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Arthur Kronecker

Arthur Kronecker

Arthur will be back, therefore he is.

NEW - Fanart gallery has been opened! Be sure to check it out! Here, have a link to it. FANART

Everyone is welcome to comment in my little gallery. Also, constructive criticism is welcome too and woud be very much appreciated. Hope you can find something to enjoy and have a nice day!


Macharius Rex (17.03.2014.)

Horror vacui (23.02.2014.)

Leshonky (16.02.2014.)

Leshy (13.02.2014.)

Landsknecht (02.02.2014.)

There's no way I will be able to keep up with this upload tempo! (3 new uploads in 2 weeks after a year of stagnation...)

Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Movies and TV Shows
Game of Thrones... of course! Anything with Hannibal Lect... I mean Anthony Hopkins! Oh, those are not scifi or fantasy, for the most part at least. Ok, then... Supernatural. Yes, I like to watch that one. Guilty as charged! -Her, Oblivion, Event Horizon, S. King's Storm of the century, Evil Dead, Star Trek with Picard. Salem's lot (2004). And LOTR, of course. Original, I know.
Favorite Music
Judas Priest, Tim Ripper Owens, Rob Halford, Ralf Scheepers, Eric Adams, Primal Fear, Manowar, Avantasia, Human Fortress, Demon Hunter, Pantokrator, Phil Collins. Thompson, Azra, Film, Haustor, Brkovi! (props to those who know about last 5 ones) Also classical music and chants.
Friends at Elfwood
Friends at Elfwood: Thomas Anlauf(Old friend) , John R Farley Jr(Old friend) , Zach Polar Bexar Rath(Old friend) and Brooke Frederick(Drinking buddy) .

Guestbook for Ingot

11 Feb 2014:-) Gary Gibson
A Canadian was driving through the United States, and stopped in a small town in the deep south. He walks into a bar, and as soon as he enters, everyone stops talking, and stares suspiciously at the man.

He orders a coffee, and the bartender serves him and says, "We don’t get many strangers around here. Where are you from?"

Canadian: "I’m from Toronto, Canada."
Bartender: "What do you do?"
Canadian: "I’m a taxidermist."
Bartender: "A what? You drive a taxi?"
Canadian: "Taxidermist. I mount animals."

The bartender smiles and calls to the other men at the back of the room, "He’s all right, guys! He’s one of us!"
11 Feb 2014:-) Gary Gibson
A wise man was asked, "What hurts more, for a woman to give birth or for a man to be kicked in the balls?" The wise man considered the question for a few minutes, and answered: "The latter! A year after giving birth a woman might want to have another baby, but a year after being kicked in the balls, a man will not desire another!"

:-) Arthur Kronecker replies: "hahah, good one!"
14 Feb 2014:-) Eddie bob Bowers
I like your work.

:-) Arthur Kronecker replies: "Thanks."
15 Feb 2014:-) Brooke Frederick
Hey, I was thinking that you might like my friends work as well, she also draws some gritty things. Her page is here: http://www.elfwood.com/~piles She’s been collaborating with me on a story for a while now.

’Any rate, I look forward to seeing more of your art/stories. Are the three illustrations in your fantasy gallery currently related to a larger project you are working on?

:-) Arthur Kronecker replies: "Thanks for the recommendation, I took a peek and I like what I seen. It will be interesting to see if there will be some connection between the art you 2 upload. (Her THE WALLS picture features 2 women, that remind me of your 2 characters, but they could be different ones too.)

There is 1 pic waiting for the moderation, should be up soon. Leshy and Dark Lantern are part of same project, Landsknecht is another one."
15 Feb 2014:-) Brooke Frederick
Yeah, they’re the same characters. Most of what we post will be connected. I can’t wait to see the next one you posted~
16 Feb 2014:-) Emily Piles
Another stalker is in the night. pitter patter pitter patter

:-) Arthur Kronecker replies: "Oh noes! What will I do??"
21 Feb 2014:-) Brooke Frederick
Darn Ems, we dun scared him off now. We can never keep nice things...

:-) Arthur Kronecker replies: "Is it...Is it safe now? I had some things to take care of, and now I am off to your gallery, I saw some neat updates!"
4 Apr 2014:-) Kayla Ciera Moraranel Ziegler
Wow! Love your work! Special appreciation for all the clothing detail 1

:-) Arthur Kronecker replies: "Thank you! Glad you found something to like."
12 Apr 2014:-) Magdalena Xandar Olga
Very interesting gallery. You’ve got very inspired imagination 2

:-) Arthur Kronecker replies: "Thank you very much! Glad you like my works!"
15 Apr 2014:-) Brooke Frederick
I seen you have a fan art page! I wonder what kind of fan art you plan on posting. I’m certain you will do some Warhammer. I’d like to see some of that...

:-) Arthur Kronecker replies: "I used to have some WH 40K fanart back in the day. It is certainly an area of my focus, so there may be some of it in the future. But not at the moment! To be honest, I just made 1 picture, and since it just happens to be fanart I was forced to open the new gallery so I can shamelessly show it off."
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Arthur Kronecker

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