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Lindsey Leigh Hunter

"In My Own Little World" by Lindsey Leigh Hunter

SciFi/Fantasy text 1 out of 2 by Lindsey Leigh Hunter.      ←Previous - Next→
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Well it started out to be a very serious play but in the end it turned out to be a parody on typical Dramatic Fantasy plays I guess. Hope you Enjoy my Fantasy world I created. Please understand I'm not a normal thinking person :) that should help you understand.
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In My Own Little World


ACT I Scene I


Brilline- (Dreaming) the walls around my life seem to shrink with each passing day. The price on my crown grows.  The patience of he whom seeks my soul diminishes. NO! Don’t go please, please Mother stay (pause) what is it? (Pause) I don’t understand. Wait please don’t go! (Wake up) Wait! (Pause) I, I… that dream, it was… she was trying to tell me something, where have I… The Tapestry Room? Wait I’m like seriously confused now…..oh yeah….. Duh… GO TO the tapestry room…. gottcha (Rushes off).




Aiden- (steps out from place of hiding cloaked slowly saying) Carsara Sensum Diole. Find it Brill. Find it and save us all.


ACT I Scene II


Brilline- Which one… Which one was it (A voice is heard in a different language) What? I can’t understand you? I… The unicorn it’s behind the unicorn tapestry. (Lifts the tapestry and finds a door opens it and walks inside picks up the journal lying on the table) my…my mother’s journal (opens and reads it)… “My daughter, I know there will be a time when you read this and everything in your life will seem to make no sense.  Don’t be afraid my little Brill, your friends are everywhere.  But so are your enemies….” What in Verra Wang…. I’m a… no this cant be right…..Aiden? (Runs out) Aiden? (Bumps into him)



Aiden- What is it Brill?


Brill- My parents… My life... I’m I’m…

Aiden- Spit it out Brill.


Brill-( Brill spits her Gum into Aiden’s Hand) DON’T REALLY SPIT PLEASE! But this is more important Aiden.

 (Hands him the journal) It says my parents didn’t die by accident.  They planned their death.  The whole thing with the Tupperware Party getting out of hand and the fire… THEY planned that!


Aiden- Brill now listen…


Brill- You knew? I guess it doesn’t matter now. (Pause) I know they did it because of this evil. That’s really all she says about it.  She never says why… and she never says how to stop it.


Aiden- Well you seem to be taking this quite well. (AIDEN MAKES A DINGING SOUND) Oh... Tea Time…. (Both sit down and have tea before jumping up and getting into character again)


Brill- Not exactly.  I just found out my whole life has been a lie Aiden. I just found out I’m the only one who can fix it. She mentions someone else briefly but then never spoke of them again. I think they were supposed to help me… but something must have happened to this person.  What am I supposed to do?


Aiden- You were meant to find this now Brill.  I am here to teach you what you should have learned a long time ago. Only then will you find out all you need to know. (Hands her a**************) This was your mother’s. (HANDS HER A PIECE OF PAPER)  Take this as well; memorize it for tomorrow so I can begin teaching you what I know. (Leaves)


Brill- (to self) Tarras Ignis Aquana all three Elements of Astral I summon Thee, Earth By Divinity, Divinity By earth Give The Enemy The Power to see The strength of the elements by my side. No Rules of magic I shall abide…. (BRILL SWIRLS AROUND THE ROOM MAKING SWISHING NOISES) I am a Marsela... a witch… wait… does this mean I have to paint my face green, go rub a toad on my face, and Cackle? Aiden? (Runs off) Aiden… Do I?



Act I Scene VI << notice how it goes from 3 to 6


Brill- Aiden, I need to leave. I have been studying with you for a WHOLE two days now.  Hardly resting, eating on the go, doing strenuous exercises( STARTS COUNTING THME ON HER FINGERS) The 4 push ups and the 10 crunchies and… and the car waxing… IM perfectly trained now! AND! You have yet to tell me what I am supposed to be working towards.  What is this that I am to be afraid of? Tell me so I can try to save us.


Aiden - Please be patient Brill.


Brill- I am leaving and there is nothing you do can stop me.  Good Bye Aiden. (Starts to walk off)


Aiden- I didn’t want to have to do this Brill but you leave me no choice.  Encantal. Ustrum, Barno, Stay in this castle and leave not its walls. For great Danger lies outside and though it beckons and though it calls you will not be able to leave these halls.


