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Maria Masterson

"Mermaid´s Cry or The Last Mermaid" by Maria Masterson

SciFi/Fantasy text 3 out of 10 by Maria Masterson.      ←Previous - Next→
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Just a really short and really sad story that I wrote one cloudy day in May. I couldn't decide which title to choose so tell me which one you think is better.

I am currently working on this to expand it to show more meaning, so that'll be up sometime next century. *grins*
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Mermaid's Cry or The Last Mermaid

Is it possible that anything could go wrong underneath the sea? That paradise of brightly colored fish swimming and seaweed waving around. The mer people who lived there in their palaces of coral with their hair flowing around their shoulders and their bright blue or green eyes sparkling like gems. You wouldn't think so would you? You would never think that the wonders of the deep sea could be disrupted. But it could. And it would.

A bright day; the rays of the sun, oh so high up, shining down on the hair of a young mermaid sitting with her pet catfish resting lightly on her knees. She never imagined that in five minutes her whole life would be ruined; her whole family dead. She was in a blissful state of peace. It was just luck when she went swimming up to the surface to see the pretty clouds drift about the sky. It was instinct that caused her to suddenly dive back down and swim as fast as she could back the way she came.

It was too late. The sharks had already come. The bodies of her relatives, friends and enemies were lying on the sea floor. Blood was everywhere, floating in and out of the doors and windows. Pieces of dead coral from the houses were slowly sinking. It was a scene of death and destruction.

The mermaid cried for her loved ones. She cried and cried, but she knew it was no use. They would never come back. She swam away, still crying. Far away so that she would not be reminded of the tragedy. She was only ten years old.

Nine years later found the same mermaid lying on a beach amidst children's sandcastles and forgotten toys. She was crying. In fact she had never stopped crying. In all those years there was only one time when she wouldn't cry. That was at midnight. She would rise from the depths of the sea. Her head would break the surface. She would rise her head to the moon that shone so brightly on her golden hair and her pale, pale skin. It illuminated her pain and she knew it. She felt the pain in the deepest part of her heart. At this time she would not shed a tear. Instead she gave a long shriek that sounded all of the loneliness, all of the longing, all of the anger, and all of the hurt that was in her. It would rise through her and she let it all out.

She had grown into a beautiful mermaid, but in a sad way. Her eyes were full of sadness that never went away. Fair skin, almost translucent, covered her. Emerald tail, shiny and smooth, glinted in the water. But she had no pride in her looks. She felt nothing anymore, except numbness. She cried because it seemed the right thing to do. Numbness, coldness; except during the moonlit hours when she felt something real.

The days slowly slipped away. The poor mermaid swam all day, crying all the while. Soon she had reached the cold waters of the Arctic, but she did not feel the ice cutting her tail, or the wind chapping her face. She would lie on icebergs when tired , and sleep but she dreading having to sleep. She could never get the blood and the bodies out of her mind. She could never stop dreaming of the sharks.

Every night was the same. Rise to the moon and give a great cry. To any animal who heard her, it sounded like a thousand knives piercing the heart. To the mermaid, it was heart-wrenching, but she could not stop. She would not stop. She could not bottle up what needed to get out.

The days turned into months, months into years and the mermaid grew old. She never stopped swimming and crying. You would think that by the time she turned eighty, she would have realized that there was no point, but it was not so. To the last mermaid, to be all alone; it was not right. There is no way to stop feeling, but she found a way. Even at one-hundred, the routine stayed.

It was midnight. She was rising to cry her cry to the moon. A great shark spotted her. A hungry shark, with an empty belly and babies to feed. The shark swam towards her and struck. Her blood flowed into the ocean. Her limp body was torn to shreds by the family of sharks. Even thought it was a brutal death, it was the way her species had died, and it was the one way she would have picked to go. The last mermaid was finally at peace. She would never cry again.

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27 May 200445 Anonymous
(cont.)Oh yeah, and wonderful story

12 Maria Masterson replies: "Thanx!"
27 May 200445 Anonymous
Well, I think a good title for this short story might be the "The Last Cry", like a combination of both of the titles you came up with. But hey, don't listen to my ideas, they're silly.14

1 Maria Masterson replies: "Lol, actually that makes a lot of sense! Thank you. ^_^"
3 Jun 2004:-) Hannah Hannie O_Reilly
Right now, I don't really know what I'm feeling I feel so sorry for the mermaid and yet I feel so happy that she finally got peace. I thought that the story shoul have been called The Mermaids Cry but now I think it should be called The Last Mermaid because it gives the story more depht and seems to lure the writer into reading it.
Good job and very origanal!!

1 Maria Masterson replies: "Thank you!!! That's exactly how everyone reading it felt....except my dad who was like, "thats horrible!" Lol. He can be a jerk about my writing. Oh well. Thanks again!!"
5 Jun 2004:-) Meghan Nowosad
Oh wow. It's just - I'm just - No words...

1 Maria Masterson replies: "I take your lack of words as a compliment! Thanks! 2"
6 Jun 200445 Artist
*sobbing*...Good story...A little bit depressing...But wouldn't you be depressed if a shark ate your family?....I liked it a lot!...Keep it up! *still sobbing...Until friend comes and slaps me to my senses*

8 Maria Masterson replies: "Thankee! I kind of enjoy writing sad stuffs...I guess that's just me. "
6 Jun 2004:-) Katherine Kerber
Hey, I do like the plot, and I like the way your worded everything, it's a very good story, and I might just be me, but I think it's a little short... or rather shortened. I appreciate it for this kind of forum, things on the web being so hard to read that a short thing is a blessing, but if you did want to revise it a little and send it of to a Fantasy literature magazine (which I think the elements you have here would do well in) then I'd say that really all you have is a.) make it a lot longer or b.) use some of the old epic language instead of those you see in chapter breaks in books. No, I AM probably babbling, but if you want to make it better, just go and try some of those boring things that you keep on hearing your English teachers claim are in novels, it's surprising how well they actually work. All in, cool stuff, keep working.
-From the Writer next door

13 Maria Masterson replies: "O.o no, that wasn't babbling. It was advice! I am now off to insert some half-meaningless crap into it! Lol. On the issue of it being short, that was my only big GRRRR when I finished it. I couldn't find more descriptions of being cold and having no thoughts in your head. Dang you you stupid thesaurus. You're supposed to help. Oh well. Thanks!"
11 Oct 2004:-) Karolien V Burms
Ooh so sad! Did it really have to end this way? Its so sad. But it is very good!

:-) Maria Masterson replies: "I know. It's sad. I think I was really moody that day...Thank you!"
21 Feb 2007:-) Trace Tray Pobkins
I really like this. You have really good imagry. For some reason this story reaches out to the sorrow in every human heart and opens the hearts eyes to the cruelty of the world. What a beautiful composition.
19 Feb 2008:-) Mermaidmagic
its so sad in a wierd kinda bloody way.........I love it : ) you did an extremly good job and I do get what Lisa is trying to say.You still dida very good job.....I’m gunna have nightmares becuse of you lol
8 Aug 201045 Ohhhhhh
*wipes tear from face* omg that was so sad!!!!!how could u write something like that. (then again i did just draw a vampire mourning her beloved she had just killed in a state of frenzy)
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'Mermaid's Cry or The Last Mermaid':
 • Created by: :-) Maria Masterson
 • Copyright: ©Maria Masterson. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Cry, Death, Mermaid, Sadness
 • Categories: Mythical Creatures & Assorted Monsters, Romance, Emotion, Love
 • Views: 782

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