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Ramses Rolus

"Over the Wall- The quest" by Ramses Rolus

SciFi/Fantasy text 2 out of 3 by Ramses Rolus.      ←Previous - Next→
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the next part of the story. the friends join a rebellion
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←- Over the Wall-The escape | The end of the great five -→
Salaardrion woke up and he saw that his friend was still sleeping. How long he had been sleeping, he did not know. But he was curious now of how this world looked like. He did not know what kind of people lived here and if Salaardrion and Gamon would be accepted. He stepped out of their hiding place and looked around. This place was a huge difference with Karce. It was rainy here and there were much trees. And flowers, flowers he had never seen before. White ones with a grey touch. But he saw no people or animals. It poised him. He wanted to have contact with somebody. Even if he could not understand that person. He decided to go back and wake up Gamon because they were in need of food and water. “Gamon, mate, wake up.” He whispered in Gamon’s ear. “mm, piss off, I don’t want to work today.” Gamon mumbled. “Gamon!” Salaardrion shouted. “wake up mate!” Gamon waked up instantly this time. “ All right I’ll bloody work” he yelled. “Ow, it’s you Sal, shouldn’t you be working?” he asked. “No, and you know why, it’s because we are on the other side of the Wall!” Salaardrion replied. “ Oh yeah, that’s right.” Said Gamon. ‘eey G we need to get some water and food, you know, because I’m starving. And there aren’t many animals outside, so we better begin searching. That all right with you?’ ‘yes, come to think of it, I am thirsty’ he agreed.

So they got off to search water and food. They wandered through this new land for about an hour before they saw a small creek.’ Finally, water!’ Sal shouted. But Gamon stopped him. ’Duck, behind that bush, quickly now!’ Gamon advised him. ‘ Why, what’s the matter?’ Sal asked in frustration. ‘ There are animals over there, and they don’t seem to be very friendly. I didn’t recognize them. They looked like horses but they were armoured.’ Gamon said. ‘ Yes, so what’s wrong about armoured horses, you scared or what?’ Sal taunted. ‘No, pal but if there are armoured horses then there are people riding them, because I don’t think I ever saw a horse that was born with armour on his body, or have you? Gamon replied. ‘You’ve got a point there mate. Then we will have to speak with those riders, maybe they can help us.’ Sal said neutral. ‘Yeah sure why not, let us just go over there and say hello to those fellows, I am sure we will have a good time for 2 minutes. Because after that were dead mate.’ Gamon answered.

But then there was something approaching, it looked like two angels or something like it.’ What are those creatures, Sal, they look like they came from the sky!’ Gamon asked in astonishment.’ Wait, I think I’ve heard of those creatures before. Remember that I used to work in the library, well they sure do fit in the personage of an elf. Look they’ve got their pointy ears and there so tall, but my guess is that they are dark elves, you see their skin isn’t that white like normal elves. ‘So what are we going to do then?’ Sal asked nervously.’ You sure those things are elves, what else have you learned about them?’ Gamon sighed.’ I don’t know I am trying to remember, but I think we might have an actual chance by talking to them. Normal elves are kind-hearted but I don’t know if it is the same with these elves. But it is our only shot, and we need to eat. I say we risk it.’ Salaardrion thought the same thing, he wanted to eat because he was really starving.’ All right let’s go, be ready to fight. Or at least to run away’ Gamon warned. Sal and Gamon stepped out of their little hideout. They slowly walked towards the elves. They didn’t noticed them at first but that soon changed. ‘They look alarmed, we must be careful G, make no sudden moves.’ Sal whispered into the ear of his friend.