Brill- Well that was special.


Aiden- Stay and learn Brilline.  You will not survive if you leave now.

(Brill gives an evil look and rushes out)


Aiden- You will thank me soon enough Brill.



Act I Scene (Don’t know the number, and last scene really went from 2 to 6)

Brilline is seen leaving the castle and going into the woods.


Brill- please don’t be angry with me Aiden.  This is my burden and I can’t let anyone else get hurt by it.  I don’t know where I’m going and I don’t know where I am… (MAKE THIS APPARENTLY DITZY) but at least I’m not lost. What in the world? (Evil Critters show up) LEAVE ME ALONE!!! (Brill Runs Off, Aiden as the cloaked figure seen in the begging steps out from behind a tree and finishes the creatures off with a simple wave)




Aiden- Brill… what have you done?



Act I Scene VII (not really but who cares)

Brill runs into view out of breath


Brill- Why won’t these things leave me alone? I can’t stop for more then an hour before more show up. That’s not even time for me to fix my hair.


Daremore- Fear not Brill for I know your story and I will help you.


Brill- Who are you?


Daremore- I am THE GREAT! Daremore. I am a Friend of a friend of a friend of a friends friend…………………………………….. Who was sent by a friend to help you?


Brill- How can I trust you? I don’t know who I am supposed to be trusting out here. I don’t even know where I am going.


Daremore- Just trust, that’s all there is.  Come with me Brill pat the Grove, Over the Big Hill, Through Glenview, Under Virginia, Around Iraq…. It would be shorter to go through it… but you know…Anyways we will go straight through Camelot and arrive in Nightshire, THERE we will find safety and can meet up with his (SAID LIKE SPORTS ANOUNCER) ROYAL GODLINESS.




Daremore- I am supposed to keep that a secret.


Brill- Then I will not go till you tell me… I will sit right here and pout. FEAR THIS POUT Daremore.


Daremore- (chuckles) as you wish Brill.  (DAREMORE MAKES A DINGING SOUND) Tea Time! (BOTH SIT AND HAVE TEA!) Ok Time to go Brill.


Brill- (Happy!!!) Ok……. (Confused thinking) wait a minute! (Trying to remember) Wasn’t I just… (Darmore Exits… Brill stomps her foot and follows after him)


Act I Scene VIII

Brill is seen sleeping alone by a fire with Daremore watching the woods. A Noise is heard and Daremore travels off stage.  Someone walks onto the stage with an animal in hand she mumbles something and then sets the animal off stage the way Daremore went


Brill- Daremore when will we leave? Daremore? (Yells) Daremore? You… YOU LIAR! I trusted you! You alone were my last hope…


Adel- Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall Humpty Dumpty had a great fall….  Like did you know Peter Piper hit him with a pepper? That’s why he fell… and the king’s horses got sick from eating the nine day old peas porridge... so they couldn’t put him together again.


Brilline-(CONFUSED and a bit like… She’s NUTS!) I beg your pardon.


Adel- Daremore did not lie to you child, I just happened to, how you would say… Interfere with his plans.  Did you know there just so happens to be a lovely little price on your head? 


Brilline- I know the reason why… mostly… But what I don’t know is who.


Adel- Cacil


Brill- My Uncle?


Adel- Yes, and my master, but not for long see, you Brill are my ticket to freedom. 


Brill- What possibly could my Uncle want with…


Adel- that’s not for me to say you are just my prisoner.


Brilline- what happened to Daremore?


Adel- Look here.  See there (points)


Brilline- why… That’s me! (Brill sees herself walking with Daremore in what appears to be the present time LOOK OFF STAGE!)  But I’m here…. You’re a…


Adel- Margene, yes I am. Creating a mirage is my game. Fooling others just the same.  Margene Adel of Castin would be my name. (bows)


Cacil (as a tree) - Stop Fooling around Adel!


Adel- Yes Sir! Sorry sir. (Scared and frantic)


Brilline- Oh My! Uncle? (Confused)


Cacil- you were expecting a person?


Brill- Well…


Cacil- I can’t leave this damn place because of your parents and you!  And you expect me to come in person? Child you know nothing! 


Brilline- That’s not my fault! I just found out my whole life has been a lie, and you expect me to know this “supposed” entrapment?


