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Jaimie M. Dengler

"Blade: 1" by Jaimie M. Dengler

SciFi/Fantasy text 6 out of 6 by Jaimie M. Dengler.      ←Previous - Next→
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in this part the character Emotion is intoduced. if you think she is blade, then ask yourself, do they even have simular personalities. *hint...no*
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←- Blade: 2 | I am Called the Second Element -→

Twelve years later...


          “Lady Emotion!”

          The woman looked back. What her name did not reveal, was that she never showed emotions, to friends or lovers. At least not real ones. She was as cold as the black sword at her side. No one was really even sure that she had lovers, they could only assume that from the amulet that endlessly hung from her neck.

          “Yes Kyler?”

          “Nelaes and Garren are in an argument. No one can convince them either way.”

          As she stood, Kyler’s eyes followed her shape. She was something that any fool could see was made from the night itself. Something that any man would kill for, only to find the knife in his back to belong to her. But seeing her would cause him to forgive her.

          Emotion made her way around the mercenary tents. By now, men’s shouts and vicious curses could easily be heard. A ring of people blocked her view of the men. One broad shouldered man turned, eyes growing visibly larger. He stepped back pulling the smaller man in front with him, which caused others to look back. Very quickly, a clear path was made leading straight to the brawl.                            The two men had each other in death grips, however, once they saw Emotion come through the crowd, they released their holds and came to attention.

          Giving them a look as blank as a cadaver, she spoke, her voice cold and lifeless. “Why do you fight.”

          When Nelaes spoke first, he unknowingly won the respect of a great many of those that had gathered. Anyone who spoke at all to Emotion was a brave person indeed. “I play a prank on Garren, and he misunderstood my intentions. I hid his knife, he believed I had stolen it.”

          “Miola,” a small woman pushed her way through the onlookers. “Bring me Nelaes’ every weapon.”

          Eyes, full of fear, Nelaes handed over all he had, his mother’s knife.

          When it was presented to Emotion, she took it and shifted it from hand to hand. After this, Nelaes had good reason to be afraid, every mercenary in the camp realized that their leader was openly checking the balance of the knife.

          Suddenly, almost animal like, Emotion began to stalk him. His every instinct told him to run, but he stood his ground, thinking this was a test. He was a fool.

          “Defend yourself Nelaes. Show me how Garren would have if he had been attack this night.”

          She threw herself at him, knocking him to the ground. She made a small slit in his throat. Not big enough to kill him, but big enough to leave a scar as a reminder. Her lips pulled back into a cold snarl, showing elongated incisors. “I don’t recommend that you repeat this act, Nelaes.”

          Once back in her tent a picture flashed before her closed eyes. A woman, dark of hair pulling her into a room of people who didn’t have faces, just tall bodies, and beautiful gowns. Prince will love having you here to visit-” She shook her head, day dreaming was very unbecoming of one of the greatest warriors there ever was. Secretly, she wished she never had to fight, but when she was payed she had work to do. With each new victim she felt she walked closer and closer ton her past, forgotten by the fall down flight of stairs when she was eight.                  

          What she wanted out of life was her past. Her mother and father had died many years earlier, but she could still see them in her memories. However, she did not truly believe that she was related to them. Closing her eyes, she brought up a picture of her mother. Wild blonde waves contrasted Emotion’s straight raven colored silk, as did Ilmirea’s short and large boned frame differentiate from Emotions tall and light build. But they did have nearly the same eyes, save for Emotions being a touch golder.

          Now her father? No way in a thousand heavens or a thousand hells could she be related to him. Yes, he did have her build more or less, but it ended there. She could picture him easily, the fiery red hair, the smile always on his face, the sky blue eyes.

          A thought suddenly struck her. The De Khiren. She brought a finger to her mouth and rubbed the two incisors. She remembered the few times when she had killed a De Khiren, they had all began speaking in their language, then looked puzzled when she ignored them. She was half De Khiren.

          Her thoughts were interrupted by a shout from the perimeter guards. “Emotion!” She recognized her second in command. “De Khiren!”

          She grabbed her sword and raced out the door. A group of warriors circled a man who seemed to glow. Then she realized that there was a shield preventing her men from getting near the intruder and their horse.

           Suddenly the man wheeled the stallion around, which flung the hood from his face . Raven hair framed the white face that held the typical De Khiren eyes. They focused on hers, she barely noticed his hand that beckoned her. Before she reached the wall a hand grabbed her. “No mi lady, you must not give in to the thing’s evil!”

          She stared down the cadet, he quickly released her arm. “I do as I please. Stand back.”

          She continued to the wall, when she reached it, the De Khiren waved his hand, she easily passed through it.