It looked like the elves took their weapons. The biggest elf took out a huge black sword. The other one took some kind of strange crossbow. He also took one of his arrows that were stuffed in a little bag on his back. Sal and Gamon raised up their arms to show these elves they meant no offence. The elves understood, at least that’s what Sal thought. They had already lowered their arms. They seemed a little nervous, but the elves didn’t look aggressive. They were closing in fast now. Just a few more foot. ‘ Let me do the talking all right.’ Gamon whispered. ‘ Good afternoon gentlemen, we are travellers crossing this land, and I wondered if you guys would know where we could find a place to buy some food. Because my friend and I are really starving, you see.’ The strange elves didn’t reply, instead they discussed with each other what the were going to do, at least that’s what it seemed like, Sal thought. Finally they spoke, it was the smaller one that replied.’ There are not many cities or villages around here, and I do not think that you would be welcome there. We don’t see many people of your kind here in this part of Malisse. But we have a better idea. My friend and I are also travellers like yourself. And also we are outcasts. We are heading for a place called Stabbers Creek, we want to join a rebellion there. The reason we don’t intimidate you is that we are tired and we don’t want a fight. We could use every help we can find. So do you agree to join us to Stabbers creek or would you rather continue wandering around here?’ Sal and Gamon looked at each other and immediately they were on the same line of thinking.

‘ Sure, we’ll join you, we’ve always liked a rebellion haven’t we G,’ Salaardrion said. ‘ Yep that’s right, but do you have some food by the way that you are willing to share?’ Gamon asked.’ Of course, we have, and we are willing to share since we are on the same side now. Unfortunately we don’t have anymore horses, but maybe we could share the horses or would you guys rather run. It doesn’t matter to us.’ Laughed the smaller elf. Sal and Gamon agreed and they instantly liked these new fellows. They first drank some water from the creek and then they consumed the food the two elves had given them. Then they got on the armoured steed and they followed the two elves. Sal pulled the reins and got his horse next to that of the elves. ‘ So, do you two have a name or are you just elf number one and elf number two?’ Sal asked them.‘ We aren’t elves dear friend, we do have some features of the elves like our ears. But we are a crossing of three races. That we have elfish blood you already knew. But we also have Creedan blood and we have inherited also the mortality of the humans.’ Gamon frowned.‘ What are Creedans, because I have never heard of that specie before. ‘ They are a race of people who live in the mountains of Renor. They are big and strong because they always need to work very hard to find water and food. Their skin is darker than the skin of humans because they are always out in the sun. They hardly sleep and they also have great stamina. It is a pity we two have little Creedan blood.

After a while the little elf spoke again. ’So you are humans, no?’ Salaardrion nodded. ‘And where did you com from, from behind the Wall?’ Sal nodded again. ‘ But that is impossible, no one should be able to come over the Wall, it is prohibited.’ This time Gamon replied.’ We were working under the ground to create a hole in the Wall. When we finally made one, we escaped. That is it.’ The small elf shook his head, ‘this is not normal. There aren’t many people here from behind the Wall. This is the first time I speak with somebody from behind the Wall. They say that you people are wicked. I now see that it is not true. But maybe other citizens won’t belief you. You will have to be careful when speaking from where you came.’ Sal was wondering if he would survive this trip of him. Maybe he were better of staying where he was. But now he didn’t have a choice anymore. But Sal still had a lot of questions.

‘ What are your names actually, you still haven’t told them or are we not in the position of asking your names?’ Sal asked. ‘ Mine’s Salaardrion and my friend is called Gamon or G.’ For the first time the giant elf spoke. ‘ It’s about time you told us that!’ His voice was a booming sound. ‘ Well my name is Garudo and the name of this little midget,’ he was pointing at his friend, ‘ is Jako.’ Sal was a little bit imposed by the big fellow, he thought he could not speak his language. But apparently he could talk even though his pronunciation wasn’t the same as his or Gamons. Now Salaardrion felt more comfortable, he did not trust the big elf in the beginning. But now he realised that Garudo was waiting for them to introduce themselves. It was probably some kind of standard situation for an elf. But Jako did not follow those rules. He wondered why that was. Maybe they too had met each other when they were running away from their homes. It could be, but Salaardrion did not want to think about that now, he had other things to think about.

