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Ramses Rolus

"The end of the great five" by Ramses Rolus

SciFi/Fantasy text 3 out of 3 by Ramses Rolus.      ←Previous - Next→
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It is about a young lad named Falco. and this youngster will eventually be important to the great five leaders
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The End of the great five-Part one


Falco opened his eyes when he heard a loud yell from outside. He didn’t knew where the screaming came from but he realised that something was terribly wrong. He quickly jumped out of his bed and pulled on his clothes. The next thing he did was take Fang, his broadsword. The sword was Falco’s best friend and he could not live without it. He had been training with his sword since he was four years old and then he could hardly lift it up but now it laid just perfect in his hand.  Suddenly Falco remembered something. Today was a very important day for him an he had forgotten it. This was one of the most important days in his whole life and just forgot it. Today was Cotab, and on Cotab every young fellow in the world from about 16,17 years goes on a journey, a journey to find their Gavin, their partner. The partner is an animal or a beast in some cases that stays with you for the rest of his life. It fully understand you and it will always support you. You cannot command it, it will feel what you want him to do. He isn’t your pet he is your whole life. It is the purpose of your life to find your Gavin and to live with it for all times. If you do not complete this goal then you are an outcast, then you do not belong to this world, at least not to the other people that live in this world.

Falco ran through the village of Eastbury and went to the town’s square. When he got there he heard a voice, it was Loggir the chief of the village. Falco quickly sat down next to some other villagers.


“ This is the day we have been waiting for, each year Cotab is sacred to us and to the rest of the world. It is the day when the life of young lads begin. It is a quest , a quest to complete yourself. And the quest is also the goal of your life, if you do not complete this quest, then you will be an outcast cause in this world we all strive for perfection. The world will not accept imperfect people nor will the inhabitants. If you do not have a Gavin then you have lost the duel from yourself, then you have failed and then you will be doomed or blessed, that I do not know, to go through the portals and to leave this world for ever. That was all I had to say. Now, let the journey begin!”


A loud applause rose up from upon the crowd and that was for Falco the signal to depart. He went back to his cabin and he took what he needed. A bag of clothes and a little blanket, he had already prepared his food and drink and thus he grabbed that too. The last thing he did was take a good look  around the house that was his home for about 17 years now. He did not feel any regret or sorrow. He had been alone for about 9 years now, and he had passed those years with a burning passion for this day. His father had left him when he was 6 years. Because he was a explorer, he wasn’t home much but he did always came back after a day. But then he decided that it was time to move on so he left and by doing that he had broken the heart of his mother. After that she was just a shadow of who she was before he had left. And then the real pain came, her Gavin died. That was the signal for her to depart from this world. She did not went to another world, no, she just could not bear living without her Gavin and so she took her own life away leaving Falco alone.


That was his story and he hated his parents for leaving him. But the anger had left him, all he felt now was an empty space in his mind. When he was about to open the door and leave he thought of something else. A book, from his father. In that book his father had written all of his discoveries about the animals that live on this world. It was the only thing his father had left him, and he took it along with him. He opened the door and left the village without even looking back.




He was excited, because finally his life would begin.

He decided to go through the big and dark forest since there were few other youngster going there. And Falco wanted to be alone, that was the only thing he was used to nowadays. He ran across the plains and he felt the rush of adrenaline coursing through his veins. He was rapidly approaching the big and thick woods. He saw nothing that concerned him so he stepped across the line where the plains go over into forest. It wasn’t as dark as he had imagined but still it was very shady. He wasn’t scared, he did not even knew what scared was. He looked on his map and saw that the fastest way through forest was to follow a little creek, so he headed north to find the creek. There weren’t any paths in the forest but he didn’t mind, he felt free again, a feeling that he hadn’t experienced before.


He was almost at the river when the sky turned dark and the a drop of rain felt on his head. He needed to find a cave or something but it wasn’t going to be easy because the rain, which was coming down fast now, blurred his vision. Then he bumped onto something a rock and behind that rock was another one, bigger this time. He looked around his and he saw a tree with big leafs, he took 4 big leafs along with him he laid them so that they formed a shed between the rocks. He lay another leaf on the ground and the he sat down with his back against the big rock, from his bag pack he took a bottle filled with firefly’s, and with the light he could eat something, he discovered a piece of dried meat which he ate gratefully. When he was finished, he pulled out his book from his sack. He had never read this book, he just loved the pictures in it when he was young. The picture he liked the most was a drawing of a dragonsnake. A snake with the wing of a dragon and big fangs. It was black and yellow and his wings were like the fire, red with yellow. He often wondered when his father had seen a dragonsnake, it was very rare in this part of the world. He thought it was an imaginary picture, and so he could not rely on his father.


Falco fell asleep not long after the rain stopped and the forest turned into a living thing. Animals were approaching the human that lay there on the ground and their intentions were not friendly. A little rat dived into Falco’s bag pack snatching what he could. The sound of a paper being ripped out off a book wakened Falco. He quickly got on his feet and grabbed Fang. He yelled at the beasts and all of them disappeared except a big white rainwolf, a beast that was as white as snow when it was raining, but when the sun came out it turned grey again. This one was particularly big, thought Falco. Yelling would not help this time. He threw a rock at the foul creature but Falco realised that that was not such a good idea. The beast opened his beak with lots of fangs sharper than Falco’s sword. “Come on, you big bully!” Falco shouted. “Let’s see what you’ve got.”  The beast came quicker then Falco could imagine. All he could do was to jump away right before the fangs would have surrounded his right arm. Falco was already up when the wolf came back, but now Falco was prepared. He jumped out of the way on the right time, leaving his arm hung were he stood with the sword tight in his hand. The beast struck a paw in Falco’s face leaving behind  a painful wound on his jaw. But the blow was not all that had caused blood to be flowed. Fang had hit the wolf in his right side, cutting open the flesh.


The wolf was crying, a loud howling rose up from his beak and Falco knew that it was dying, and he was proud of himself. He had won his first real battle, but the excitement was quickly replaced by another feeling. Pain, he had not yet thought of the wound on his face. It hurt, and he knew it might leave a scar or an infection if he did not take care of it this instant. He grabbed his sack and searched for a little bottle and when he finally found it he ran towards the creek and he immersed his head into the river.

A burning pain went through his body and he knew that it would become worse. He opened the bottle and took a bit op the thick juice that was in it. Then he hardened himself and he rubbed the juice in his wound. The pain was becoming too much for him and he screamed, a scream that the whole forest could hear. The next moment he fell unconscious on the ground, laying there vulnerable for all of the beasts that would return.

←- Over the Wall- The quest | Over the Wall-The escape -→

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'The end of the great five':
 • Created by: :-) Ramses Rolus
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