          His golden green eyes looked cold down on her. Then he spoke, in perfect ***. “You are Emotion?”

          She sized him up and gave a cautious ‘yes’.

          “You are summoned to the court of the King.” he handed her a parchment.

          She smiled. “Summoned? He is not my King.”

          “Don’t be so confident about the unknown, Lady. If he wished it, he would be King of all peoples.” he sneered.

          “I rarely am confident of the unknown.”

          “Then you are expected within tomorrow at sunset.”

          He turned his horse to leave. She caught the reins. “And how am I to get there?”

          “Go east from here, you will be met. And I don’t mean following the road. His Highness only requires your presence. So leave the...puppies...at home.”

          She watched him ride back into the night, commanding her forces to stop when they moved to follow.

          “Will you go?”

          She turned to Niroshami aware of the other woman’s cautious scrutiny. “I will go. And I will go alone.” She studied Niroshami’s black hair and grey eyes. “Come to my tent when the camp has calmed down.”

          Emotion head the door flap rustle. “Come in.”

          “I know why you wanted to see me Emotion.”

          “Then am I right? Are you half De Khiren?”


          Emotion looked at her. “Then what race makes your hair blacker than a raven?”

          Niroshami smiled cruelly, long incisors showing through curled lips. “I am not half De Khiren.” For a moment, her eyes glowed and she closed them. Emotion braced herself. “I am De Khiren.” She looked up, revealing gold and green eyes.

          Emotions face was devoid of emotion. “I trusted you.”

          Her friend laughed. “And you still may trust me.”

          “Why would I do that?”

          “I came here to be a mercenary under you. I gave up my family. Remember when I first came to you?”

          Emotion hesitated. “You seemed afraid of your own shadow. Your family? Is that why you left the De Khiren?” she couldn’t believe what she was saying, she was acting as if the De Khiren were actual people.

          Niroshami shook her head. “My family loved me. It was my husband I ran from.” She turned and pulled up the back of her shirt.

          Emotion couldn’t hide her gasp. Chunks of skin were torn from Niroshami’s back, scars littered her back. “Your husband did this?”

          “Yes. The night I left him, I vowed to him that he would die on my blade. And so I sought out the best group of warriors that would teach me. Your warriors.”

           “What are your powers?”



          “Shadows, Lightning, Paralysis, and New Blood.”

          “I have heard of the others, but what is New Blood?”

          “I can control a person with a sample of their fresh blood.”

          Emotions smiled. “Is that why so many troops we battle turn on their own forces?”

          Niroshami gave a careless shrug. “I do wish to stay in this camp, Emotion.”

          The leader turned in on herself, thinking about the consequences of allowing this, and of possibly rejecting the request. Finally, she spoke. “Do you wish revenge on the man who hurt you?”

          She turned to Emotion with eyes that looked far older than the body. “Indeed I do, warlord.”

          It was the voice and the eyes that made Emotion ask. “How old are you, Niroshami?”

          “As old as I am.”

          Emotion simply looked at her.

          “You would not believe the truth.”

          “I think that I would. I do realize the De Khiren live a long-”

          “I am around five thousand years old, after so much time, it becomes pointless to keep counting.”

          Emotion’s jaw dropped. She had assumed that she would say around fifty, or perhaps a hundred. But never did she believe the woman in front of her could even live past five hundred. Five thousand.

          “God help us.”

          Niroshami looked down, seeming hurt by the remark. “Lady, will you please do me a favor?”

          Emotion glanced at her. “What?”

          “Please do not invoke your God within my ears. I long for home. And for my Mother.”

          “What does your family have to do with God?”

          Niroshami shook her head. “Not my birth mother, the great Mother Goddess.”

          “Agreed then. There is another in the camp who worships a goddess. I would have to forbid his rights of religion if I did yours. Just curious, is your mother still alive?”

          Niroshami brightened immediately. “Oh yes! You’ll never find a woman more alive than her at her age!” She paused for a moment. “Or at least her age equivalent.” Niroshami said, blushing.

           Emotion chuckled. “I’m sure.” She waved a hand to dismiss the other woman.

          Just as she was opening the flap, Emotion began to speak again. “You will come with me tomorrow when I see your King. You will go home when we get to the paths that cross his road.”

          “Thank you.” She said before leaving.

←- Blade: 2 | I am Called the Second Element -→

24 Jul 200545 Melodi
I don't have time to talk much, cuz I gotta read the next one but great job! *starts clicking so fast her mouse blows up*
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'Blade: 1':
 • Created by: :-) Jaimie M. Dengler
 • Copyright: ©Jaimie M. Dengler. All rights reserved!

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