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Jaimie M. Dengler

"Shadowblade: Daughter of the Warrior" by Jaimie M. Dengler

SciFi/Fantasy text 4 out of 6 by Jaimie M. Dengler.      ←Previous - Next→
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(Note: unlike American names, the De Khiren’s names go last name first and that their last names are months or seasons (save for select few). Whether or not a De Khiren is dark or light depends on what their powers are, which can be foreseen by a parent in the moments after the child’s birth. Dark powers consist of six main elements: Death, Ice, Fire, Night, Sound, and Earth. Dark magic is also called Lunar magic{moon,night,dark...get it?} Names are decided by the day, month/ season, and conditions of the birth. Cerise for example, also has the name , February Storm: he was born in February, at night, and on a night with a violent storm.)
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          The man watched the infant sleep. This was a child in the hands of the fates. Nothing would change her destiny. Unless he stayed in it. He pulled up the hood of his cloak and walked down the dirty road, leaving the bundle in front of the door. The baby squalled for the hooded figure to return.

          “May the Gods be merciful child! What are you doing?” the plump little woman ran towards the girl happily seated on the stallion’s back.

          “Midnight thought a ride would be nice.” she swept her raven hair back from her face, her gold eyes gleaming joy.

          The woman clucked disapprovingly. “You know as well as I do that no lady rides like that.”

          Sienna looked down, each long and gangly leg on one side of the saddle. “Its comfy.” and it was. She had to admit that men were very fortunate, having no skirts they were free to do much more than the women.

          “Now you get off that horse and if you want to ride, get violet.” before she could get a protest she turned back into the house.

          Closing the door Wisten sighed. Sienna had always been trouble. Ever since she had found the baby with the exotic looks, she had had no peace in her life. Her husband had died leaving her alone to take care of the child that was quickly growing.

          Sienna rode Midnight all the way back to the stables. She had always ridden the stallion when Wisten was out in town.

          Kissing him on the nose, she walked to Violet‘s stall. The old nag could barley trot.

          Every one thought she was strange, save for her one friend. However deep inside she felt that he saw her as something she wasn’t. But, that was Cerise for you, never gave a rats ass about wether or not you wanted to know something he did. When he had first arrived at White Falls, people had assumed he was a relative of hers, a rumor that was quickly put to rest. Cerise eventually rented a cottage from the local farmer.

          Sienna lifted her head. A flash of silver caught her golden eyes. Deep in the shadows she saw a hooded figure pulling along a sturdy horse. Curious, she slipped back to Midnight’s stall and quietly saddled him. When finished, she pulled him out of the stall and mounted. Sienna followed the figure into darkness of a forested day. Wisten would scold her and in all likelihood, smack her, but for now there was a stranger on their land and Sienna would be the one to find who he was.

          He traveled through damp underbrush and across dangerous paths. Sienna knew where they were though. It was about four miles from the house. The waterfall roared over the cliff unendingly. She dismounted and climbed up a steep trail that led to a small cave that over looked the flat bank of the river.

          On top of that bank, the hooded figure stopped and waited, the horse under him barley moving. Her head jerked to the right as the hoof beats of another horse came out of the woods. This horse was a silvery grey, it’s black mane being thrown to and fro. The person riding it was hooded as well and was much more built than the man in front of him.

          “Kendon Decoenta Friset.” said the smaller one. He sounded somehow familiar, but he couldn’t possibly be someone she knew.

          “Storm.” Sienna looked up. The sky was still blue with no sign of bad weather at all.

          “My lord, the king of the humans has killed all of those who could not run fast enough at Hinjuca.” Hinjuca was a forest near the imperial palace.

          “Just as he killed Blade and our daughter?”

          “I am sorry my king.” suddenly an arrow shot out of nowhere and into the arm of the smaller figure. He did not scream, only followed the man who wheeled his horse around and stampeded deep into the woods.

          Sienna climbed back down the embankment to find an arrow tip grazing her neck. The red head wore royal colors. She fell to her knees. “Your Highness! Forgive me!”

          Taking the arrow out of the bow, he used the end of it to raise her head. “What is your name?”

          “Sienna, my Lord.”

          “Have you seen a hooded man riding through here, Lady Sienna?”

          She decided that she would find out what she could before telling him all of it, even if the man in front of her was the Prince. “Yes my Lord.”

          “Where did they go?”

          “Nor’ East my Lord.” they had gone north.

          “Where does your family reside Lady Sienna?”

          “I was abandoned as a babe my Lord.” Strange shadows in the backs of his blue eyes deepened.

          “Do you have guardians?” From her bent head, he could see the two silver streaks in her hair that ran from her temple to the ends.

          “Yes my Lord.”

          “Where do they reside?”

          “In the village my Lord. I live with the widow Wisten.”

          “Rise my Lady, and return to your home.”

          With that he rather gracelessly mounted the white horse and charged toward the village.