‘ Why are you two going to rebel, or better why are you guys outcasts?’ Gamon asked. It was dark now, they had ridden for about four hours without saying something. Sal was happy that Gamon finally broke the silence. Jako responded.’ Well actually we both are fed up with this stinking country and its kings. In our village we had to pay to much money for taxes. The king needs the money for his wars against other countries. And to purchase mana crystals for his wizards. Cause without them wizards this country would have been overtaken way back. Well, now we are going to give king Grenob a war in his own country. There is a group of warriors who want to rebel. They call themselves “ The white avengers”. That was something Sal and Gamon did not understand. ‘ What kind of stupid name is that?’ they both asked. ‘ Don’t you get it?’ Garudo said on a spotting tone.’ No, we don’t.’ They replied. ‘Calm down everybody,’ said Jako. ‘ I will explain it. Look the king, Grenob, loves black. Everything that he has is black. His castle is black, his steed is black, his sword is black even his wife is black.’ He and Garudo instantly started laughing.’ No, even his emblem is black It’s a black-white wolf on a dark background. That is why the rebels chose that name, you see now. Personally I don’t like it but I don’t have much choice now do I?’ Jako grinned. ‘ We should be there in about two hours from here. We will part first thing in the morning. If that is okay with you?’ Sal and Gamon nodded. They needed their sleep. Jako tossed them two blankets. ‘Here you can use these.’ Sal covered himself and soon he dreamed away.

Sal saw a little encampment ahead of them. They were almost there. They had left their place for the night two hours ago. Maybe an half hour and then they would arrive at the camp. He was a little bit nervous because he did not know if the rebels would accept them. Once again he and G must be vigilant. After twenty minutes they finally arrived. Sal his hands were trembling. There were more than two hundred people in this camp. The little tents were scattered all over the place. He saw various races and that eased him a bit. The one he feared most was walking towards Sal and his group. He looked like a human bear. He was covered with animal skins. Only his right shoulder wasn’t covered. A huge scar ran across his shoulder, and he wanted everybody to see it. He was about to speak, when he recognised something in Salaardrion. ‘ You,’ he was pointing at Salaardrion, ‘ you come from behind the wall don’t you, I have seen more of your kind around here. What are you doing here, if I may ask? ‘ Well, mister we were working on a hole in the Wall and when we breached the Wall we escaped, because we wanted to be free. And now we want to join your rebellion cause we don’t have any other plans and the idea of a rebellion pleased us. And now I ask you if that is possible if not then we will leave without causing any problems.

After those words there was a brief silence. Then the scarred one spoke again. ‘ I meant no offence, we can use everyone who wants to join. The problem was that a few days ago other gents of your kind had come to our camp during the night. Nobody noticed them, they took a lot of food and when they were running away a scout returning from a mission saw them. I see now that you are not a threat to us. Now who are you and your friends? My name is Cervus. I am the leader of this rebellion’. Jako spoke before Sal had opened his mouth. ‘ My name is Jako, the big one is Garudo and the two humans are Gamon and Salaardrion. We are all outcasts and therefore we want to join you. Cervus started laughing.’ Not many people who joined our pandemonium admitted that they were outcasts. Finally somebody knows what he his, without me saying it. Well friends I welcome you to the white revenge. You are free to eat along and to share the food we have to offer. If you need anything else, clothes or weapons then just let me know. Because from now on you too are a part of this big family. Come let us drink to that.’

Sal drank until he was drunk. He was so happy that he had found a family at last. He could be himself again, he had spoken to a lot of people. They were all friendly and that surprised him. These people were so generous with their company he almost thought they had forgotten what they were here for. He knew he would have to fight. But Sal did not regret his decision to join this gang of rogues. He already felt like one of them. And he would be glad to assist them in battle. His skills with a blade were far from bad. He used to practise a lot when he was eighteen years old. And he was muscular now due to all the hard working. He was going to give all he got in battle. But he was just a pawn like he used to be. Of course he realised that, but he did not care, at least he wasn’t a pawn against his will this time. Maybe if he turned out to be hard in battle he could gain Cervus his trust and grace. And after all he still had Gamon. He was glad his friend was still with him to give him strength when he needed it. Finally when Sal was too tired to think he found himself a nice and soft spot of grass and he fell asleep.

