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James crofoot

"TOPKNOT´S HOME SECTION 1" by James crofoot

SciFi/Fantasy text 1 out of 2 by James crofoot.      ←Previous - Next→
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     This section of the story is about two fighters getting drunk together,  about two comrades having a little fun and getting to know one another after an adventure.

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     Tasren, the half elf ranger, and Topknot, the samuri,had just arrived in the pub called the Blue Hound. It was pretty full for a midweek night and it was still early. The reason was the centennial celebration of the city"s entry into the kingdom. Parties were planned and unplanned all week. At every party there was some mage or illusionist doing some display of magic or illusion.  On the way to the pub, a particulary talented illusionist had been walking through the streets with a conjured, illusionary green dragon writhing ahead of him blowing blue bubbles and biting people, harmlessly of course. A display of magic was planned for the end of the week by the governor"s special friend and guest, the wizard Talabane.

      It had been a month since their return from the ancient temple in the jungles, a rather profitable trip, and the only thing Tasren had done with his share of the loot, other than commission a new suit of studded leather armor, green, forest green, was drink. Half his share of the money was gone. Now he was buying the first round of drinks at this, the second time, he had talked his friend into drinking.

     "This," Tasren said, pushing the drink in front  his comrade when it arrived. "Is rum, spiced rum."

     Tasren downed his in one long gulp.

      Topknot followed suit, then coughed.

      "This is strong," said the yellow skinned, slant eyed Topknot, in his usual monotone.

      Tasren laughed.

      "It"s rum, Toya." Toya Animechi was Topknot"s real name. Tasren called him Topknot because Toya"s black hair was always worn in a single knot on top of his head. "It"s supposed to be strong."

     Tasren ordered another round.

      "Bottoms up."

      Toya followed his friend"s action of downing the second drink and coughed again.

      "How much of this do you expect me to drink?"

     "As much as it takes to get you drunk." Tasren said, the ex-king"s ranger, now freelancing. "Here." he said, pushing the third into his friend"s hand.

      Again they downed their drinks. Toya slammed his mug down and took a deep breath. Tasren laughed and slapped his friend on the back.

      "That"s it. Feeling it yet?"

      "Oh yes." A smile came to the yellow warrior"s face. "Yes, I am feeling it, how bout another round on me?"

       They drank several more, not as fast but still pretty quickly. They started to enjoy each other"s company a good deal, not that they needed the alcohol but it did loosen the Kapachian up some.

      Topknot suddenly started to sing a rousing song in a very deep voice in what Tasren guessed to be the fighter"s own language. It was good that Toya was enjoying himself, he didn"t do it much at all. It was then that Toya started dancing very energetically, hands hitting his chest. Everyone made room and started clapping to the music.

     That"s when the guardsman stood up at the other end of the room.

     "I"d expect a ranger, especialy a half elf ranger,  to hang with a foreigner," the guardsman bellowed above the singing, wobbling slightly from side to side.

     "Well," Tasren said loudly, though still smiling, "Is it the king"s guard? That"s what I smelled."

      That seemed to confused the guard slightly.

      "What"cha mean?" his mouth slurred.

     "I said I expect the king"s guard to be with his own kind because they"re the only ones to have them."

      The guards friend"s started to tug at his sleeves,  urging him to sit back down but he refused, pulling away. He took a step forward and bumped into the table. Angered by it being there, he threw it aside, knocking over one of his buddies in the process. He then sauntered over, an alcohol saunter, across the now quiet room, brushing Toya as he passed.

      "What was that ya said?" The man stood about a half a foot taller so he was looking down.

       "I said you smelled so bad that only your fellow guardsmen will hang with you and only because they get paid to." Tasren was still smiling but didn"t blink as he met the taller man"s eyes.

      "Tree lover."

      "City scum,"

      The taller man took a swing that was telegraphed and easily avoided by Tasren, who followed it with a punch to the kidney. The other man tried a back swing but that also was easily ducked and countered with a jab to the nose and a knee to the groin. The big man fell but was backed up by three other equally drunk guardsmen.

       Tasren only knew that that was how it started. He saw Toya sweep aside a blow and hit the man on the back of the neck with the side of his open hand. The ranger paused to watch him  perform another, equally effective move. Then he felt a hard blow to the back of HIS neck. Blackness ensued.

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 • Created by: :-) James crofoot
 • Copyright: ©James crofoot. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Fighting, Friends
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 • Submitted: 2009-07-16 17:14:25
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