          She was met with amazed stares and a parted crowed when she returned. Then a little girl by the name of dinda came forward. “Look mother! It a princess!”

          Now Sienna knew what the shadows in the prince’s eyes were.

          Wisten came running and hugged her. “You are now a princess.”

          Sienna backed away from Wisten. A frown creased the old woman’s face. Before any knew what was happening, Sienna was back on Midnight and racing through the woods. She didn’t realize she had taken the same path as the two riders until she felt the water of the falls running against her legs.

          For hours she kept at a steady pace until the sound of a horse’s whinny reached her ears. She kicked Midnight into a run. When she finally felt safe she dismounted and began leading the horse through brush to thick to ride through.


          She jumped and felt the reins of the horse snatched out of her hands. Before she could run, a cat like animal jumped into her path. It wore in it’s ears five rings, the largest and top most, sporting black feathers. However, the feathers were not nearly as dark as the creatures fur.

          “Ohhh! Shame on you!” she exclaimed playfully. “You made my horse run.” she looked around. “Now what am I to do? I don’t even know where I am now.”

          The cat looked at her. He could smell that she was not human. He watched her delicate figure climb over a fallen tree. A dark shadow in his stormy eyes deepened. Even through his fur, his shiver was visible. “Your horse went the other way.” His voice was young and sensuous. Which was pretty good for a three thousand year old Uli O.

          Sienna turned slowly. “Who said that?”

          O took an inward sigh. “I did.”

          Her mind couldn’t stop denying what she saw. “What kind of joke is this?”

          He picked himself off the ground and trotted to a nearby rock. “Tis’ no joke milady.”

          “May the Gods have mercy. What are you?”

          “I am of the Uli Os.”

          “You speak.”

          “Yes Lady.”

          She hesitantly asked if he would help her find her horse.


Above them a shadow moved.

          February Storm watched the two walk away, together.

          “Why does the Uli O follow a human?” he whispered to himself. A thought from the past came to him.

          “The dog is fine, but Tobi is in a supreme rage.”


          “Well, what will you tell your parents?”

          “That’s not funny. You know I don’t have the slightest clue who they could have been.”


          He shook his head. “No, that is not possible.”


          O saw her glance back often. Finally discouraged, he ran ahead and told her to wait a moment. “I can see my presence upsets you lady. If you will turn around I may be able to make it a little more comfortable.” She didn’t argue.

          Within a few seconds O stood before Sienna as human. At that a handsome one. He was powerfully built and every inch of him screamed out power. It didn’t help that he still had the cat like eyes, clawed hands, furry pointed ears. Not to mention the tail that twitched from behind him. “Oh my dear Lady Mother.” blackness enclosed her sight.

          She didn’t hear O’s vicious curse, or feel him come around her.

          He walked through the woods carrying his precious burden with ease when he scented the other De Khiren, he set her down and reverted back to his Uli O form.

          They were hunters. “Upiriorte! Jupiter! Come and see!” a youth called.

Jupiter brushed back his white hair with one hand. Mauve eye gazed appreciatively at the small female form huddled on the ground.

          He watched one youth pull the raven hair from her face. “Holy snit!” the youth propelled himself backwards. Jupiter drew his sword. The young man pointed with a shaky hand at her head. With caution, Jupiter looked for himself at what had startled the other.

          He closed his eyes before turning to the other men who had come with him to hunt. “She is royal.” gasps filled the forest quiet, denying the De Khiren royal mark..

          “What if she is another decoy!” “Kill her!” “We all know the royals and we can see for ourselves that she is none of them.”

          Jupiter ignored the complaints of the other men. She had begun to move. When she began to open her eyes, he saw they were green emeralds sunstruck with gold flashes. In a panic, he used the hilt of his sword and quickly knocked her unconscious.

          She had never had a serious headache. At least not until now. With her brain dully pounding on the inside of her head, Sienna stood. She shook her head to clear it. Her answer was a sharp pain, but it did help. She looked around her. It was a wooden room, nothing in it, it was just there.

          “Your in our little jail.” said a voice from a small window she hadn’t noticed.

          “Who are you?”

          The hooded man laughed in reply. It was cut short by a throat being cleared. “Havved mu adone Storm.” Sienna looked through the bars at the sky, once again there was nothing to say of weather.

          It was quickly blocked by another figure, also hooded. “You will not find a storm out here Sienna. It is my name.”

          That voice, it sounded so familiar. Eyes slitting suspiciously, she chanced a guess. “Do I know you?”

          The hood was slowly drawn back. Then, there stood her life long friend. “Cerise!”

He nodded. “I suppose that you are curious as to why you are here.

          She looked out at him and quietly nodded.

          “You are in the camp of the De Khiren.”

          Her eyes widened. “But you must be De Khiren to be here!”

          “And so I am.”

