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Jaimie M. Dengler

"Blade: Prologue" by Jaimie M. Dengler

SciFi/Fantasy text 2 out of 6 by Jaimie M. Dengler.      ←Previous - Next→
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this is the first story of Blade
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←- I am Called the Second Element | Blade:3 -→

“Mommy!” the small girl ran to the woman and was neatly scooped up. “Here!” With a bright smile, the girl handed her mother the crude bouquet of wild flowers.

          With an enthusiastic gasp, April smelled them. “Their so lovely.” at the De Khiren Palace, she watched the comings and goings as people danced elegantly throughout the chamber. She caught sight of a boy not much older than her own daughter, Blade. It was the crown prince Frost. He watched the dancers with curiosity, and even though he was quite the dancer himself, watched with envy. With a spark of mischief, she watched her daughter also stare at them. “Dear, you can dance, and the Prince looks rather lonely.”

          Her attention focused on the boy. “Do you think so?”

          April gave Blade an impish smile that she knew had been passed down. “It might make him blush if a pretty girl were to ask.”

          As if on cue, Blade mirrored her mother’s devious look and strode across the hall.

          Frost payed little attention to the girl in her noble powder blue dress until she stood in front of him. Unsure what she wanted, he tried to recall all of those etiquette lessons his mother had made him take. forgetting all, he quietly said hello and felt his fac go red, which sent her into a stream of giggles. He was perplexed by the reason but smiled, anyway, he liked the way the giggles sounded. They were almost like the tinkling little bells that hung out his mother’s balcony.

          With glittering eyes, Blade, straightened her back like a proper lady. “Would you like to dance Your Highness?”

          “Yes!” he nearly pulled her onto the floor.

          The two began a slow but graceful step dance. All the others stopped and watched the pair of De Khiren children spin around the floor like angels. When finally the flutes and strings instruments ceased, clapping filled the room.

          The queen summoned the man to her right. “Sight. Isn’t that your daughter?”

          He looked up. There with the Prince spun his raven haired girl of six years. “Yes my Queen. If you wish it I will have my wife get her.”

          “Absolutely not! They look so lovely together.” Aspen leaned over to her husband, whispering something that not even Sight could hear. After a few moments even the King began to watch with interest.

          “What is her name Sight?” the couple implored.

          “Blade,” he replied absently, watching closely as the two began a faster but still elegant dance.

          “Blade? Like a sword?”

          “Yes. April had a vision. She told me it must not be denied. So when our daughter was born, that is what we named her.”

          “Such a darling to have that kind of name.”

          He gave the queen a wry smile. “Darling only goes skin deep. She has her mother’s capacity for mischief and plays it out in full.”

          Aspen threw back her head and laughed heartily. “Im sure. Please bring her over.”

          She looked at Forest, her King. “Well what do you think of it?” she asked once Sight was out of hearing range.

          He smiled and patted her hand. “We shall see.”

          Blade was being led through the crowd by her father. Frost followed at a distance, not wanting to loose sight of his new friend. When Blade saw the royal pair on the dais, she broke out of her father grip and ran up the stairs. When at their feet, she presented them with a sweeping curtsy which nearly bettered some of the more flowing noblewomen.

          Oh yes, Aspen thought, this girl would do well in her life. She spotted her son peeking out from behind the tall back chairs scattered though out the room. It seemed that Frost would have no objections if she were a noble with him..

          “Oh my,” Aspen said, exaggerating. “This is one beautiful Lady.” However, when Blade lifted her eyes to the queen, Aspen sucked in her breath. The girl had the golden eyes of destiny. She looked up at Sight, he simply nodded.

          Blade’s head snapped around to the dancers. When she noticed Frost coming through the crowd, she looked from side to side for a hiding place. When she looked back at the boy, he was busy bowing to a court official. Blade took her opportunity to escape and dove behind the Queen’s chair.

          Sight began to reach for his daughter and was stopped by the hand Aspen gently laid over his wrist. “Watch.” she whispered. Aspen leaned back to her husband and repeated what she had told her champion. The royal pair looked on as Frost crept up the stairs. A tell tale giggle came from behind Forest’s chair.