Cacil- Well, Well, Capa and my brother kept the poor little brat in the dark. I had been hired to take Dumar from you and your family. To keep me from taking it, my own Brother and his Demon wife had me imprisoned in my own home! AND I can’t leave until you’re here!


Brilline- Who where you hired by? Is this what I’m supposed to find? Are you and your employer the Evil? And what do I have to do with you being imprisoned?


Cacil- You’ll see.  Adel? Hurry here and no showing off! You’ll mess something up like usual.


Adel- Oh All right. But Josulin wasn’t my fault! How was I supposed to know that he had just looked at a cat? He was supposed to have seen Saries, besides he makes a good mouse hunter.  He caught 6 mice last week, and two rats.  All though he got chased by Rodney… WHO ALSO! Wasn’t my fault!  Dummy just HAD to be looking in the mirror at Spike While I was trying to change him into President Bush…. World Domination is so hard.


Cacil- (Screams) Just GET HERE WITH OUT MESSING THIS UP! (Leaves)








Daremore- Oh… Hey

Brill… I thought you were sleeping.


Adel- Hear that Spoiled brat. You’re gonna be in trouble if YOU mess this up.


(At Same Time)

Daremore- I beg your pardon Princess?

Brilline- Whatever


Adel- (looking Frantic) (To Daremore) umm… nothing. (To Brill). SO don’t try any funny stuff!


(At Same Time)

Daremore- I would not dare!

Brilline- I’m sooo afraid



Adel- (To Daremore) What? Oh… never mind… (To Brill) Just Go To Sleep


(At same time)

Daremore- Umm…. Brill? Did you know you have a tail?

Brilline- Good night then (rolling eyes) “All mighty captor!”



Adel- (to Daremore) Huh? Oh that? (Pulls it off) See Gone!

Daremore- I didn’t know you learned how to do any of that yet


Adel- (to Daremore) What do you think?  I’m stupid?


(At same time)

Daremore- Well…..kinda.

Brilline- What are you talking about foul creature?



Adel- (To Daremore) You’ll see I’m the best Margene ever!


(At Same Time)

Daremore- Margene? (Realizes it’s Adel not Brill) ADEL… (Runs off)

Brilline- Who are you talking to?



Adel- uh oh…. Wait Come back! (Laughs)!!! See! It was a joke! Really! (Laughs)! All a joke Daremore! (To Brilline) Sssshhh!


Brilline - Daremore? Daremore! You’re talking to (to air) Daremore. I’m HERE! IM HERE!!!! (Continues to call)


Adel- Hush... HUSH!!!! He will find you! HUSH BRILL! (Do that pattern till daremore shows up)


Daremore- Brill! (Grabs her by the hand raises his hand to Adel who freezes and they run off stage.)



Act 1 Scene (something)

Daremore- (out of breath) Are you alright?



Brill- (out of breath) yes…. Fine…. thank you, but we can’t stop here; this mud is ruining my $600 Chanel shoes.


Daremore- Ummmm… ok…. but tell me first what did Adel wanted.


Brill- oh yeah right…. (DRAMA MODE) It’s my uncle, Daremore… He’s behind this… well he said he was “hired” by someone.


Daremore- (TO AUDIENCE) Does Someone have the time? My watch stopped and I do believe it is getting close to tea time. (TO BRILL) REALLY? We thought it was someone else.


Brill- Who is WE????? No one wants to tell me, not you Not Aiden Not Anyone!  Someone else is manipulating all this from the shadows, I want to know who!


Daremore- (takes Brill’s hand and starts on their way) Aiden was right, you are demanding.


Brill- (Brill pulls her hand away) you know Aiden? (Daremore stops dead in his tracks)


Daremore- Well… um… (WINCES) yes.


Brill- I can’t believe this… MORE deception! (Cloaked Figure Appears off to the side) Who or WHAT is that?


Daremore- (Kneels to the figure) Your (SAID LIKE SPORTS ANOUNCER) ROYAL GODLINESS!


Brill- Ohhhhhh So this is his (SAID LIKE SPORTS ANOUNCER) ROYAL GODLINESS….So let me guess Daremore’s been lying to me this whole time and in reality you are the Evil.


