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Jon Midget

SciFi & Fantasy Fiction and Stories by Jon Midget

Jon is a sucker for a good story with magic in it.

Legend of the Whisper Wood, Ch. 1.1
Legend of the Whisper Wood, Ch.1.2
Resurrecting the Scarlet Avenger, Ch. 1.1
Resurrecting the Scarlet Avenger, Ch. 1.2
Resurrecting the Scarlet Avenger, Ch. 1.3
Resurrecting the Scarlet Avenger, Ch. 2.1
Resurrecting the Scarlet Avenger, Ch. 2.2
A Song for the Fallen Angels, Prologue
Song of the Nightlillies
Like Starlight, Dancing on Frosted Grass
The Day the Caravan Passed By
At Least She's Not the Paperclip

2 Jul 2007:-) B Layne
Happy birthday! 1Thank you very much. *glances through comments on shelf* Holy Smee! You've read and commented on about half my library in the past week. I'm rather honored.Thanks for all.
7 Jul 200745 Brandi
*giggles at "Holy Smee!"*

It was and is my pleasure. I've recently graduated uni so now I'm between jobs. In a nutshell, I have a lot of free time on my hands. So I've been doing a lot of reading lately. Oh, geez I hate job hunting. That's part of why I started my own business—so I wouldn't have to go around looking for a job, interviewing, getting rejected every time the job was actually really good, etc. I wish you good luck with that.Job huntress by day; Elfwood reader by night. ^_~So that makes you pretty much a super hero, eh? Like Fantasy Woman ... no, you probably don't really want that title ... maybe Literate Girl ... no, that makes you sound like a 9-year-old Shakespearean scholar ... Captain Sentences ... um, hell no.*sighs* I'm at a loss for a proper title for you. You'll have to come up with something good yourself.
11 Jul 200745 Brandi
Job hunting is eeeeevil! Thankfully it's not for a "career" just yet; that'll come after grad school, I'm sure.Grad school, eh? Is that what you're in right now? And just out of curiosity, what field are you studying?I once had grandiose visions of me with an MFA in Creative Writing, but that was before I actually applied and all the schools told me "Sorry, we just don't take students who write fantasy-ish stuff in our grad programs." Oh well.I hope your own business is supporting you financially!Um, just for my sake don't ever bring this topic up when my wife is around. ^_^ Last month I made ... $30!!!!!! *sigh* At least we have enough money to keep the thing going. Not everyone can say even that.It sure is difficult in this day and age--the Age of the Big Huge Corporate Conglomerate Monopoly-Type Thing That Leaves Countless Numbers of Murdered Mom-and-Pop Stores in Its Wake -- for people to have their own business. So best of luck to you with that! I used to dream of having my own little bookstore, but now I know that would be financial suicide. |le sigh|Oh man, wouldn't it be cool to own and run a nice little bookstore? But yes, we are talking financial suicide here, aren't we, unless you have like tens of millions of dollars to put into the thing to make it really competitive from the get go. *looks wistfully out the window* Maybe one day ...Hmm... Librarian of DOOM! no, no... um... hmm... it is hard thinking of titles, isn't it?Actually, I do kind of like the gong-crash that would HAVE go along with that title, but since there's no way of making sure it happens every time you make a grandiose entrance, I suppose the brainstorming will have to continue.
25 Jul 200745 Brandi
True... but that would make it difficult to be a ninja librarian. One cannot be stealthy while going "BOSH BOSH BOSH BOSH."

...though I could try...
9 Aug 2007:-) Angela Perry
Wow, you've been busy 1 I finally had time to check out Aldoraworld, and it looks as if it's coming along quite nicely. I'm impressed with all the attention and participation you've gotten so far. Best of luck to you!
13 Oct 200745 Christopher Heffernan
Hey there, how's your writing coming along? I hope it's going well for you. I'd love to see more of your stories if you ever get the chance to upload some more. Aldoraworld is coming along well, which must be good. I haven't been around the woods for a while, so I thought I'd come and see hello to some of the people who's stories I remember reading.Jon: Oh, things are going just fine. I've not had nearly the time to write that I'd like, but there's some more of Whisper Wood that's just about ready to be uploaded. Hopefully I'll get to it soon.Thanks for dropping by.
30 Oct 200745 Lyn Shanra Joan Kuepers
'ello! I hope you and yours are well. Haven't seen you around anywhere for a while now, so I hope 'tis just that you're busy. Kicking into the second half of the semester tomorrow, so I expect I'll be quite busy. Now if my book deigned itself to arrive when I'm around to collect it, that would be lovely.

I want the semester to be over. T-T *goes back to her fey cat tale and hopes Calliope with deign herself to cooperate better this evening* I want it finished!
24 Dec 2007:-) Stephanie Rennolds
[pokes. prods. prodges. pokers.]

Ahem. Yes. Hi! [waves] I bring muffins. [pokes around the library, picking a book and flopping down comfortably on the ground.]
1 Jan 200845 Lyn Shanra Joan Kuepers
Happy new year! *'s a bit late* May it bring you and your family many good things!
1 Jan 200845 First-footer
[tall black fellow with the poise and grace of a Shakespearian actor comes in, bearing cake, coal and spirits. smiles, leaves these tokens, and bows out]

((happy new year!))
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