          Her face reflected disbelief. “So then. Am I to die?” she retreated to the back of the small enclosure. When he opened his mouth to reply, she cut him off. “Don’t even bother answering that. Just tell me why you even came at all.”

          Her rejection of him left a hole. He had been a great friend to her, even if his part of the friendship had gone into a deeper level. His mouth hung open, speechless. “I-I came here because I learned that you were here.”

          She turned away from him. “Well now you know and you can leave.”

          Anger boiled up inside him. “The other reason is because you were seen speaking to the human Prince. We need to know what you said.”

           “Fine. I told him that the two De Khiren I saw went North east when you went North. He went east.”


          “He also explained how I was going to marry him.”

          The rage boiled over. “He what!” In the grips of a formidable temper, Storm threw open the cell door, walked in, and grabbed Sienna by the shoulders spinning her face him. “What did you say to him?”

          She stared him in the eye almost coldly. “I said nothing to him, Savage!” the last she spit at him like venom.

He had heard the insult often enough to ignore it. But to hear it from her cut into him.

          She felt his arms weaken, and the distant look in his eyes. Her finger inched to his sword. Yanking it out of its sheath, she ran for the open door. She could out run Cerise easily, it had been proven many times in their childhood. She saw her horse tied among many. Ignoring the eyes that set on her, she bolted. She heard a single shout behind her.

          She may have been raised as a Lady, but secretly she had trained herself as a warrior. She cut the tie on Midnight as she jumped to his back.

          She heard the pounding of other horses hooves behind her. Then a frightening yell came from behind her. “Jupiter! Shoot her!”

          A second later a pain nipped through her body. The arrow was planted in her shoulder and it hurt to do so, but she loosed the reins and urged her mount faster.

          When one of them managed to pull up next to her, she frantically veered the horse to the other side. Only to have another rider there. Desperate now Sienna jerked the reins, turning the horse neatly around. Surprised, the horsemen who followed the other two swerved their mounts away from her. She found her escape from the road back to the village at a narrow ravine a small path wound its way down to the water.

          “I’m sorry.” she whispered, as she dismounted the horse and broke at a run upstream. She still had Cerise’s sword now buckled to her tunic. When six angry De Khiren on horseback passed through, she climbed a great oak that conveniently hid her. All of them had black hair except one. His hair was like fresh snow and was beautiful. She recognized him as the first to catch up with her. She began a slow decent down the trunk, ignoring the pain from pulling out the arrow.

          A flash of light caught his attention. He looked just in time to see a pale hand disappear behind the oak. He looked around to see if any of the others had seen it. As they all continued to speak of their families, it appeared they hadn’t. He had regretted shooting her, and even more so, the look of pure panic that had been in her eyes. “I’ll be at the ravine for a few hours. Report back to Storm that she wasn’t found.” A few heads nodded, and then ignored him as he pulled his horse onto the path. Not surprised at the sight of her horse calmly drinking its fill of water, Jupiter plunged in and waded against the current. Not long after, he looked down to see a bloody arrow next to a puddle of blood. She wouldn’t get far with that kind of blood loss. It did make finding her easier though. It also frightened him. She had left a trail of blood all the way even to the tree he had seen her in. He followed it to another tree.

          He had made it nearly to the top most branches when she burst from a hole that had been covered by leaves at it’s base. “Stop!” he cried out.

          She ran as fast as her weakening legs could carry her. But it wasn’t enough. He plowed her face down into the dirt and regardless of her flimsy hits and curses, threw her over his shoulder and began walking back to the De Khiren village.

          When he reached the ravine’s edge, he lay her down. She was unconscious again.

          He gently began to clean the wounds. It would be enough until he reached the village healer.

           Inside the small but comfortable lodge, Song put the damp cloth onto the girls burning forehead. At the rustle of the door hides, she looked up to see three men enter. Storm and Jupiter split off to the sides while the third came straight to the girl.

          At the bedside, Song bowed her head and resumed tending the wounds. “Your Highness, I still think that this should wait.”

          He rested his hand on her shoulder. “I know. But this is the only time when their magic is at its lowest ebb.”

          The healer back away from the bed, the man taking her place. He stood still for a moment, then placed his hands over the small body. A flash of light and it was done. He turned. “She is De Khiren. Jupiter, call Timberwolf and you two will guard her. Bring her to either of your two homes. Storm.”


          “Come with me.”

          Each then left to attend their own business.

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4 Jul 2003:-) Rachel A. *~*Wolf Eyes*~* McCausland
*jumps up and down* more! More! More!!!
10 Jul 200445 Conty
Write more! Please write more? Much, much more?!
17 Sep 200445 Anouk van Schaik
Horrible, you seem to be able to stop at a moment that is impossible to stop. Pleas more more. You just pick up person take him for the most exciting ride you can think of en let him fall down at the best part.
Love anouk
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'Shadowblade: Daughter of the Warrior':
 • Created by: :-) Jaimie M. Dengler
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