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Mats A. Öberg

Mats A. Öberg

Mats .... Always give 100% in things you do. Unless you're donating blood.

Ah, a visitor. Oh... You're just lost... The "start page" button is at the top of the meny to the left.

Still reading!?  Then I might as well tell you something about myself and what I do .. ehr.. well... I'm a 24 year old guy  who lives in Sweden. I've always had drawing as a hobby on the side. My style is crude, but it's improving over the years as I pick up a few things from here and there. Been working mostly on drawing armors and humanoids, but in more resent matters I've been trying to draw some other things.  At the moment I'm working on drawing surroundings , anatomy in various creatures and human expressions. I also like getting down on the small details which makes it hard to finish a picture sometimes...

You might also notice a significant mix of drawing quality in the gallery :P Was away from drawing for a while 06-07 due to being on traveling foot in Australia. Late -07 I started to draw again only to be consumed by World of Warcraft ._. After that was over I picked drawing up again at late -08 and been trying to catch up in time ever since.

Most of the times I draw with my trusty 0.7 Pilot Super Grip that have been with me for more than 5 years now, Also using 0.9, 0.5 and 0.3 (HB, H & B) And Stompers. Have been trying ink in the same scales a few times, Interesting how the pictures turns out. The downside is that inking takes ages to do..

Also if you just so happen have a triggerhappy click-finger check my DeviantART gallery. Mostly stuff that won't fit here, rejected and some photographs. Although some stuff will be Elfwood-only stuff.

Click -----> http://islandmountain.deviantart.com/

Since I've been in the ol'woods for a while I've had loads of pictures here to, but since I don't want this place to rot with old pictures I desided to place them in my Old Stuff gallery at deviantArt in the meantime.           

For old art visit, Old stuff

New pictures coming in a near future: 


Sirens at large


Most reasent update: 2010-06-23

Latest Pictures


Bunny Warrior

Oni likes chocolate cake

Shadows in the mist


Since my imagination still fails sometimes, I do requests if any soul out there would like me to. Not to complicated stuff and within the concept of fantasy. Just send me an e-mail and we'll work something out. Any requests left in the comment area below will be noted but maybe deleted.

Note: Got a lot of stuff to finish at the moment so request is temporary closed.

Thanks for dropping by.


Travel, seeing the world, drawing and movies. in short...
Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Movies and TV Shows
Movies haven't really been on the wall for a while now.. Maybe TV is getting boring? OR do I spend way to much time in front of the computer...? Anyhow: "Fifth Element" did for some reason become my favorite movie. Love this future version, and... The opera scene is just brilliant. "Lord of the Rings" trilogy isn't that bad. Except for the third part with the ending that ends 4 times before the actual movie is finished. "Minority Report". It's blue... so relaxing. Also "Mad Max 2". Post nuclear concept rules. Weird that bombs make people dress gimpy though :S
Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Books
Let me see, books.... It can also be... A hat. "Hitch Hikers guide to the Galaxy" rules this area. And "Across the Nightingale Floor", "Grass for his pillow" and "Brilliance of the Moon" Reading "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" at the moment.. Good so far...
Favorite Music
Flogging Molly. Wonderful and slightly irish. Monster Magnet, stoner metal makes driving more awesome. Disturbed, I am disturbed, you are disturbed, they are disturbed, WE all are Disturbed! Apocalyptica. I just can't get enough of those cellos. Gorillaz. Alternative and nice. FinalFantasy music. Nobuo Uematsu RULES.
Friends at Elfwood
Friends at Elfwood: George Dreamer(Servant) , Jill O Connell(Friend) , Titus young(Pupil) , Olwen Marshall(Friend) , Ariana Alexis Cruz(Friend) , Darko elf graffit(Friend) , George GORGENZOLLA Holden(Friend) and Dylan Lee Peters(Friend) .

Guestbook for Islandmountain

27 May 2009:-) Olwen Marshall
that sounds awesome1

:-) Mats A. Öberg replies: "Just remembered that I uploaded it om my other gallery.
Old stuff, but still some entertainment value.
23 Jun 2009:-) Tom Draco Noir Taylor
Very nice work, Mats. you do really well with the armor.

:-) Mats A. Öberg replies: "Thank you Tom 2 When there’s a chance I always try to put the armor in focus."
3 Jul 2009:-) Jill O Connell
i love your work wanna be friends?

:-) Mats A. Öberg replies: "Thanks 1
Sure, why not ^^"
8 Jul 2009:-) Titus young
heyyyyy woah i love ur drawings can u come check out mine and help me out a bit id love if u could teach me a thing or 16!!

:-) Mats A. Öberg replies: "Thanks. 2
Hmm, nothing there yet,but I guess I can drop by every now and then.
Teach you a thing or 16, eh? I could make a few tutorials I guess, What do you wanna know?"
26 Aug 2009:-) Olwen Marshall
do you know if you could do a duck knight?... to go with the unchicken like chicken.

:-) Mats A. Öberg replies: "I could if I wanted to, but the concept is originally thought as more of a easter project I’ll be doing every year.
And ducks don’t really fitt in easter occations as far as I know 2 But who knows? I might do something in the future."
26 Aug 2009:-) Olwen Marshall
also because you are tottaly awesome do you want to be my friend???15

:-) Mats A. Öberg replies: "Sure, why not? 1"
2 May 2010:-) Trish Harold
That ’s interesting that you’ve comeback to drawing in stages. I’ve come back after a long absence too, and am still working on things.
This is a wonderfully varied gallery. I hope I’ll have as many things up on mine as you do!

:-) Mats A. Öberg replies: "Thank you.
There would be an awfully amount of bad pictures if I uploaded everything I ever did so I try to keep it at the level where I’m at least a bit happy with the stuff I upload(I’ve also cleaned out some pictures due to poor quality). Which results these stages. Good or bad?
It’s been a good journey so far, I hope I’ll continue in short.
Just give Elfwood some time and your gallery will look like "this" before you know it 2"
18 Jun 2010:-) George GORGENZOLLA Holden
All these pics are amazing

:-) Mats A. Öberg replies: "Thanks a lot 1"
21 Jun 2010:-) Sara Dianne Clough
Hi. I love your pictures, my favorite is "feline mount". like your smiley as well. 15

:-) Mats A. Öberg replies: "Hello 2
Thanks a lot, appreciate it.
I always wondered what to do with the smiley if I ever became a Patron, but I guess the result speaks for itself 1
Tried to check out your gallery as well, got anything on the way?"
22 Aug 2010:-) Olwen Marshall
ok, so it’s a bit out there but what about a knight with a swordfish as a lance and his/her trusty steed is a sea horse...
i know it’s a tad weird...it’s mearley a suggestion

:-) Mats A. Öberg replies: "Not bad 1, I’ll consider it."
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Mats A. Öberg

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