          When did she move from one to the other? Surely, Forest thought, we would have heard her skirts moving. He stood with the queen and motioned for the queen’s champion to follow. He said a bit to the crowd, mostly for them to carry on with the festivities. They reconvened in a room of the palace’s great library. “Sight. What powers does your daughter possess?”

          A frown appeared on the man’s face, bringing out his lines of age. “Dark, Sir.”

          “What kind of dark?”

          “Death, Your Highness. Also Silence, Ice, and Speed.”

          “At this age?”


          “Sight.” Aspen’s voice was hard and merciless. “How do you know she has Death?”

           “A few months ago, the wards on our home against mice faltered. When I entered her room to replace them, there were three dead mice on the floor.” A smile crept up on him. “When I asked her what happened, she said, ‘Daddy, they were gonna eat me.’”

          “Perhaps this child should be watched closely.” Forest rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

          The smile faded. “Trust me my King, she is. When we realized the enormousness of her power we also realized how easily manipulated she could be. We watch those who come around her closely.”

          “Sight, have you plans for her marriage?”

          “No my King. I have yet to find a family I trust her to.”

          “Do you trust this family?”

          “Is this an offer your Highness?”

          “Is this an acceptance?”

          The Champion smiled wryly. “Yes, it is.”

          Out on the dais, the two children squealed in delight as they ran around the royal chairs chasing each other. Both had forgotten who was chasing who. The crowded room dared not disturb the two if the royal pair just incidently were discussing a betrothal at that very moment.

          Blade, now eight gave the prince a courtly bow. Even in boy’s clothes you always knew she was a girl. Frost gently took his best friend’s hand into his own. He led her down the corridors until they reached his hall. With two muffled laughs, they ran the rest of the way to the door. Blade wove Silence into the door latch, so when they slammed it closed, it echoed through the halls unheard.

          “Where’s the water?” The girl asked.

          Frost motioned to the wash room. “In here.”

          Soon, the two were busy coating the floor with the prince’s scented hand water.

          Blade stood. “That should be enough.”

With that, the two climbed onto the huge bed. Leaning over the railing at the bottom they looked at each other.

          “Why can’t I do it this time?” He asked.

          She turned to him with flaming yellow eyes. “‘Why’? What do you mean ‘why’? The last time you did it, everything just came out slushy. You have snow magic. Not ice.”

          “I do so!”

          “You mean like the time you froze your tongue to my practice dagger?”

          “Fine, you do the spell.”

          With righteous dignity, Blade touched the thin layer of water. At first, only thin tendrils of ice formed around where her fingertips. Then, with a rush of magic, the entire floor of the prince’s chambers gleamed with ice.

          “Come on!” Blade pulled Frost onto the ice rink. For hours they played on the floor until both were exhausted.


          “What, Frost?”

          “Do you believe that people can feel each other from far away even if they don’t know where the other is?”

          She left a thoughtful pause. “Yes.”

          Relieved, Frost pulled one of the two identical pendents from his neck. “My mother told me to give this to someone who really mattered to me

          Their tired silence was broken by a piercing scream and the smell of smoke. They leaped from their seats on the bed.

          When they opened the door, flames burst in. Frost would have caught fire is Blade hadn’t thrown him back from the entry. The curtains overhanging the doors were awash with fire. Together they jumped though, just in time to avoid burning scraps that fell.

          They looked down either hall. The castle of the De Khiren was burning to the ground. A servant rushed to them. “Prince! Hurry! Come with me! The castle is under attack!” she grabbed on to Frost’s hand, who managed to clasp Blade’s before being towed away. Steel against steel sounded throughout the castle. The maid pulled them into a servants hall.

          Soon night air greeted them, they were close to the exit. When the lady stopped, the two looked around her. Having burned through the ceiling, a fire ball stood right in the path. “Well find another way out.” she began hustling the two a different way.

          Blade dug in her heels. “Wait.” she shoved around the frail woman and knelt on the floor. Slowly but surely, a coating of ice formed around her, and it soon covered the rest of the passage way. Sweat poured off of her as she fell forward, unconscious. Frost managed to grab her before being pushed the rest of the way to the outside.

          When they made the last dash to the woods, she had come to enough to take some of the weight from Frost’s ten year old frame.

          They found a thicket where they could still hear walls crashing down, but the screams were drowned out. The woman’s name they found was Dellra. She had been in the next hall when the castle had been attacked.