The next morning the camp was already engulfed into shouts and screams, advises and orders, when Salaardrion finally woke up. His head felt a little bit strange but it did not hurt though. He did not saw his friend Gamon, and he ordered himself to go and look for him. He splashed some water in his face and he ate a lump of bread which he had found besides his sleeping place. Then he saw if nothing of his personal belongings was missing. Everything was there even if everything meant only his clothes and his axe. The second thing he ordered to his mind was to go and seek a weapon and some armour. He would need that when the battles would come. But that was just the problem, Sal did not know what was expected from him. Did he was the only one that did not know the plans of Cervus. It could be, and that was the third thing, he would try to speak with Cervus and if he finally found a way then he would try to convince Cervus to thrust him. That way he would have more details from Cervus his plans. But the most important was to find Gamon. He had lost track of him yesterday during the celebration. He could be anywhere. So he went on his way to the main tents, maybe Gamon had thought of the same thing and he was already there with Cervus discussing the plans.

On his way to the tents he saw a lot of elves and ,what he thought , Creedans. He saw nobody of his own kind at least nobody with the more yellowier skin colour of the Karcans. Then he heard a familiar voice somewhere right from him. Of course it was Gamon, he was standing between some elves and a big human. He did not recognise the human at first but the he saw it was Cervus.’ We will have to be quick in our decisions, otherwise we are going to be ambushed by Grenob’s black force. That is the last thing that we would want. We do not have the encampments or the manpower to defeat him at this point. We will have to find ourselves an operating base and fast. Does anybody have an idea about a possible base. You are all free to answer. Well?’ The big fellow asked. Nobody responded but then an idea crossed Sal’s mind.

‘I have an idea!’ he yelled. Then the whole group turned towards him. ‘ yes, well why don’t you tell us Sal?’ Gamon asked in astonishment.’ Well we could go over the Wall and we could capture the castle of our king Betak. It is possible there are not many soldiers in our land. The king might even agree to join this rebellion.’ A moment of silence hung in the air. Then Cervus was the first to speak.’ I am sorry but we cannot trust your plan, if we could then it would be a plan that could work. But how reliable is your information about your country. Your friend has told me that you two have been working under ground for about 4 years. Sal thought of that for an instant, he was partly right. He sometimes heard news from the more friendly guards. And the last time was about a month ago. The guard had told them that the king was in panic. There were to many people leaving his country and that way there was not enough income to purchase new recourses and medicines.

‘ I think I’m quite reliable about our kingdom, Crevus even if you think I am only an underground worker. It is not like we are blind underground, we hear things from the guards and why would they be lying, they haven’t got any reason to. Right Gamon?’ Gamon looked at him for a second.’ Yes, it is right Cervus, he speaks for the both of us. He would not lie nor would the guard. It is the truth what Sal says. I understand that you cannot trust us. We have been in this encampment only for 2 days. It could be a trick from your king. But if that is the only idea you have then it might be worth it to look at the plan. I don’t think you have an other choice or are there any other suggestions?’ G shouted at the crowd that was gathering quickly now. No one replied, that was a good sign, Sal thought. It might just work. That way they could all go to the castle of Breno and then Sal would finally see his home place again. It wasn’t like an obsession to him to see the castle again. But he would be happy when he returned. He thought of the castle sometimes and sometimes he even longed for it. But it was not sure that they would go. Cervus was still arguing with his closest friends. But they all seemed to agree, and it looked like Gamon had granted the favour of Cervus because he was discussing the topic with the men.

