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Katherine Nicole ´dys´ VanHoorn

"Water&Wings(Chapter Six)" by Katherine Nicole ´dys´ VanHoorn

SciFi/Fantasy text 6 out of 19 by Katherine Nicole ´dys´ VanHoorn.      ←Previous - Next→
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Here we go... the last chapter, kiddos! There's some definite yaoi in the story.. sorry, Rach, if you don't approve! ^_^ Sparrow and Jagkie are Copright Rachel M. Borovic (go see her gallery!) and everything else is copyrighted me. If you're confused, READ THE REST OF THE STORY. THank you. *skips off*
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←- Water&Wings(CHapter Five) | David -→

"I call the birds!"

He'd realize only later how absurd the words sounded. But at that moment, he believed them. He called on his own soul and when he felt his wings rustling by themselves he wished he could laugh right now. Asadd stared, disbelieving, caught off guard for a moment in time while Tenku laughed, his child's voice had changed to a deep man's voice, his tall form, with its arms thrown out, making SParrow want to cry for joy.

Birds were flying out of his wings. Sparrows, at least four times bigger than the average sparrow. He felt them tearing his feather suntil they had grouped over his head and his wings were gone, elaving only tiny bits of feathers at the base. Their beaks were sharply pointed like fangs and their wings somehow looked razor-sharp. They screamed out a challenge in a voice like a hawk's or an eagle's... nothing like a sparrow's voice. They flew at Asadd and pecked him with sharp pointy beaks, hit him with razorsharp wings, screaming over and over until they drowned out even Asadd's cursing, and blinded his pink rat's eyes. Sparrow took a stpe back, surprised and pleased and frightened all at once by what he had accomplished. Tenku went past him, suddenly, calling out that he called the wings of the water. Sparrow stared, icnredulous. Water didn't have WINGS, did it?

Apparently it did.. for the water suddenly flew from Tenku, forming a pair of wings, flying at Asadd and swirling around him. While the brids tore out his eyes and pecked at him, leaving bloody dents in his skin, the water wrapped in a bubble around him and tore away his air, getting into his mouth and lungs. Tenku looked worn them, so tired, so deeply tired and sad. Sparrow hadn't seen him like this before and he realized Tenku was giving its all for him, giving up fragments of its soul for him to help him get back Jagkie. And one day, he would be old, and wrinkled, and not itnerested in love anymore and Tenku, though it woudln't age, would go on loving him, and when he died it would mourn him for a year ebfore returning to the sea...

They kept attacking, the water kept swirling and Tenku said quietly he should go save Jagkie.. Sparrow leaned over and pressed his lips to the side of Tenku's face before running for Asadd's room, slamming open the door. Jagkie lay on thebed now, on his side, curle dinto a ball. A new red welt crossed his face, one that would be a horrible bruise later. Sparrow sighed softly and knelt beside the bed, stroking Jagkie's hair over the blindfold, which he untied and drew off. Amazed at Jagkie's eyes. The golden brown color stared into his, wet with tears, like looking into marbles or a wax statue of yourself. The word statue made Sparrow shiver, thinking of that poor Airfish in the other room that had almost made Tenkus cream. And that's what would have happened to Jagkie, too... if they ahdn't come in time. He imagined Jagkie suffocating inside that statue, becoming only bones that rattled when you shook the statue. Gathering Jagkie into his arms like Jagkie was the younger, smaller one. "Jagkie, we need you," he said softly, very softly. "You have to help us destroy Asadd. Only you."

Jagkie nodded slowly, hiding his face in Sparrow's neck. Sparrow found it wasn't an entirely unpleasant feeling. He used to do this when he and Jagkie had been only little kids.. hug each other and he would hide his face in jagkie.. Only when stuff went horrible wrong, though. Never other times. Jagkie had never liked hugs very much at times.. he'd spent his life searchning for someone he could love, who he could tell all his secrets to.... What about me, Sparrow thought? I know everything about him, I know all his secrets...

"I call a knife," Jagkie said softly. Sparrow was amazed, he knew just what to say. Like he always had, and jsut this moment did he feel the need to use it. "I call a knife made from my soul, my hurt and my desire and my pain all intertwined to kill him.." Softly, but with enough rage that it frightened Sparrow.

Jagkie held out his hands, cupped as if holding something and the knife melted in. It was silver, the color of the necklace, the blade shone dimly as if it was angry about something. At the top, a blue-green ball set into the handle with a dragon clutching it eagerly. The dragonw as silver-tinted-green, with long bird wings. Sparrow took it without hesitating. Jagkie's hands were shaking and SParrow thought he might hurt himself. "This will work, Jagkie," he murmered, laying Jagkie out on the bed. He heard a shout, then a dull thud outside behind him where the battle was raging, and suddenly felt his wings begin to melt in, the sparrows he had called settling down and becoming only feathers once again.

He ran out into the hallway to see Asadd pressing Tenku down to the floor. Tenku's arms were forced over his head, the delicate wrists held much too tightly by Asadd's long fingers. He was yanking hard at the tie to Tenku's pants and Tenku was crying. Sparrow thought he saw bruises forming aorund Tenku's mouth and didn't want to wait and see what they were from. He looked at Tenku, and Tenku saw him and looked back, eyes filled with tears.

