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Ray Valen

SciFi & Fantasy Fiction and Stories by Ray Valen

Ray doesn't want you to read anything except for the Shadow Master prologue, which is his 1st update in quite a few years...

Dragon Knight
Society Set
Shadow Master 1 - Prologue
Who Knows...
Worlds Collide

11 Jun 2011:-) Michael J Routley
Dont try to understand me, you’ll only hurt yourself. I thend to joke a bit too much at times, so just cough, clear your throat, and hope I go away soon. LOL

I just finshed reading your shadow master pro’ and would like to see the rest of it some time. it really is a bit of a cliff hanger, raising many questions and giving no answeres. But I guess thats the best way to write a prologue.

I hope I’m not laying on too much criticism, But I truly like to be honest but understanding in my opinion on various works. Rather than giving hollow praise, and I will welcome the same constructive criticism in return.

:-) Ray Valen replies: "Lol, too much criticism? What you posted I don’t even consider criticism at all... Lol, I dunno if the Muffin Lance (Alice Smith) left one of her deathly crusades against one of the stories I still have up here.. I got some HARD criticism there, but really, i love how much it helped me. So if anything I’d ask you to criticize some more 2"
26 Nov 2011:-) Meg Rachor
Rawr! I’m the cookie monster and I think I only said that because I want cookies. Hi! What’s up?

:-) Ray Valen replies: "Heyo... I dunno why it is that I don/t reply to messages when I get them. I mean, I saw the email notification when you posted and then.. nothing.

Did you get your cookie?"
15 Jan 2012:-) Michael J Routley
Hey, its been a while. thought, looks like its been as dead for you as its been for me here. I’m spending most of my time in Devaint art, but i’m missing my old friends. you can always comment on my elfwood profile I always check it. or check me out at deviant art.


:-) Ray Valen replies: "I check out your n jess’ deviant pages every now and then (like, every few weeks) but I just have no bond to that place, so dnt really comment.
I dunno...
Maybe because there are so many comments or stuff, i feel like mine would just be another drop in the bucket so not worth the effort.

I still intend to write more and update this place. Not for anybody else, just for myself... but the fundamental flaw in that plan is the fact that I haven’t written in months. I tell people I like writing but I don’t. I like coming up with ideas but I’m too lazy to flesh it out and put it on paper, so to speak."
12 Mar 201245 Nicola
I haven’t been on this site for years now. I actually can’t remember the last time I was on here. Things for me haven’t changed that much a part from my stress level I guess.

Anyway, I just wanted to say ’Hello’ since it’s been quite a while since I’ve been here so ’Hello’.

:-) Ray Valen replies: "Hehe, I assumed you’d forgotten about me ;P
Was wondering if I’d ever hear from you again.
3 Apr 2012:-) Meg Rachor
Well, in the time since I posted that message, I have had plenty of cookies.

:-) Ray Valen replies: "Well that’s good. I’ve also eaten loads of cookies since then. Care to compare?"
19 Apr 2012:-) Meg Rachor
Nope, no comparisons. Then I will feel fat XD

:-) Ray Valen replies: "Well as long as nobody saw you eat the cookies then they contained no calories.. isn’t that right?"
13 Nov 2012:-) Meg Rachor
Hi hi!!!

:-) Ray Valen replies: "Hi Hi Hi"
18 Nov 2012:-) Meg Rachor
How’re you, my cookie-fiend friend?

:-) Ray Valen replies: "Oh I don’t know... sitting here feeling all sorry for myself because nobody ever comments on my elfwood page anymore :’(

Haha, actually I’m pretty great. Currently busy learning Korean. How are you?"
20 Jan 2013:-) Meg Rachor
Mr. Ray!!!!!!!!

:-) Ray Valen replies: "Message from Ray’s answering machine: Ray isn’t in right now. Please leave a message after the beep.......


*crickets chirp*"
26 Feb 2013:-) Meg Rachor
Guess what!
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