The discussion lasted until noon, and by that time Sal had went to the armoury and he had searched out a sword for him. It wasn’t a very big blade like Garudo’s, but it fitted perfectly in his hand. The grip was decorated with a couple of ruby’s and the blade was encrypted with these words: “ when the enemy falls, the blood will flow.” And Sal kind of liked that inscription. It reminded him of battle, and the rush of excitement that he always felt then. He had fought in a civil war in Karce against the legions of the king. The soldiers were fierce but so was he, he had killed about seven of them before he was captured and sent to the mine. Gamon fought mostly with an axe because he was a lot stronger than Sal, and a lot bigger. But Sal’s skills with the blade were good enough to stand his ground in a battle. He had an advantage of being so quick and evasive in battle. He was strong of course but against men like Cervus only his speed would save him. And this sword would exploited his speed at least that was what he hoped. The armour he picked was the usual, an harness and leg-protectors and of course an helmet. The helmet consisted out of an air hole and the holes for the eyes. On top was a pike with a plume. When he finally had everything he went off again to find his friend.

‘Heey, Sal!’ Gamon shouted.’ Your plan has won everybody’s support! We are going back home. We will be kings!’ Sal could not believe what he was hearing. He never thought that his plan would be chosen. He was going back, but the idea of being a king was way to much for him. ‘ G, calm down, we ain’t going to be kings and we never will be so put that idea out of your head. But I too am happy about the fact that we are going back. But will the hole still be open and will it be heavily guarded. Have you discussed that with him, I mean Cervus, or not?’ Gamon instantly responded. ‘Of course I have, what do you think, that I’m stupid or what? He said that he had enough men to defeat those defending the hole. But the problem is if there is a mage guarding the hole then we have another problem. Then somebody has to sacrifice himself by drawing his attention so that others can attack him from the other side. What do you think Sal?’ Sal let the idea inside his mind and he thought about it.’ If he has a blocking shield around him then the other attacks won’t succeed in killing him. We need a mage of our own. It is as simple as that. Have you asked Cervus yet?’ Gamon shook his head,’ no I haven’t but I will go and ask him. Do you want to come along?’ Gamon asked. Sal agreed, now was his chance to talk to Cervus and get to know him a bit more, he thought.’ Let’s go G,’ he said.

There were no guards standing at Cervus his tent, it was like Cervus and his men were equal, only Cervus had more strength and he had won more battles. At least that was what Salaardrion thought. He too saw Cervus as his superior and he did not found it bad, he was the kind of general you would be proud of fighting for. ‘Come on let’s go in’. He will be busy but I am allowed now’ Gamon grinned.’ We had a chat yesterday evening and we kept talking until we were drunk. We get along well and that will be good for us don’t you think so?’ Sal nodded.’ I’ve got a question for you G, if we do conquer the castle, what will we do then? Will we remain there and let Cervus work out his plans and we just let him be. Or will we fight along, make plans with Cervus and join the rebellion for good?’ Gamon sighed and he thought for a moment, ‘ I don’t know either, I guess that we will see it once we have conquered the castle. We might be kings or we might be dead if we die in the battles to conquer the castle. If we should become kings then I suggest that we join the rebellion. That way we might even gain some land or so, but what I doubt is, will our people follow us or will they abandon us just like now. If they will not follow us then we will be kings without a people to rule over, we wouldn’t make much of a king then now would we? What do you suggest we do, you have always been the smartest one.’ Salaardrion smiled, he knew that Gamon was smarter but that was something that G would never admit. And he kind of liked him saying that he was dumber all the time. But for the second time that day Sal had an idea.

‘No, I have got a better idea. What if we can convince the king of joining the rebellion? If he does we will have more militia and the king will have different things on his mind besides the benefit of his country. But he has to agree to a few things and if he doesn’t then we still are going to slaughter him and the guards. But if he does then we have another ally in this battle and we might even become generals or something like that. And if we win then the people might return to the land of Karce. Everything would be as it was 20 years ago. The trade will relive as will the church. And it would all be thanks to us. Think of that.’ Gamon thought about it and he was actually convinced of the truth that his friend had spoken. The idea could work and if it didn’t they always had a back-up plan. He would tell it to Cervus and he hoped that he would agree. Generals, what an idea. It pleased him more then the thought of becoming king. That was a far too great responsibility to him and at least a general has to fight in battles. He hoped with all his heart that, Cervus would agree as would king of Karce.

←- Over the Wall-The escape | The end of the great five -→

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'Over the Wall- The quest':
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