He walked slowly forward, every movement seemed to hover in the air in slow motion, and he brought the knife down, watching it slam into Asadd's back, into the very center of him. Asadd let out a gasp and fell forward onto Tenku, who hissed and wriggled to get away from the blood. It seeped out and formed a puddle on the floor. Sparrow could ahrdly believe he had done it, had destroyed someone. To save Jagkie, it was worth murder, but still.. he stared as if he had never seen a dead person before, and he had. Mother.... His eyes stayed wide and unbeleiving and Tenku finally got himself up and dragged Sparrow back.

"He's dying," Tenku whispered, watching as well. Asadd shook, shivered and then seemed to curl up until the bundle at their feet was no bigger than a toddler. Sparrow reached down and attempted to touch it but it was like ash.. it blew away in his fingers, leaving the knife stuck into soemthing black and deeply glowing. It was a stone. And soon it too crumpled into ash, leaving only the knife. And that faded away too.

Sparrow and Tenku were left simply watching, and then they held onto each other tight, both of them still frightened, Tenku by the awareness of what had come so clsoe to happening, and sParrow by the thought that he could have been like this, that anyone could be and might be and just hid it better than others. They shuddered into each other, each clinging like if they let go the other would disappear. And they might.

"He's gone..." A whisper and SParrow and Tenku turned around. Jagkie stood in the doorway, leaning against it, pale and bruised, and hurt inside beyond normal healing. His face was flushed and Sparrow thought he might have a fever. Or maybe he was just happy. "Sparrow, you did it..."

Tenku began to laugh and shoved Sparrow at Jagkie, letting the two hug eahc other. Sparrow whispered about how he never meant for this to happen, and finally Jagkie pulled away.

"It was my fault," He began, voice wavering. "I met him back home. He asked me, then, if I would go get coffee with him. I did.. and he tlaked, and.. I realized he frightened me and tried to leave... He told me if I elft he'd hunt me down and kill anyone in his way if I wouldn't come to him. I didn't believe him.." His vocie faltered and he had to clear his throat before he could continue. Sparrow tried to touch his hand but he pulled away so violently it made SParrow wince.

"And then we got on that ship.. I don't even know why... the storm, he found me wandering, trying to find you and he looked at me... his eyes glowed.. he touched my face.." One of Jagkie's hands went to his cheek, apparently where he had been touched. SParrow only watched, stunned. "He told me a few days ago.. he caused the storm. He followed us and caused the storm and then found me and amde me his. He.. He thought he loved me, he... didn't want anyone else to have me. Oh... SParrow, it hurt so much.. all of it.."

Sparrow shook his head. "It's not your fault," he murmered, shocked by what he'd heard. Why hadn't Jagkie told him he'd met someone so threatening. They always told each other everything. Jagkie still woudln't let Sparrow touch him. Tenku slid his arms around Sparrow, strong, man-arms, reassuring. Jagkie watched them with a bitter smile.

"Here you've found someone to take care of you... to care for you and I'm here, all alone.. I've been looking my whole life, for someone who wanted only me and didn't want other people at the same time.... someone I could talk to, someone to know everything inside and otuside of me, about my soul, someone to tell me what my soul LOOKS like... and here I'm alone, I'm alone and you're the one who always wanted to be alone and you've got someone..." Jagkie looked like he was going to cry, his cheeks bright red, his eyes like marbles rolling in his head, hair dirty with old paint and his chest streaked with bruises, sort of like paint in itself. Blue, brown, rddish paint that hurt. "I... I tried, so ahrd to resist him, Sparrow... but he'd just make me look at him and everything would slide away... everything. You, homne, my friends, everything. And I jsut wanted to sleep, or dance. Then he'd.. hurt...." ANd Jagkie shuddered. It was a violent shudder, like an earthquake in jagkie's body and with a cry Sparrow ran to him, away from Tenku and grabbed Jagkie, holding the shivering, sobbing body against him. He hated to be the strong one, it had never happened before... well, once. And that had been on this island too. And maybe a time when they were both little and Jagkie cried into the night because he thought the tiger in his dreams might be there when he woke up... He sought Jagkie's face and kissed all ove rit, soft ones, so gentle they wer elike whispers, whispers that said he would never hurt him. Theyw eren't lovers and probably never would be, but they were better than that, theyw ere like brothers.

"I know you inside and out,"Sparrow whispered, as Jagkie continued to sob, and Sparrow felt the heat coming through the skin of his back, his wings all dirty with the paint as well. Jagkie's wings were beautiful even in dissarray like this. SParrow loved his wings. "I know you won't eat cheeseburgers are ten P.M., I know your favorite movie was Labyrinth even though you say it's A Hard Day's Night. I know you like your coffee only when it's French Vanilla without anything else in it.. and if it's normal that you put French Vanilla creamer in. I know that you used to dream white tigers were under your bed, and that there was quicksand under there they would drag you into.." He tried to get Jagkie to look at him, finally succeeding.

