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George R Vieira IV

SciFi & Fantasy Artwork by George R Vieira IV

George always has more stuff to do....

Dwarves are great
Fix yourself
Fix Yourself (colored)
Frog Dude Colored
Mind Controling Frogs
Mutant Punk vs Power Armor
My Orc
Old devil
Old Wizard in Armor
Orc Sculpture
Snider big pic
Space Ship
Teslof "RPG Character"
The Party vs The Apago
Unfinished dragon

29 Aug 2004:-) Chantal El-Bikai
Heyy! I absolutly love the models!! And fix yourself is great! Keep doin more clay modle pple ^.^

13 George R Vieira IV replies: "Thank you, i'm finishing up my dragon right now, then i have a bunch of other half started projects to finish up, so more stuff is on the way 1"
3 Jan 2005:-) Barbara J. Wickham
First, Thank You for taking the time to visit my gallery and for leaving such constructive comments. I really appreciate it!

I've left a few humble comments scattered about your wonderful gallery. I hope the drool doesn't cause any permanent damage to your awesome sculptures! You are definitely a master with the clay! I hope you keep working with the drawing too. You've a great start there.

Anyhoo, I have to wonder if you've thought of pursuing anything with your art. I can see your talent benefiting an Art Dept for a movie production company or a game design company. Or, have you ever thought of doing portrait sculptures? Just a few things that came to mind while wandering thru your gallery...

11 George R Vieira IV replies: "Wow, Thank you, coming from someone with as much skill/talent as you, that means a lot to me. I've more dreamed than thought about art as career. Almost went to school for it but that turned out to be a bit too much money 10 Thank you again, and I’m sure a bit of drool on the sculptures wont hurt, might even give them a bit of a shine 1"
6 Jan 2005:-) Rocio Baldwin
Appreciate the comment you left in my gallery, George. You've got some nice stuff here yourself. Fix yourself is definitely a great piece - its an awesome idea. Now.. god help me, but I can't help noticin' that you're unbelievably attractive. Thought I'd comment on both. 10 Ahh. Anywho. Thanks for the feedback, and nice work on your gallery.

14 George R Vieira IV replies: "Thank you, “unbelievably attractive”, that’s a new one for me, i'm glad you like it 10 and I'm glad you like my gallery, i see you added some new stuff, looks nice, i'll try to get a better look here shortly."
16 Apr 200545 Angelias
i love your art it's so neat and i just wanted to say your really hot 10 but other then that nothing else. k bye

12 George R Vieira IV replies: "Thanks 10"
30 Dec 2005:-) Mikael K. Simpson
God. Your 3D sculptures are simply beautiful. I am currently working on my first sculpture... a wingless dragon of some sort, though, seeing your stuff i can't compair .___. Oh well, I guess I shall just keep at it. Another thing, I love the fact that you are so easily able to replicated the muscle structure of a humanoid creature. Lovely.

13 George R Vieira IV replies: "Thank you 2. A wingless dragon huh? Remember the armature is really important if your gonna have it standing, and know that I wasn't very good when i first started sculpting either, so don't be intimidated. "
13 Aug 200645 Anonymous

you got a nice bod 2

do you model most of your scupltures off of your own body?

very impressive if you do

I bet any girl would be gaga over you, you look very sexy

and if you have a gf, she's lucky to have yah 2

does she have to beat off girls with a bat to keep em off ya? lol

but your art is awesome 2

I love your little smiley guy, he's cute

14 George R Vieira IV replies: "Well, thanks 2. for quick references i do model stuff off of me, just because its readily available. As for my girl friend, i don't think she's had to beat anybody back yet, but maybe she's the silent threat type, you know, glares and knuckle cracks while i'm not looking 10 "
22 Sep 200645 Rebecca H. Pagels
Hey sweetie ^^

I found you!!!

I finally got my page up and running (getting part 3 published and my pic reviewed)

I'm still thinking of ideas for part 4. I was thinking a kinda flash-back to the present?

Well, besides that : I was looking through your work ^^ I <3 your smiley guy! He is so cute ^^ I bet that little black guy with the pepsi can was cute too 8 too bad it is in pieces :'{

(love yous)


-- Becky

44 George R Vieira IV replies: "Yeah, the pepsi slime guy was cool before i accidently drop kicked him 10 I'll have to take a read at your stuff now 2"
16 Oct 2006:-) Aimee R. Gordon
Howdy neighbor! Your work is fantastic Keep it up!

:-) George R Vieira IV replies: "Thanx, sorry it took so long to reply, its been a bit since i've really checked in, hopfully now that the weather's nicer i'll be doing more stuff (i tend to hybernate in winter 10) by the way in what sence did you mean neighbor?"
19 Jan 200745 Remmy H. And Gustav
Where is the cyber rabbit!!!!

:-) George R Vieira IV replies: "Broken and on a shelf covered with dust, as he should be 10"
11 May 2009:-) MT Starkey
Cool pics.

:-) George R Vieira IV replies: "Thanks"
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