Aiden- No I’m…. (Daremore Jumps to his feet when Evil Appears)


EVIL- IF YOU WANT SOMETHING DONE RIGHT YOU HAVE TO DO IT YOURSELF! AHHHHHHHHHHHH MINIONS!!! GOOD FOR NOTHINGS!!! There, there, Brilline. Soon this will all be over.  Brilline, Join me and we will be a power like no other. We will be unstoppable! We were meant to alter the lives of Marselas everywhere.  Join me and purge this world of creatures like them! They are but lowly creatures unlike us Brilline. I can teach you to use your power to its full extent Brill. You are out of time to decide, are you going to run? Or will you stay and fight by my side? For running will get you three steps before I destroy you. Choose Brill. It is time to end this.


Brilline- Before I Choose, I have one thing to ask, why?


Evil- Always so curious Brill, Never resting till you had your answers… Always My Little Brill. Just my little Brill.


Brilline- (looks Horrified) - No…. you … you cant be… mother?

Evil- YES Brill… I AM YOUR FATHER! (STEP OUT OF CHARATER) WELL (MAKE THIS SOUND LIKE CENSORSHIP BLEEPS!!!)  BLEEP BLEEPED BLEEPEDY BLEEP… can we try that again please? (SOMEONE IN AUDIENCE SAYS SURE! THEN. YES BRILL! I AM YOUR MOTHER!!!! (Throws head back and laughs) Sorry you had to find out like this Hun but yes… you are correct.  Join me now Brill. Join me and live. (EVIL LAUGH)



Brilline-  NOoooooooooooo   EeesssSTttttaaaaALlllllaaaaaaA BbbbbboooooOrrrrrRIiiiiisssssssSS…( Daremore Raises his hands closes his eyes and mumbles to himself)



Aiden- (Pulls back hood lifts both hands and calls out) Silian Castros!


(Evil falls to the floor)




Brilline- (Looks back at Aiden and looks surprised) Aiden? (Aiden Nods, Evil Coughs, Brill Moves to the side of her mother sitting on the floor with her) Why Mother? What was so wrong with the world?


Evil- Someone made me a better offer.  How could I refuse eternal life with you by my side?  I had to give up your father and start that fire at the Tupperware party….. Hey if it was really fire proof think of the new sales pitch…. But luckily it was and I got out and everyone BURNED TO DEATH!!!(EVIL LAUGH!!!! BACK TO DEATH VOICE) Be careful Brill… He’s still out there.


Briline- Who? Who is this?


Evil- He is th….


Brilline- Mother? Mother? Who?…


Aiden- Come  Brill, it’s over for now.  Let’s get you home you need to rest after this.

(Hold out his hand to Brill)


Brilline- (sobbing, starts to put her hand in Aiden’s and then pulls it back Aiden drops his hand to his side) ( confused)Who are you Aiden?


Aiden- Your friend Brill, I always have and I always will be. I am the person your mother spoke of in her Diary.  I am the one who sent Daremore. And I’m the one who will keep you safe till this is all over.


Brilline- That means you’re the… (DING TEA TIME!) Ok where were we? Oh yes… TEA TIME!


Aiden- (WHISPER so audience can hear) No Brill we were at the part where we figure out who I really am.


Brill- Oh, yes, yes, I remember now. That means you’re the…


Aiden- Yes, the King of Nightshire,  my parents went to the Tupperware party your mother was hosting and to talk about how to defeat the evil… your mother it seems sold her loyalty to the Evil… All we can do now is prepare for when it comes. (Holds back out his hand and Brill Takes it and he pulls her to her feet All Three walk off back to Palace)


Brilline- Aiden? What are you getting me for my birthday? Because you know I have a whole list of things I want…. I want a Pony and a Malibu beach house. Oh and a Jaguar and a million dollars.  Don’t forget a Tiffany Diamond, Ooo Ooo Ooo and I want a Princess Bed with Big Fluffy Pink Satin Pillows!


Aiden- You Already have one of those.

Brilline- Oh… Right… Well I want another!





































































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'In My Own Little World':
 • Created by: :-) Lindsey Leigh Hunter
 • Copyright: ©Lindsey Leigh Hunter. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Humor, Princess, Spells, Witch
 • Categories: Fights, Duels, Battles, Humourous or Cute Things, Magic and Sorcery, Spells, etc., Mythical Creatures & Assorted Monsters, Royalty, Kings, Princes, Princesses, etc, Wizards, Priests, Druids, Sorcerers..., Parody
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