march. We need to keep moving.” ZeNeara listened for a moment, swaying in the breeze. “There is a place to camp three hours march from here. We must be there before nightfall.”

With that they hoisted their packs and continued; in silence once more.


*        *        *        *        *


Yimir growled at her subordinate, “You should have said those scaly ones were near!”

Oolair flinched beneath those words. “I have failed you, my Mistress.” He held out his dark arms for her to strike. He was not as scared as her previous Apprentice had been, before Oolair had killed her.

Yimir sighed, and in one swift, smooth motion, she drew her polished black stone blade across Oolair’s left arm.

He did not even flinch.

Yimir growled deep in her throat again, “The Ti’Annir will not be please to hear of this.”



←- Chapter 16, Knife of Obsidian | The Kings Record - Coming to Yonbe -→

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'Chapter 17, Half truths':
 • Created by: :-) Melissa O´Dowd
 • Copyright: ©Melissa O´Dowd. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Danger, Healing, Magic, Surprise
 • Categories: Elf / Elves, Magic and Sorcery, Spells, etc., Mythical Creatures & Assorted Monsters, Mermaids, Leviathans, Underwater Creatures
 • Views: 430

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