          Hoof beats were soon heard. Two bay stallions crashed through the brush, on one the King, on the other a knight. Before he knew what was happening, Frost was on his father’s horse being spirited away. He looked back at the knight’s horse and saw that Blade wasn’t there. His gaze shot to the thicket, and locked on her tear glazed eyes.

          Blade watched him until the two riders disappeared into the forest. Suddenly a man with black armor thrust his sword through Dellra’s stomach. He began hacking her apart, mad glee singing in his soul.

          When he felt the small hand on his back, he swung around. Wild fantasies invaded his mind at the sight of the small girl. She wouldn’t care, he thought, everyone knows the De Khiren are really just animals. Unfortunately, the man was human, and didn’t feel the girl bringing the power into her hands.

          Just before he died, he witnessed the small girl begin to glow. A breeze came through the trees and ruffled her snow white dress. One last word went through his mind. Death. Then, the corps collapsed where it had once stood alive. A mans cry caught her attention. Her father had a soldier cross parried. One arm was cradled against the other. The magical sword glowed slightly, but it was not with his magic. His magic was gone, completely used in the battle. The soldier lunged, driving the sword through his belly. Still numbed from the death spell on the insane man, Blade could only watch.

           “NO!” Her mother came running from the forest as Sights body slipped from the cold steel. The man braced and flipped April onto her back. With the wind knocked from her, he threw himself upon her. With that, Autumn April, was raped. As if she had known where she was all along, April’s pained eyes locked onto her daughter’s. Suddenly, Sight’s sword was floating toward Blade. When it reached her, April gave one last cry. “Blade! Run!”

          Blade was gone by the time the soldier looked. But her magic of Speed did not last for long.

          She stopped in a field almost a mile away. Looking back, she could see the light from the burning castle. She closed her eyes to the devastation, feeling her magic flow through mind and body. She was oblivious to the light come around her. Her kind called it destiny, and it was said that if one who possessed a destiny that would change the world, could appear as a celestial being in the eye of a loved one.           So this was how she appeared. Her white gown shone as it whipped around her glowing skin. Charmed wind lashed through her hair, lacing the strands through the air.  

          The soldier who came scouting through the field did not see her glowing. Nor did he see her in a dress. He knew not whether the girl in boys clothing had seen him or not. She collapsed unconscious in an untidy pile as he drove his sword hilt against her head.

←- I am Called the Second Element | Blade:3 -→

4 Jul 2003:-) Rachel A. *~*Wolf Eyes*~* McCausland
Wow! You have a very nice style...and the idea for this story is very interesting...it has a fairytale sort of feel to it...and yet it's original. *claps*

8 Jaimie M. Dengler replies: "jaimie, can't write in periwinkle anymore!! ^_^ the idea for the De Khiren 'standard' actually came from Anne Bishop's character Daemon. (difference: unless they have an important destiny, they have green oin their eyes; they also have nearly white skin; and they have long inscisors.) i can really rattle on when i get started can't i? anywho, *gives ANOTHER 'nice peoples' sticker* *sniffle...snifle, sniffle* i feel so special!! ^__^! (i even used the color sienna!!"
18 Aug 2003:-) Jay Dobrowski Gorton
I like the names. The English language has basically phased out names with strong meanings. In other countries you'd have children named Luck, Wisdom, Beauty, etc.

I can't find anything wrong with the story, but I felt like I was wishing I knew just a /little/ more about--- Everything. Keep writing.

12 Jaimie M. Dengler replies: "ive mostly quite working on the stories at elfwood, and am concentrating on the ones in fictionpress.com... this is just the rough draft, but any changes will appear at fiction press"
22 Sep 200345 Blood Rayne
Beuatifully done! write more!!

1 Jaimie M. Dengler replies: "thank you!"
24 Jul 200545 Melodi
I wish I had powers like that... have you ever read the dark Angel Chronicles? The elementals in these books come up with a couple ideas for wreaking havoc upon an enemy. If anyone ever attacked my castle, I would love to convince them not to come back. One technique details freezing the water inside an enemy's blood and targeting these sharp particles on certain areas of the body, the eyes and brain. Or you could just expand the air in their blood to slowly and painfully cause them to explode. I get that way about my family.
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'Blade: Prologue':
 • Created by: :-) Jaimie M. Dengler
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