Jagkie smiled faintly through the tears blurring his vision. "You do know everything about me, Sparrow... I want someone to be.. be a different kind of love, though. You're a brother..."

"I can be anything you want, Jagkie," Sparrow whispered. Tenku, he noticed hung back, staring at them with an expression SParrow didn't recognize. A curiously blank one that seemed to have the very edges of hate and jealousy and sadness and bitter, helpless love all at once. Because.. oh, Tenku thought he really loved Jagkie that way... SParrow smield at Tenku and drew him into the embrace as well, the man's body, the three of them standing there. "What was he," Sparrow whispered," What was Asadd?"

"Asadd was.. our fears, I guess. me of the white tiger with pink eyes who loved and wanted only me and didn't want anyone else to have me... yours of rats and people with skin so white as that. And probably THAT'S fear of being alone." Nodding his head at Tenku. Tenku looked away, but didn't pull out of the hug. Sparrow smiled and started to lead them out of the house. He was getting a feeling it might crumple any moment into Ash and bury them in it, amidst paintings and sculptures and statues. They exited and as soon as they got out the house became dust and the necklace round Jagkie's neck crumpled as well, peices of silver glinting in the dirt. Sparrow looked at Jagkie, then at Tenku, and took them back to the hotel.

Jagkie slept in the bed for three days, and Tenku and Sparrow slept on the floor, curled in and around eahc other. Jagkie didn't want to be touched, or have anyone near him when he slept. Sparrow understood that, the pain of it, and all. He'd been jumped by odler boys when he was younger and for weeks hadn't let anyone even brush up against him accidentally. They gave Jagkie time. It was ahrd to heal fromt his and maybe Jagkie never would. But he might learn he could trust at least two people in the world.

It was nearly a week before they left. Another ship, which Tenku ahd paid for by some more of that money it just seemed to have. It didn't change back to a child.. Sparrow liked it better as an adult and so it would stay that way. Theyw ere going home... Jagkie stood, staring out at the sea with a stone expression on his face, winged once more inside where no one saw them. Sparrow and Tenku ate small meals and fed each other sometimes, laughing when soup dribbled down Tenku's chin ebcause he wasn't sure about it. He'd never eat fish though...

He still dreamed about it, the quicksand dragigng him down. But the man was different this time and Jagkie wasn't his helpless prisoner. Instead SParrow could fight his way out and he could run into the waiting arms of a part-fish, part-bird, part-boy who had been waiting for him for a long time. HE'd escape the quicksand and the nightmare wouldn't wake him up... instead he simply dreamed..


←- Water&Wings(CHapter Five) | David -→

14 Jun 200145 Rach's Comments (Before I had to replace all)
eee! nah, i don't mind the yaoi at all.. though i'm still not sure how the manga is going to be exactly (though i'm pretty sure it won't end up yaoi.. more shounen ai maybe XD) awesome story *wipes away a tear* thank you so much for writing it and sharing it with me 18 i'll get off my lazy butt and work on your picture pretty soon ^^:; sorry about that. *hugs* arigato gosaimasu!! and, if you ever write anymore stories, be sure to tell me! i'd love to see whatever else you do 18

*grin* Can't wait for the rest of the manga.... I love Sparrow and Jagkie so much. *steals them*
23 Dec 2001:-) Del ´Delusion´ Borovic
gwahhh T_T;; i read it again *ROFL* i'm such a sap ;_; but it's sooo good T_T it makes me cry every time XD how did you write it without bawling? ;_; gah *clingtoyou* thank you thank you again XDDDD i'm such a spaz XBB but i love this story T___T gwah
13 Oct 2002:-) Jessica C. Tandy
I read the whole thing and it was awsome!!! Write more stories like this! Pretty pleeaaaseee!
30 Dec 2002:-) K. 'Mad-Katter' Houseman
*smiles and sighs* I'm not usually a yaoi fan, but I really like this story. I'll probably be back in about a month or so... 'Stumbling back' to read it again... *smiles and slowly walks off as if in a slight daze*
20 Nov 200345 Ashita
I love this story. You're an awesome writer. Normally I really don't like "and they lived happily ever after" stories, but this one was really amazing. You have real talent. Keep up the good work!
3 Apr 2004:-) Laura Janssen
I love the story so much. It's so good!
The feelings, everything is so touching.

*grins* My father almost had to rip me away of your story, didn't wanted to stop reading. It really pulls you into another world.
12 Apr 200445 Celina
I love your story but i think it would be even better if you fix some of your spelling mistakes.
31 Mar 200845 Anon.
i loveloveloveed it!!!!!*tear*it was soooo good...and sad!!
23 Jun 2008:-) Wanderingarrow
YEah Yeah Yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!!!!!!!!! Just what I was looking for: so beautiful, lovely, and touching. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! 2
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'Water&Wings(Chapter Six)':
 • Created by: :-) Katherine Nicole ´dys´ VanHoorn
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 • Keywords: Airfish, Asadd, Jagkie, Sparrow, Tenku, Yaoi
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